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Mission log 37 - Dependent Illness

Log 20210621

Foursday CD 10-11

After Devo secures the purchase of Aliz’ dottir (dowery) she is ecstatic and leaps on Devo’s back (piggy back style) when they enter the galley, and she squeals with delight!

Aliz proclaims that the two of them are engaged to be married!

The two share their good news with the rest of the crew. They don’t have any details hammered out yet, but Aliz is beside herself with excitement!

The two lovebirds become inseparable and . . . insufferable.

During dinner, while Aliz is sitting on Devo’s lap and the two are feeding each other (and making everyone in the galley uncomfortable) Maverick (Mash Biliggass) steps in and orders the two to “go to their room!” and “Leave everyone in peace!”

Mash, grabs the two meal kits and drag’s Devo out of the galley. Because Aliz won’t let go of Devo, she too is dragged off.

Mash gives Devo the injunction to get control over his woman and then shoves the two into their shared room.

When he returns to the Galley, Mash receives a general round of applause.

Anvo Neji (“Tusk,” the new Iktotchi gunner) is the only detractor and explains that ‘young love’ is something benevolent and ‘leads to the light.’

Wrasp retorts that there’s such a thing as too much love!

Later that night . . .

. . . actually very very early the next morning, Pa Pooga is awakened. Someone is persistently activating his doorbell.

Wrasp lifts himself out of bed and wanders over to the door to see who is pestering him at this awful hour!

Pooga finds Cop’ruchi (‘Ghost’ the Sensor/Communications tech) is outside in the hall. She’s wearing a short robe and a matching PJ bottoms. She indicates that she needs to talk to Pooga and tries to quickly enter Pooga’s room!

But the Kel’Dor physically blocks the diminutive thin Twi’lek and bars her entry!

Pooga demands to know what Cop wants and she repeats that she and Pooga need to talk. In private! Cop came in the middle of the night because she doesn’t want the rest of the crew to get any wrong ideas about the two of them.

And so she want’s to sneak into his room?

Pooga suggests that the two talk in the Galley, but Cop points out that Celeste is in the Galley and Cop want’s this conversation to stay private.

Cop suggests that the two speak in Cop’s room (she doesn’t have a roommate currently) but Pooga refuses.

Fine! We’ll talk here!

Cop explains that she is upset with Pooga for paying for Aliz’ dottir! Cop is aware that Devo had no way to pay the $13,000 for Aliz’ dottir and though Aliz’ may not have sufficient awareness, Cop finds the duplicity underhanded and dishonest.

Pooga insists that he didn’t pay Devo directly and that the money was ‘loaned’ by Unsien (Break Out).

The two continue to argue back and forth over the minutia, with Pa getting louder! Cop points out that Aliz may be sufficiently wool headed and foolish enough to not realize what Pooga did, but Cop isn’t that foolish!

Cop asks that Pooga keep his voice down, but Pooga get’s louder.

Pooga clearly wakes up Sern, Josus, & Unsien.

Ultimately, Cop demands that Pooga handle her Dottir with more respect. She reminds Pa that he paid $100,000 for her dottir . . .

Pooga: “I didn’t buy your dottir!” Cop: “Yes you did!

She insists that if someone enters into negotiations for her dottir, that Wrasp demand at least $150,000!

And then, coming from the Galley, they hear a woman screaming followed shortly by a series of blaster shots coming from Celeste’s (distinctively sounding) blaster pistol!

Wrasp and Ghost race to the Galley to see what’s going on and are joined shortly by Break Out. (Slider opts to stay in bed as does most of the rest of the crew).

Sern and Devo show up on the heels of Wrasp and Break Out.

Wrasp finds Celeste standing in one corner of the Galley, and in the opposite corner (with the ladder leading down to the cargo hold) lies an unconscious Woostradi.

Celeste still has her blaster out and pointing at the Woostradi. Wrasp asks if Celeste had the blaster on its stun setting.

“Of course,” Celeste shrugs.

Celeste didn’t know that the ship had stowaways, but had found a ration wrapper down in the cargo hold earlier that day. After conducting a quiet inventory of the galley’s rations, Celeste discovered that someone had been eating more than their fair share! Probably over night.

And so Celeste decided to see who showed up that evening.

Celeste did have the presence of mind to wait to shoot the stow away until he was off the ladder, as she didn’t want him to fall the 20 feet down to the deck below!

Wrasp has Fox summoned so that she can help revive their guest and in short order, the Woostradi is awakened.

The stowaway first asks how much longer it will be before they arrive at Naboo.

Apparently someone did see their advertising about passage to Naboo.

Wrasp informs the young Woostradi that they aren’t even headed to Naboo, to which the youth incredulously asks how that could be possible! This ship advertised for the trip and announced Naboo as it’s next destination! Why wouldn’t they be headed to Naboo?

Wrasp tries to explain that since he’s the captain, that he gets to decide where this ship travels to next!

This only confuses the lad more.

Wrasp asks about the kid’s age and the kid responds that he will be turning eighteen years old next year.

Wrasp asks Celeste if this kid is alone and Celeste replies that its possible. However, she noticed that the missing rations were an even number, and when she checked the life support consumption logs, she suspected that they were reading too high for a single person.

Wrasp ask Celeste to hold the Woostradi, while he and Break Out look for another possible stowaway.

Using the Force power Sense, Wrasp quickly finds that there is another person aboard his ship, down in the lowest service modules of the Azure Duster.

It’s a female Woostradi, and she takes some coaxing to get out, but once Wrasp assures her that he means her no harm, she comes out of the cramped service modules.

And like her travelling companion, this Woostradi is also a teenager.

She introduces herself as Dria, and asks if they’ve hurt her brother Dorn.

Once Dria is reassured that they won’t be harmed, she asked about getting a meal kit. Dorn had left to grab one from the Galley, and she’s very hungry. They ran out of food several days ago, from what they’d brought with them and Dorn has assured her that they would be arriving at Naboo in a day or so . . .

Wrasp and Break Out take the girl up to the galley, where the two siblings reunite.

Wrasp is concerned that he can be pinned with kidnapping, but the two are runaways. When asked about the parents it turns out that the two are orphaned. No one will miss either of the kids. Which is one of the reasons why they were trying to relocate to Naboo.

Wrasp, his crew, and the Woostradi discuss the fate of the stowaways. Wrasp quickly dismisses the option of spacing the two kids. Slavery is also taken off the table! (Papa Fama isn’t too far away and he could use the ‘free labor’ . . . but NO)!

Ultimately, Wrasp declares that the kids will have to work off their passage and will work under the direction of Sern.

Dorn asks if he’ll be able to do computer terminal work!

No, Wrasp informs the youth that he and his sister will be cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. Because Sern loves to clean!

They are to work under the direction of Sern, the (new) Loadmaster. (She’s not entirely pleased with her new charges).

Dorn is concerned and asks how realistic working will pay for their passage, and by the way, if they aren’t going to Naboo, then where are they headed.

Wrasp asks if they’re okay debarking on Bothawui. Or better yet, what would they think about the opportunity to join the Rebellion?

Dorn seems excited by the prospect of the Rebellion. As far as he’s concerned, the Empire abandoned the two so he feels no allegiance.

But Dorn will have to get back to the Captain about Bothawui. He’s not sure if that’s a rich planet or not . . .

The next morning. Fivesday, CD 10-12

Sern sets Dorn and Dria to work and then heads to the Captains quarters and asks for a meeting.

Sern is hesitant at first and emphasizes that she has no desire to try to undermine Aliz and doesn’t want Pooga to imagine that she thinks that she can imagine herself trying to drive a wedge between Pooga and Aliz, what with the very special relationship the two have . . . (This goes on for quite a bit).

Pooga asks Sern to get to the buisness at hand and Sern asks if she can be a direct report to Pooga instead of reporting to Aliz. Sern explains that she thinks it would be more efficient.

Pooga refuses, instructing the Mirialan woman that she will remain subordinate to Aliz. But he mollifies his position and encourages her to feel free to approach him on certain (unspecified) requests.

Sern has one thing this morning that she’d like to discuss, if that’s okay?

Sern has been studying the market since they left and would like to stop by Nexus Ortai (if that’s even possible) so that they can pick up a cargo. She thinks that they could make a bit of a profit by securing silage, grains, and luxury lumber, deliverable to Bothawui. But primarily, Sern is concerned, based on the previous visit to Bothawui. She’d like to show up to the system with what looks like a legitimate cargo, so as to attract less attention.

The stop will delay their arrival to Bothawui by one day.

Wrasp calls Break Out to the office and it’s not only possible to stop by Nexus Ortai, but it’s a simple task!

Wrasp approves!

The stopover at Nexus Ortai is uneventful and the Azure Duster ultimately arrives at its intended destination of Bothawui on Onesday CD 10-15.

While Ghost negotiates with upper orbital approach, she reports that the Empire is handling traffic control, and while they are not interfering with any ships approaching Bothawui, they are searching all of the vehicles departing Bothawui.

Ghost is able to secure a berth at the starport at Drev’starn easily enough. Port fees are only 1,000 credits per day and Josus believes that he will only need a week so they pay sufficient fees to berth for seven days. They also purchase sufficient stores to top off the Azure Duster. If needed, they can operate for thirty days with their the current consumable.

Break Out also secures a payment to Duster for 1,800 credits and Wrasp takes objection to the sizable outlay for the engineer! Wrasp doesn’t trust Duster as she’s gotten into a LOT of trouble in various Sabacc dens across the galaxy and neither Wrasp nor Slider are eager to bail her out of another blaster fight!

Aside: Slider has threatened Duster with being left behind if she is ever detained while playing Sabacc! Ever! However, as Break Out has begun accompanying Duster on her recent Sabacc outings, the Duros has learned that she was using the winnings to pay the crew salaries. That way Wrasp and his team could focus on the mission and not the minutia.

Break Out still gets the funds for Duster.

Once settled on the ground, Pa Pooga makes a call to contact Josus’ Bothan sponsor Cadrec Nitheli, however the call is answered by one Trug Shu’remu answering for the Acquisitions Department for Seafood Wholesalers.

When Pooga asks to speak with Nitheli, Trug informs Pooga that Nitheli is . . . “absent.”

Pressing a bit, Pooga realizes that Nitheli’s “absence” is going to be permanent.

With that avenue being a dead end, Josus needs to turn to other resources.

Josus decides to seek out an old friend from University, Teve Li’riru. Laorl has lost track of these old friends, but Josus remembers where Li’riru’s parents live.

Break Out, Razor (previously Slider), and Wrasp take off in the team’s aircar and they notice that the Bothan customs officer, takes some pictures of their vehicle as they depart.

A quick stop by Teve’s parents home indicate that Teve should be at the starport. Teve has a part time job doing repairs at the starport. But no, he’s still too small to be a repair tech.

After a bit of legwork, Josus is able to stop by and talk to Teve.

In spite of having his fur dyed black, Teve instantly recognizes his old friend! Teve is excited to meet up again!

Teve can’t break away from his work, but is eager to catch up with Josus! But before they get together later, Josus mentions that he’s trying to get out to the Laorl mansion. Josus needs to sneak onto the complex.

And before leaving Teve, Josus asks about the whereabouts of their mutual friend Syd Kanrev. Teve lets Josus know that Syd’s working out in the wilderness, but if Josus is in town on Starday, that he needs to join Teve and Syd! They have some fun lined up for this Starday!

However, Teve will reach out to Syd. He might have fun with whatever Josus has planned.

Next Josus asks about Vez Dekino who is probably still working out at Government building 3. Teve hasn’t talked to Vez in a while but he’s probably still there.

Break Out pilots the teams aircar and takes Razor and Wrasp to the downtown government district in Drev’starn.

Break Out checks to see if they’re being followed, but the three do not detect anyone tailing them.

At Government Building 3, they determine (with Wrasp doing the talking) that Vez Dekino does have an office here and is available if they have an appointment.

No, but Wrasp indicates that he’s there to discuss . . . Cadrec Nitheli.

With that injection, Wrasp is granted an appointment for 3:00 p.m. in a couple of hours ago.

The three depart and decide to stop by to pick up a late lunch.

While picking up food, the three realize that they are being tailed now!

With some powerful enemies afoot, the three (after enjoying their lunch) take to their aircar and Break Out attempts to lose their tail!

Break Out has had plenty of practice doing this and is able to outwit and outmaneuver whomever is trying to keep tabs on them!

They return in time and are escorted to meet with Vez Dekino.

Vez actually doesn’t recognize Josus and politely entertains Wrasp’s questions about Cadrec Nithel’s disappearance, but based on his access to government records, he has nothing to add. Vez doesn’t have access to any relevant information and can neither confirm or deny Nitheli’s arrest. Vez does indicate that if Nitheli were to be incarcerated, that he would not have been transferred into Imperial custody, as the Empire is letting the Bothan Counsel handle internal security affairs.

They part peaceably.

They have no tails from the government quarter and the three return to the starport and to the Azure Duster.

Wrasp receives a call from Aliz. There is a Bothan claiming to be a friend of Josus who has shown up and want’s to see his ‘old friend.’ Wrasp orders that this newcomer not be permitted access to the ship and that they’ll return shortly.

When the trio return to the Azure Duster, they find Tave eagerly waiting for Josus.

They all head up to the galley to discuss options for accessing the Laorl mansion.

The plan ends up being a HALO jump AT NIGHT (that evening) to parachute onto the grounds. The exit strategy is a bit sketchy but it’s going to be a combination of, either stealing a vehicle on the grounds or walking away and taking a hike.

Tave comms out to Syd and Syd is totally in for a night HALO jump! He has the gear needed for himself and Tave, so as long as Josus can secure an aircraft and the gear for his team, they are ready for roll! Syd gets the location needed to meet up at (the pad at the starport).

Wrasp has Aliz scramble to secure three HALO rigs for his team and that takes the rest of the afternoon and early evening to get the three sized and outfitted.

(4,000 credits later).

Later that evening . . .

Under the auspices of delivering a cargo to a neighboring city, Celeste flies the Azure Duster over the Laorl Mansion complex, from which Wrasp, Razor, Break Out, and Razor’s two friends, Syd and Tave leap from the ship at very high altitude!

GM: “Roll Piloting Planetary skill checks . . .

Wrasp fails and starts tumbling uncontrollably!

Razor also has trouble maintaining control, but he’s at least had enough training that his fall isn’t catastrophic!

Fortunately, Syd is a pro, and is able to get Wrasp under control and guide him safely down to thicker atmosphere where he’s able to not kill himself.

Syd also tends to Razor and makes sure that his friend maintains his tenuous hold on control.

Break Out has a good ride all the way down and hits his target. Tave has done this often enough that he too lands on target, having enjoyed the trip down.

They all land on the West side of the complex landing pads, except for Wrasp who lands on the roof of the west wing.

Wrasp opts to stay on top of the roof for now.

There isn’t an apparent security presence and the building is eerily darkened. In the aircar receiving area and landing pads, the crew notice two temporary construction trash bins (forty feet long each). Both contain copious construction debris and include several burned out computer servers.

There are a couple of construction and delivery box aircars in the area, but no other obvious vehicles.

It looks like the mansion is empty and when Wrasp reaches out with the Force to sense if there are any sentient life in the home, he finds none. Wrasp is able to walk the length of the west wing and determines (quickly) that it’s empty.

Break Out checks out the aircar hanger and notices that the security system is disengaged. Slider is able to open the hanger door and finds that the massive garage is almost completely empty. There are two luxury aircars that were left behind, but otherwise all of the other vehicles are gone.

Wrasp stays outside and monitors the environment around his crew with the force so that they won’t be surprised (hopefully).

The other four make their way through the empty mansion and find:

  • There are signs of an extensive remodeling underway. Several rooms have the carpet removed and signs of walls being prepared for new paint or surface replacement.
  • All of the servers in the server room have been removed.
  • Morac’s office has been stripped clean. There is a dumb terminal that was left behind, but otherwise all of the furniture, files, and furnishings are gone.

Razor decides that there is nothing worthwhile to be learned and the team decides to depart.

Syd and Tave are still ecstatic that they were able to come along! This was an awesome drop! (Josus also paid both of his friends $500 credits each for their trouble. Tave was scheduled to work and wasn’t willing to skip his shift until he was offered payment).

As the team works on an exit strategy Break Out checks out the two aircars and realizes that they were left behind because they were inoperable. The team doesn’t have the tools nor replacement components to get either vehicle airborne.

With no obvious security nor vehicles that they can ‘borrow,’ Wrasp calls Duster and has the Azure Duster pick them up from the mansion. Celeste returns immediately to its berth at the Drev’starn starport.

Switching to their aircar, Break Out flies Syd and Tave home with Wrasp and Razor accompanying them. They also want to check out the Laorl Family Hunting Lodge while the morning is new and it’s still dark.

Once the three drop off Razor’s friends and fly out to the hunting lodge, it doesn’t take long for the crew to determine that no one has been here since they visited during their last visit.

Another dead end.

The crew return to the Azure Duster and get some sleep.

Later when they wake up.

Wrasp calls the public contact number for the Laorl estate and is connected to a switchboard.

In speaking with the operator, Wrasp makes a request to speak with Mari (Josus’ mother) and drops the phrase that he want’s to talk to her about Cadrec Nitheli.

Later that day, Wrasp receives a return message for Wrasp to show up at the restaurant “Dressed Cutlet” at 4:00 p.m. and to dress appropriately!

Wrasp, Razor, and Break Out check out the location (via aircar) and do some research on the local data system.

The “Dressed Cutlet” is a fives star establishment that caters to the upper class Bothans of Drev’starn.

Luckily, Wrasp purchased Break Out and Razor formal attire recently.

Dressed Cutlet. Twoday CD 10-16 at 4:00 p.m.

A Kel-Dor, a Duros, and a black fur Bothan walk into the upper class restaurant in the early evening hours.

Though the establishment is mostly empty, the maitre ‘d stops the three and asks if they have a reservation, while giving the Kel-Dor and the Duros a withering glare.

Pa Pooga answers that they are there to meet with Mari Laorl and the maitre ‘d grabs three menus and leads them to Mari’s table.

On the way, Josus . . . actually Cree Sendesu now, realizes that Mako is sitting at the table with Mari and not wanting to face her, Cree breaks of and heads to the restrooms. He hangs out in a stall and pops open his communicator so that he can listen in, but not blow his cover!

Pa Pooga, recognizing the potential problems brewing between Mako and Josus, opens his communicator to Josus so that he can listen in.

A waitress arrives and helps to seat Pa Pooga and Unsien and asks what they’d like to drink.

Pooga requests a water and Mos, glancing across the table notices that Mari and Mako are drinking something dark red and asks for whatever the ladies are drinking.

“You want Blood Wine?”


Pooga has questions about Cadrec Nitheli, and at first Mari is open with Pooga. Pooga suspects that the Laorls are holding Nitheli, but Mari disabuses the Kel’Dor of that notion. The Laorls aren’t holding anyone as that’s a function of local law enforcement.

However, she ads the tid bit that Nitheli was arrested under suspicion of being a rebel agent and that its likely that he would be located at a ‘reeducation camp.’


Mari wouldn’t know anything about the whereabouts of any of those locations.

The waitress returns with the Kel’Dor and Duros two drinks as well as some appetizers. Mari took the liberty of ordering them for all four.

The appetizers are eight thinly sliced slices of raw meat (Bantha?) lightly drizzled with natural meat juices, possible from the same animal.

Wrasp’s Player: “Wow, it’s crazy how meat-centric these Bothan restaurants are. Slider/Razor’s Player: “Hello! Carnivores!”

Unsien Mos takes a sip of his blood wine and realizes after his first swallow that his metabolism is rejecting this drink! And pretty violently! He is able to keep this vile concoction down and doesn’t make a scene, but asks the waitress for a glass of water.

Mechanical Note: Unsien Mos succeeded on his Athletics Skill check. And to translate that for the D&D players, the character succeeded on his “Con” save.

Mari then starts asking her questions of the Kel’dor. What is his interest in Cadrec Nitheli?

Pooga is evasive in his answers but indicates that they had been doing work for Nitheli.

What kind of work?

Er . . .

The two tip toe around the subject and both parties clam up.

Wrasp eventually brings up the subject of Josus and that Wrasp has a desire to represent his interests in this matter.

Mako (who had been silent throughout the entire visit) abruptly stands up and storms away from the table. She heads to the rest rooms.

Metagaming interlude! The players began arguing that Josus/Cree should exit the restroom and confront Mako! That player has deep reservations . . .

Razor does exit the restroom and passes by Mako as she makes her way to the restroom to regain her composure.

Mako notices the black furred Bothan and something sets her off.

Cree heads over to the bar. He’s not ready to reveal himself to his mother.

Mako aborts her trip to the restroom and returns to the table where she abruptly informs Mari, “We’re finished here. We’re leaving. Now.”

Session ends on a cliff hanger! Maybe?

Log 20210712

With their luncheon concluded, their Bothan hosts depart the restaurant.

However, Break Out is succumbing to his drink and is becoming weak and sick!

Wrasp calls out to the waitress for help!

She’s not sure what to do about the Duro’s unusual reaction to his drink and asks if she should contact Emergency Medical Services. Wrasp concurs and she scuttles off to call EMS.

Razor (formerly Josus Laorl and now going by the alias Cree Sendesu) notices that Mari and Mako have hastily departed and that Unsien is turning an unnatural shade of green that Duros aren’t supposed to turn! Razor joins his two companions.

Break Out is still mostly lucid but is complaining that he may not be able to hold the contents of his stomach!

The waitress returns and calmly explains that EMS has been contacted and that their host has taken care of the cost of this meal. She then asks them if they would be interested in a take home box for the uneaten portions of their meal?

Ignoring the distress of his Duros pilot, Wrasp decides that he DOES want the 32 slices of fine meat for later.

Cree informs Pa Pooga that they should not rely on the local medical services.

Pooga concurs and indicates that he is intending to have Fox take care of Unsien Mos. And then Pooga realizes that their aircar is with the valet parking!

The two grab Mos and guide their stricken friend out of the restaurant.

While Pooga hands the aircar voucher to the attendant a Weequay calls out to them from behind saying, “Oh it’s you!”

Pooga’s initial response is to ignore the Weequay and to just be on his way, but the Mercenary is up for a conversation.

It’s the same commander who boarded Wrasp’s ship during their last visit and he and his men have added Disintegrator Pistols to their ensemble, and the Weequay is very open about his new acquisition, pointing out that he armed his men with these weapons on the off chance that his crew ever came across Wrasp’s team in the future.

The Weequay commander is still looking for payback for Wrasp disintegrating his crewmate! The Weequay gestures to the distressed crewman and asks Pooga if he’s willing to offer the Duros as a method of repayment . . .

“NO!” Wrasp repeats his offer to hire the Weequay but is . . . declined.

The valet brings the car about and Cree Sendesu jumps into the pilots couch while Wrasp gets Mos and himself situated.

They fly straight to the starport and onto the Azure Duster. Wrasp also calls ahead and lets Fox know to be ready for Mos as a casualty.

She asks what is wrong and is upset to learn that the Duros actually drank any of the Bothan blood wine. With the prognosis, she leaves the Azure Duster to secure an anti-toxin for Mos.

By the time the team arrives most of the crew is outside and waiting to help get Mos aboard and to the infirmary.

Wrasp and Razor note that the cargo bay is empty, indicating that the crew has finished unloading the ship.

Once Mos is settled into the med bay, Celeste gestures to talk to Wrasp.

Celeste informs the Captain that she’s moved Dorn (the older Woostroid stowaway) to a new cabin as she’d caught him earlier that day trying to sneak off.

Wrasp stops Celeste. Before he talks to Dorn, he asks to interview his sister Dria. He asks that the young woman be paged and to join them in the galley.

Dria, (after being summoned by Cop’Ruchi) races up the galley ladder, wearing a tool belt festooned with cleaning tools and supplies. The young Woostradi is motioned over to Pooga who sits her down.

In the intervening time, while waiting for Dria to arrive, Pooga had taken the left over raw meat from the restaurant and cooks it up. He has a piece ready for Dria when she arrives and he offers her a bite to which she accepts.

(And Dria seems to enjoy the treat quite a bit).

Pooga asks the girl if she knows what her brother has been up to, and Dria replies that she only knows that Dorn was looking for an opportunity to make some money so that the two could get settled on Bothawui. But Dria doesn’t know what those details are.

Satisfied with her answers, Pooga dismisses Dria to return to her cleaning duties.

Celeste then leads the Captain to the guest room housing the other Woostradi and draws her blaster.

Pooga has her ‘hold on’ and asks Celeste to explain what happened.

Celeste holsters her heavy blaster and reports that she noticed Dorn trying to slip away from the Azure Duster. Celeste followed him and asked him what he was up to and the youth explained that he was sneaking off to find ‘the Empire’ and to report the ship and crew as rebel agents so that Dorn could collect a reward!

Pooga nods and asks Celeste to unlock the hatch to Dorn’s new cabin and nods to Cree to see if he’s ready.

Celeste, again, draws her blaster pistol and opens the hatch.

Dorn is still there and his hands are bound with duct tape. Celeste had also taped his mouth shut too.

Pooga has Cree remove the tape slowly (to try to minimize the pain).

When asked, Dorn repeats his story and confirms Celeste’s report.

Wrasp interviews the Woostradi in detail, asking a lot of clarification questions.

Dorn is trying to earn some quick credits, but Pooga counters that the Empire would never pay the Woostradi for ‘reporting’ on the team. And the youth would likely be sent to a work camp instead!

Pooga then asks Celeste to retrieve the younger sister as he wants to talk to both kids.

Dria, is shocked to see that her brother has been bound (and is still) and freaks out a bit.

Dorn is unbound and the discussion continues.

Dorn would be ‘happier’ with a ‘computer terminal’ type of job and the youth points out that there are six gunnery stations that have computer terminals! Pooga promises to consider the request (especially if the lad will stay on with the crew long term).

They rehash the discussion about whether or not the two Woostradi are ‘prisoners’ or ‘unpaid workers with jobs.’ Especially in light of the fact that they are no where near their intended destination of Naboo. And can they just leave? Here on Bothawui?

Pooga, after a lengthy discussion, asks the two Woostradi to discuss their options and to let him know (later) what they want to do, so that the Captain can make appropriate plans to accommodate the two kids.

They are left under the careful watch of Celeste and/or Sern.

Cree Sendesu and Pa Pooga turn back to their primary mission.

Josus (aka: Cree) has another old friend to check in with. Josus puts together a prerecorded holo message for Rayne Keeras. He’ll have Wrasp approach Rayne as an intermediary for a private investigator hired by the late Josus, into the investigation of Josus’ death . . .

Using his bounty hunter data resources, Josus is able to locate Rayne’s current address. Rayne has married an industrialist and she lives downtown in one of the posh high rises of Drev’starn (Bothawui’s capitol city).

Wrasp and Razor head out via their aircar and locates the apartment.

While Razor stays in the aircar and Wrasp heads up, they open up a communications channel so that Razor can listen to the interaction.

Wrasp asks to visit with Rayne and is admitted to a meeting.

Rayne listens patiently to the holorecording and then shrugs indifferently. She doesn’t know how she could be of help as Josus is dead and that there’s nothing that a private investigator would be able to do.

With the message delivered, Wrasp produces his open communicator and introduces Razor, the hired investigator (of whom he is but a simple courier).

The player was using the Christian Bale ‘Batman’ voice while using his Cree Sendesu persona and adopted that for his conversation with Rayne.

Rayne attended Josus’ funeral and while the manner of Josus death was sufficiently violent to warrant a closed casket, Rayne did observe his body burning during the funeral pyre.

Metagaming: the players suspect that Josus’ enemies used the body of Cadrec Nitheli, Josus’ Bothan sponsor!

Razor asks about Nitheli’s disappearance and it confirms that Nitheli was arrested within days of the teams raid on the Laorl mansion and Josus’ “death.”

Razor confirms that Nitheli was arrested before the funeral as well!

But other than that, Rayne is tight lipped. After all, what could a sole private investigator do to get ‘revenge’ on Josus’ death? After all, Morac Laorl (Josus uncle) is being lionized as the hero who unmasked and helped capture a now confirmed rebel agent! And due to his latest victory, Morac is now being considered for a position on the Bothan Councel!

So what does a lowly private investigator think they could accomplish against that kind of foe?

Razor makes a couple of inquiries to try to learn some new clues, but Rayne refuses to answer.

Taking a risk, Josus drops his facade as a separate private investigator and reveals that he isn’t actually dead!

That changes everything for Rayne, now that she recognizes his voice and after she confirms her friend’s identity.

The data that Cadrec Nitheli stole from Marac Laorl was retrieved by Marac. If Josus want’s that, he’ll need to get it from his uncle.

Rayne volunteers that the Laorl mansion is under renovations. Further she reports the location where the Laorl clan is staying currently. (They’re staying in another apartment tower in downtown Drev’starn and occupy the top three floors of that tower).

When asked about the black sites where pro Alliance Bothans disappear to, Rayne answers that her husband’s firm was contracted to manufacture a number of these ‘reeducation camps’ but that Rayne doesn’t have access to specific locations. Razor and Wrasp want to know where Cadrec Nitheli (if he’s alive) and Wonn Kongurss (another pro Alliance Bothan) are located. Rayne doesn’t know if or where either agent would be housed, but is willing to make some inquiries.

Razor returns to the subject of the family data files that Marac retrieved from Cadrec Nitheli. Rayne doesn’t know where those would be located but recommends that Josus talk to Mako (his former girl friend).

Josus and Rayne establish a communications protocol and then Wrasp departs her apartment.

The two decide to head over to the apartment building housing the Laorl clan.

The front lobby has obvious security and the two check out the perimeter of the building and find that it has a loading dock and is receiving two shipments.

Razor and Wrasp head to the loading area on foot. One of the trucks is unloading a shipment of flowers. Razor is able to sneak into the receiving bay, but Wrasp is stopped by the security guard supervising the cargo area, but Wrasp convinces the guard that he’s part of the group delivering the flowers. Wrasp heads into the back of the cargo craft, dons a delivery cap (left by another worker) and grabs a flower pot.

The two head to the loading elevator and ride up with the other delivery guys on the way up.

They banter with the other delivery guys on the way up and when Wrasp asks about the weekend and gambling opportunities, they’re recommended to put their money on Slippery Syd at the local Sling course this weekend.

Moments later the team gets to the top level (the other workers departed several floors below) and since they’re in the cargo elevator, they come out in the back storage area.

It looks like the Laorl clan has recently arrived but most of the shipping boxes are still being stored here for future use.

When the two approach the entrance hatch leading deeper into the apartment the hatch opens and the two find themselves face to face with Mari (Josus’ mother) and Mako!

The two women recognize Wrasp and a Mari demands to know why Wrasp is inside their apartment.

As caustic as the accusations are and Mari’s not buying the “hired by a private investigator” angle, Wrasp makes the gut decision to pull the two female Bothans into the loading area and to close the hatch, so that no one can walk into this conversation.

However, Mako resists, pushing Mari back into the home while allowing herself to be grappled into the loading area.

Once cornered and separated, they reveal to Mako that Josus is still alive!

She’s happy to see her old beau still alive. Mako embraces Josus and points out that her tear ducts moistened during his funeral.

Mako points out that they should probably leave now though . . .

The two start to ask Mako questions, rapid fire to try to get details about their investigation.

At first Mako tries to answer a couple of these quickly, but keeps injecting that they should probably leave now.

Before they can get too much further the Laorl security mercenaries open the hatch and draw weapons on Wrasp and Razor!

Wrasp works to ‘negotiate’ their retreat, but using Mako as a ‘hostage’ they make their way out of the building and escape the area with their aircar.

They take Mako back to their ship.

Mako is willing to help Josus on his mission and the conversation turns to what course of action is best at this point?

Two obvious options seem to be:

  • Count of Monte Cristo
  • John Wick

That evening, a “Balosar” approaches the ship and asks to speak to Pa Pooga, and Pooga is informed.

When he disembarks the Azure Duster and asks what is wanted the Balosar replies, “Ah you are Pooga with wraspy voice. Here!”

The agent hands Pooga a data disk and then turns and leaves without another word.

The message disk has a note from Soshu the Hutt and she has a transport job for Pooga. She wants Wrasp to pick up and smuggler her a batch of Bothan mink pelts to Nar Shaddah and wants delivery in three days. (The trip to Nar Shaddah will take two days)! She’s offering to pay a million credits for this shipment, but needs it “now.”

Twosday CD 10-16. After sunset.

Aboard the Azure Duster in Unsien Mos’ quarters.

Break Out has been sleeping through a delirium. He recalls Wrasp half carrying him out of the Bothan Restaurant after he tried drinking the local drink Blood Wine.

While waiting he remembers a Weequay’s offering to kill him and Wrasp negotiating for his life.

In response to the threat to his life, Unsien tried to raise the shields in his X-Wing but couldn’t find the switch because he wasn’t in his fighter.

Later Fox freaking out over his condition. “He did what?”

But now the fever dream is breaking . . .

Wrasp and Razor.

After a busy and mostly successful day, Wrasp, Razor, and Mako (Razor’s girl friend) return to the Azure Duster.

Celeste is down in the cargo bay with her astromech, Hunter, working on a routine maintenance issue, in the empty cargo hold. She seems in positive spirits and mentions that most of the crew are up in the galley winding down after a long day.

In the galley, Wrasp finds most of the crew, mostly in good spirits, wrapping up a later dinner.

Dria, one of the Woostoid stowaways, is sitting among the crew and seems to be in a good mood. However, both Wrasp and Razor notice that the young woman is sporting more severe bruises on her face and has a new bandage on her forehead and a new splint on her left arm.

Wrasp asks Dria about her new injuries and want’s to know if she “fell down a flight of stairs” while talking with her brother.

Dria frankly admits that her discussion with Dorn became quite physical, especially after she admitted that she intended to join the Rebel Alliance. Dorn still wants to turn in the crew to the Empire for a reward!

Celeste broke up the fight and transferred Dria to a new guest room. According to Dria, Dorn is still being detained and is probably sedated.

Wrasp comments that the two siblings have a bizarre relationship and Pooga is a bit besides himself on how to handle Dria’s brother.

Dria admits that she still loves her brother and would prefer that Pooga “take care” of Dorn in whatever manner he feels is appropriate, but she’d rather not be told by the Captain what measures those are.

While Pa Pooga wants to explore this topic further, Dria is uncomfortable and would rather that Wrasp “just take care of her brother” and leave her ignorant of Dorn’s ultimate fate.

Wrasp wraps up the discussion by letting the Woostoid woman know that he intends to keep Dorn alive and will turn him over to Wrasp’s superiors.

Razor’s communicator chimes and the call ID indicates that it’s a call from his friend Tave (the poor kid who works as a mechanic at the starport).

When Razor acknowledges the call, Tave apologizes and indicates that he’s running late at work and will be delayed in meeting up as the two had planned.

Josus/Cree replies that they had no such plans.

Tave continues, ignoring Josus rebuttal, to indicate that his boss handed him an opportunity to earn some OT by installing a locking clamp onto a Gozanti CROC named the Azure Duster that has a pending impound order on it.

Razor’s Player: “Wait, isn’t the *Azure Duster our ship? Both other Players simultaneously: “YES!!!!”

Teve continues the call.

The good news is that installing the locking clamp wont take too long and he’s willing to have Cree and his friends meet up at his place in thirty minutes. They can then head out as previously planned.

Razor hastily closes the call and terminates the connection to inform Wrasp of the pending problem!

Wrasp demands that Josus call him back immediately to get more information!

Tave answers immediately.

He has a lot of additional information too!

But first, Razor asks his friend if this channel is “secure.”

Tave makes it obvious that no, it’s not!

When Razor implores his friend to call him back on a secure communicator, Tave reminds Razor that he left his “secure communicator” in his other suit, no wait! He doesn’t have one of those! If Razor want’s to have a “secure conversation” he can feel free to meet up in thirty minutes.

On the question of who is driving the impound on the Azure Duster is that it’s an Imperial Impound.

A third destroyer had recently arrived into the system and the VSD Malady is ‘in charge’ of the order.

Break Out’s player’s reaction: “Malady? That name sounds familiar . . .” (and not in a good way).

Launching the Azure Duster is probably a bad idea. Odds are very good that the Empire is monitoring the Azure Duster right now and probably has assets inbound and en-route!

Razor to Tave: “So you’re saying that we have about thirty minutes. Right? Tave: “No, I’ll be off the clock and back home in thirty minutes. you have a lot less time than that!

Tave repeats his invitation to meet up in a half hour.

Wrasp’s player: “This guy could literally be calling us from outside the ship right now!” (while installing the locking clamp).

They wrap up the conversation.

"What next Commander?"

Wrasp turns to Cop and asks her who’s monitoring the communications station and she informs him that Tusk (the Iktotchi gunner) is on the comms.

Wrasp asks Cop to have Tusk request clearance for immediate take off.

Cop (aka “Ghost”): “Are you sure, Captain?!?!?”

Wrasp asserts his request, however, Ghost leaves the galley and heads to the bridge.

On the way back from the bridge, Ghost pauses at cabin seven and pounds on the door loudly and tells Devo and Aliz to “Get Dressed! Now!” This injunction awakens Break Out, who rises from his slumber and wanders into the galley to see what all this excitement is about.

Ghost, reports to Wrasp that they have clearance to take off in one hour.

Wrasp correctly presumes that they won’t be free to do so if they wait that long!

With his worst fears confirmed, Wrasp orders that the crew abandon the Azure Duster. Wrasp calls on Celeste to take charge of the crew in general and to see to their safety. Meanwhile, he, Razor, Break Out, and Mako will rendezvous with Tave.

When Wrasp and his team disembark from the Azure Duster in the team’s aircar they indeed find Tave installing a locking clamp onto the forward landing strut.

They wave to Tave and stop by to talk briefly.

Wrasp is interested in seeing how easy it would be to either not ‘lock’ the clamp in place and failing that how easy would it be to unofficially have the clamp ‘unlocked’ later.

In short ‘bypassing’ the clamp isn’t the real problem. That’s easy enough to bypass (in the future). There are far bigger complications to deal with, so there’s no need to worry about the locking clamp.

Tave reminds the four that they probably don’t have all that much time (while the rest of the crew is disembarking the ship and scattering) and he’ll be happy to catch up with them later at his house.

Later at Tave’s

The four hang out for a couple of minutes before Tave arrives home at the end of his shift.

Tave’s condo isn’t all that big, but he thinks that he may be able to call Syd. Syd may be able to help with some temporary housing. After all there aren’t a whole lot of Bothan’s on Wrasp’s crew and some of them are bound to stand out a bit.

Rejecting the offer, the trio decide what to do next. Since their plan takes them in opposing Josus’ uncle/father-in-law Morac Laorl, and since they now know where he’s living (in part thanks to Mako) they hop into their aircar and head to downtown Drev’starn.

Morac’s Apartment

But how to gain entry into the secured apartment building?

Why not take the same approach they did earlier yesterday! (Yes it’s now very a.m. Threesday CD 10-17).

But as it’s very a.m. the apartment isn’t accepting deliveries and so the loading bays are closed.

Wrasp (undaunted) has an idea! He calls Morac’s Security Detail Chief (the same who has armed all of his men with disintegrator pistols on the off chance that they’ll get to fight Wrasp’s team and offered to accept Unsien Mos as a ‘fair exchange’ for the disintegration of one of his team members as proper recompense for that Weequay’s death . . .) and asks him to open the doors and ‘look the other way’ so that Wrasp’s team can access the apartments . . .

GM’s sarcastic note: Brilliant plan.

Wrasp promises to pay the Chief one million credits!

But the chief points out that Wrasp’s million credits have just been impounded by the Empire so how is he going to make that payment?

But other than that? Sure! No problem! The Chief will be right down to help Wrasp and his friends into the building.

About five minutes later.

The crew pick up the social cues and decide to hide in the bushes in case the Chief isn’t there to help.

Turns out that the chief wasn’t here to roll out the red carpet.

He’s brought a contingent of his security team.

Break Out uses a force power illusion to create an image of Josus Laorl (pre fur dye) in the open in front of the loading bay door.

The security team, upon seeing Josus’ image, open fire upon Josus.

Break Out has the image flee the area and a dozen of the Weequay mercenaries take chase.

With the guards distracted, Wrasps’ team extricate themselves from the shrubbery and race to enter the now opened loading bay!

But not all of the Weequay Mercenaries took chase.

The commander and almost a dozen of his troops are still inside the loading bay.

Before shooting can break out, Wrasp uses the Force to mind control the Chief (and as many of his troops as possible) into letting them simply pass.

Wrasp is able to charm the chief guard and all but four of the mercenaries.

While the mercenary Commander doesn’t order his troops to open up fire immediately and doesn’t ultimately stand down, Wrasp is able to talk the mercs down.

This causes some confusion among the troops as they ultimately start to withdraw from the loading bay, as four of them are not affected by the Force, but the others seem willing to abandon their duty to defend their client.

Wrasp, Razor, Break Out, and Mako slip past the mercenaries in their state of confusion and proceed up to the top floor.

When asked, Mako points out that Morac’s living quarters are on the top floor (Floor 47) and the group head there first.

There are two Weequay Mercenaries waiting for them, who open fire immediately!

Fortunately, Wrasp, Break Out, and Razor are not unprepared, and they down the two Merc’s with little effort.

However, they can’t bypass the security door to get past the back storage room! Mako’s pass-code has been shut down and neither Slider nor Wrasp can bypass the electronics.

And the elevator behind them is now descending . . .

Time to find another way in!

Wrasp pulls out his lightsaber and proposes to cut through a side wall.

Mako points out that Morac’s private room is immediately to the right, but to cut within 10 feet of the apartment and no further back! (Further back, Mako points out when asked by Wrasp, is open air).

Within two minutes, Wrasp wrestles and creates a hole that the four can use to access the massive and spacious bed room.

The lights are off, but Morac’s bedding is empty. Warm but empty.

Razor and Mako begin a search and make their way through the walk in closets and master bath that ring the outside of the top floor.

Meanwhile, Wrasp and Break Out discover four Weequay Mercs as they enter the living room that adjoins the master bedroom(s).

The last room in the master suite is a second master bedroom and the bedding there is occupied! With a cursory examination, Razor discovers that this is his mother, sleeping peacefully in her bed.

Wanting to detain her, Josus pulls out his blaster, sets it to stun and blasts his sleeping mother! (Much to the shock and chagrin of Mako).

With the signal given, Wrasp and Break Out come out of the other Master Suite and catch the guards by surprise and gun them down before they can get to Josus and Mako.

Josus hands Mako a pair of binders and tasks Mako with preparing Mari for capture and exfil. Josus explains to Mako that once they track down Morac, he want’s to take both Mari and Morac away as prisoners.

They leave Mako to tend to Mari while Wrasp, Razor, and Break Out continue to search for Josus’ Uncle/Step Father.

From the living room, the three exit into the front lobby, which is a long hall running almost the length of the whole floor. The room is in low light and along the edges of the hall are several of Morac’s hunting trophies, including fully stuffed animals.

As the trio make their way down the hall, two Mercs jump out from the elevator banks (off to the left toward the end of the hall) and, using cover try to ambush the three!

A short but pitched battle ensues with Break Out and Wrasp shooting from the back of the group and they take cover among the various taxidermy animals. These two provide cover fire, while Razor races forward to charge the two Mercs, hiding in the elevator well.

However, Razor avoids a face full of blaster and dives behind a polar bear while the other Merc tosses a grenade at Razors FEET!

In desperation, Razor tears the bear off of the wall mountings and tosses it onto the grenade.

Wrasp and Break Out pounce and take out the two mercs.

With the dust settling and the smoke still floating in the air, the three try to decide where to go next.

At the end of the lobby is a massive huge decorative door and off to the left side are the public elevators and a smaller more discrete door leading back toward the freight elevator that they rode up in.

The group opt to check out the massive doors which lead to a massive dining room.

Finding no resistance there, they proceed through the dining room, through the Butler’s Pantry and into a massive industrial kitchen.

There is a stairwell in the kitchen which leads to the lower floors and the trio decide to descend to the 46th floor. (The stairs do continue to descend further).

They exit into a dining facility, a combination kitchen/cafeteria.

They have a door that leads to what was the Dining area and that room is a cubicle farm for Morac’s local administrators.

The other door leads to the public elevator banks for the 46th floor and the trio take out the two mercs guarding that entrance with casual ease.

The next ‘room’ is a set of six private offices that are enclosed without other exits. Five of the rooms are typically outfitted and obviously occupied during the day, but the back left room is empty (except for the basic office furnishings).

There is a big blank area, but the furthest room turns out to be a board meeting room with Morac’s private office located to the rear.

While Break Out and Razor work to hack the computer terminal at Morac’s desk, Wrasp wanders back to the two dead Mercenaries at the elevator suite and appropriates one of the Merc communicators.

Frustrated at Morac’s disappearance, Wrasp calls onto the Merc’s comms to goad a response. He finds that the Commander is on the line and the two exchange barbs.

Wrasp demands to know where Morac has disappeared to and the security chief indicates that he’ll be happy to let Wrasp know if Wrasp reveals his current location.

Wrasp does not relent.

The Security Chief, not knowing which direction to point Wrasp at and to direct the Kel-Dor toward the fleeing figure of Morac’s aircar, isn’t able to answer Wrasp’s demand. Plus, the Chief obviously want’s to know where to send the bulk of his security team.

However the Chief points out that he doesn’t need to take any action against Wrasps’ team as the Empire is responding. The Chief just needs to bide his time.

Wrasp gives up on that conversation and joins Break Out and Razor. It’s taken some time, but the two have bypassed Morac’s security and have access to the files. The same files that the team stole! And Morac recovered. And based on the volume of data it would appear that the data storage is very local.

There are two locked doors in Morac’s office and the team proceeds to slice the two doors. Meanwhile Break Out wanders into the Offices to snoop around and do some more digging. He finds that the empty office has a secret door panel in the back and on the other side fo that door is a server room! With much excitement Break Out informs his buddies of his find, just as they bypass the vault door to Morac’s vault. Filled with crates of credits and other precious tangible commodities. (Yes. Gold too).

The “dead space” between Morac’s office and the rest of the floor are the vault and the server room. From the inside, Break Out is able to open that locked door effortlessly.

Wrasp calls up the Security Chief and informs him that he has money now! Enthusiastically, Wrasp informs the Chief that he’ll allow the Chief all of the money in the vault if he reveals Morac’s location!

The Chief chuckles and retorts, “Ah, you’re in the vault now. Excellent. Well, it wont be long now.”

With all the money in the world and no way to carry it, the team decides to proceed with their search.

As they exit Morac’s office an Imperial Shuttle swoops up to the building and heads to the roof.

So by the time the heroes get to the kitchen to descend to the last level of Morac’s apartments there is a team of three Inquisitors waiting for them.

There are some Stormtroopers who are filling into the Dining Facility and its obvious that there’s a line cued up in the stairwell.

But as principle guards, two Mandelorians flank the Inquisitors.

The three Inquisitors are one Human Female wearing gray Jedi style robes. They’ve seen her before and had a glancing view of her in Kinyen. Up close her yellowed eyes are darkly shadowed with very dark gray eye shadow which contrasts her sickly pallid complexion.

The second Inquisitor is a burly Pau’an male swathed in black Jedi robes and he stands off and behind the grey woman’s left.

The third is a female Selonian, similarly attired as her Pau’an companion.

All are armed with light sabers at the ready and by way on introduction to Wrasp, Break Out, and Razor they ignite their red bladed weapons.

The Selonian woman speaks first addressing Break Out, “I see that you survived your little swim. So good to catch up to you again.”

The Grey Human asks the three to surrender to the Emperor. He’s interested in them joining his cause and with their skills they will be a most useful addition to the Empire.

The Pau’an male, adds that he hopes the three will resist!

Wrasp replies that the three have no interest in surrender.

The Grey woman asks, “Felicity, are you ready?”

“I’m waiting for you,” Felicity purrs.

Epic Battle. Cue “Duel of the Fates” music!

Roll for Initiative.

Delta, the Pau’an Inquisitor, disappears from view as he leaps to the side!

Break Out, with a score to settle, fires upon Felicity while Wrasp shoots at one of the Mandos with his Disintegrator Pistol (to little effect).

The other Mando rushes forward with a Blaster Carbine, that has a scatter shot attachment and his blast hits all three of our heros!

Time to change focus! That Mando has to go down. NOW!

Wrasp switches to his Lightsaber and closes to the Mando, but that Mandelorian steel is resistant to the lightsaber.

Razor and Break Out help finish off that Warrior before he can get another effective shot off like that!

And then the Gray Woman surprises them and unleashes bolts of purple lightning from her fingertips, mostly directed at Break Out then Wrasp!

Wrasp is also able to coordinate his team’s efforts as he and Razor take out a couple of storm troopers and the other Mandelorian before they can be cut down by blaster fire.

But in short order Break Out is able to overwhelm Felicity and she goes down to his ranged blaster attacks. (Break Out brought his trusty E-11 and made short work of the Selonian woman). And it’s a good thing too! She was concealing Delta and well as messing with Wrasp’s force powers, causing him to strain while using the Force!

Delta emerges from his Force induced concealment and engages in a lightsaber duel with Wrasp. Loudly the Pau’an declares that the Kel-Dor is his opponent and orders no other to engage!

Stormtroopers continue to enter the room, one at a time and Break Out eventually falls to the barrage of E-11 blaster fire from his opponents.

The Gray Woman directs her ire (and force lightning) at Razor but once Josus falls in combat She watches as Delta and Wrasp continue their lightsaber duel.

Both seem evenly matched and neither are able to inflict anything but the most glancing of blows.

Worse, the Pau’an is wearing a especially resistant armor. It’s almost as if it’s just as resistant to lightsabers as the Mandelorian armor! (Well because it is, actually).

Delta is relying on brute strength to wear down his Kel-Dor opponent, while Wrasp is working on finding a critical error in his opponent’s defenses and is trying to wound and incapacitate his foe.

But the Pau’an Inquisitor overestimates his chances. His wounds become incapacitating and Delta finds that his wounds keep him from attacking the Kel-Dor!

Defeated by his opponent, the Pau’an stumbles and races toward the stairwell, hoping to find refuge behind the Grey Inquisitress and shelter with the waiting Stormtroopers in the stairwell.

But Wrasp isn’t done with his opponent yet!

The Kel-Dor force leaps over the Grey Woman and with a final slash of his lightsaber, he kills Delta.

In response, the Grey Woman retreats from Wrasp, deeper into the kitchen and tries to blast the Kel-Dor with lightning! But the Dark Side fails her in he time of need and helpless, she lowers her lightsaber and shuts it off! She quietly indicates that she has no interest in a fight and offers surrender.

But Wrasp is in little better shape. He lets the woman go and she signals for her troopers to fall back as she retreats toward the public elevators.

Though technically a draw, Wrasp’s friends can recover and fight another day. He may hold the ground for now, but not for long. It would just be a matter of time before the Gray Woman rallies another team.

It’s time to go!

GM Note. And that concludes this Star Wars RPG. This was the last scheduled session. Sadly the players aren’t able to continue participating and so this concludes this role playing campaign.