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Okay this project is actually “Done.”

The booklet Where Does Wealth Come From? available as a Kindle publication on Amazon dot com. (Just click on the link)!

Yep. Lear what Wealth is and Where it actually comes from in just 1 hour and for just 1 US Dollar . . . unless you are an Amazon Prime customer then this 31 page booklet is free!

Per Amazon, this booklet is geared for kids between the ages of 12 – 18 (and sure, if your kid is looking to become wealthy, this is a great foundation for them to start on). But I actually wrote this books with adults in mind.

In my professional life, I’ve had the opportunity to test these principles and to help other adults build wealth using these principles.

But I found a lot of my time was spent dealing with people who were ignorant of the basic principles and were making disastrous financial decisions because the were clueless on how to actually build wealth!

And then there are the news stories.

The most dramatic example that I remember was the tech bubble in the 1990’s. It started as a buzz and then I got to sit down and watch a news hour story where dozens of ‘entrepreneurs’ were interviewed and given the opportunity to explain their success.

I watched in disbelief, and instantly realized, that none of the companies interviewed had any interest nor capacity to generate wealth. Literally, they were all duping investors into ‘investing’ millions of dollars into these companies, and that money was spent like water cascading over Niagara Falls.

And within 12 months of that news story we experienced the ‘Tech Bubble’ bursting.

Shocking! No? Yeah, I wasn’t surprised in the least.

But back to my point. There are grown adults out there making stupid money decisions because none of them know what wealth is nor where it comes from.

I knew that I was writing a booklet. My points are quick, easy to digest, and at 31 pages, you should be able to get through this booklet in under an hour. Time is Money and you can’t afford to waste either!

Why charge a dollar? It’s a 31 page booklet! It’s short! But I also know that people value what they pay for. And they don’t value what’s free. Sure, if you have an Amazon Prime account you can pick up this Booklet for “free” but in reality, you are paying Amazon a subscription fee so this Booklet still isn’t “free.”

FAQ: “Yeah, but aren’t you just writing a book about getting wealthy to get wealthy?

Good question. But in this case I won’t be able to do so. Amazon HATES selling books for less than $6.00 (as of the last time I checked their pricing schema) so to sell this booklet, I had to opt for the pricing schema that pays out only 35% of the sales price. So each booklet that gets read nets me a whopping 35 cents. And to be honest, I barely notice the deposits from Amazon for the Booklet Where Does Wealth Come From?

But (like most people who have knowledge like this) this treatise isn’t designed to make me wealthy, it’s produced to help you to become wealthy.

So if you’re wealthy and have a good command of your portfolio, skip this booklet.

But if you want to be wealthy and don’t know where to start, this is for you. I hope it helps!