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The Death of Stalin (2017)

A must See movie for every high school history student.

(Even though it’s rated R).

This movie is a brutally funny and tragic look at Stalin’s Soviet Socialist era of Russian history.

While as its central theme we get to watch the death and aftermath of that brutal tyrant's end, this movie also acts as a window into the life experiences of the people who had to live under socialism under the United Soviet Socialist Republic.

Whether featuring the star studded actors or the lesser and unknown actors, each scene is beautifully acted demonstrating the tragically tenuous life under the Soviet Socialists but with comedic pacing. And while you might not laugh aloud during a viewing of The Death of Stalin, the pacing certainly helps the viewer cope with the onslaught of insanity one is exposed to.

And as a (still) free American, this kind of life may seem like insanity it’s actually the picture of normality in any given socialist society.

Parents, you may have your kids ask you, (as they watch this) did this stuff really happen?

And as a student of history, I can most assuredly answer “Yes.”

This is a well told story that stays interesting from the beginning to the end and encapsulates an important period of time that should act as a warning for everyone.

And most importantly, when anyone who’s viewed this movie meets up with any moron who’s advocating for marxism/socialism/fascism/communism (etc), you can honestly reply, “Wait, haven’t you seen The Death of Stalin yet? And how could you support such depravity! You fool!”

After that feel free to use whichever invectives you feel appropriate.

The Death of Stalin can be watched on Amazon Prime! For sale for rent for real! Rated R for adult themes and plenty of people being senselessly killed.

And for other darker looks at depictions of Karl Marx “dream state of utopia,” check out HBO/Max’s 10 episode Docudrama Chernobyl (2019) Appropriately Rated TV-MA.

And “First they Killed my Father” (not available on Amazon as of this writing) released in 2017 and also rated TV-MA for wanton violence. I really recommend this movie not only because it’s well produced, but it’s also an expose on the most successful implementation of Socialism ever attempted: Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge.

Seriously. Apparently socialism is a very violent and deadly philosophy.