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I’ve been playing and running role playing games all of my life. (Okay I started in the 80’s as a teenager so not ALL my life). Most of my life.

Over the years, I’ve done some things well and made a bunch of mistakes. I may be able to help you sort out this subject and give you some pointers. Any information that I think will be helpful on this subject will be located here.

Dealing with Player Despair and Deus ex machina. Dealing with Player Despair in regards to the game and the situation in game world. Not IRL. This is NOT psychiatric advice. Just good advice for RPG's.

Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition (D&D 5E) has this new concept called Challenge Rating that tends to baffle new Game Masters. Hopefully this look at Challenge Ratings can help you grasp the basics.

Next up, I'd like to discuss Awarding Experience Points for new Game Masters.

Here's my take on Published Adventures aka: Canned Spam.

Here's a lengthy review of GURPS the Role Playing Game published by Steve Jackson Games. Bottom line up front: I recommend this game.

How to deal with in party Supporting NPC's as a Game Master. In short, "Don't!" But because you will anyway . . . here's how to do Supporting NPC's right!

Next up is the question "How up is up?" An anecdote about GM vs Player conflict. Can a GM win by conceding?

Players! How to respond when the Game Master asks Where are you going? Advice on improving communication and game quality for your role playing game.