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GM Notes for Mission 37 - GM Notes for: Mission 37 - Dependent Illness

The players return to Bothawui in order for Josus to complete his revenge upon his father's dead soul! This is a continuation of Mission 34 so I used those notes in preparation for thes final sessions. But for your convenience and through the power of "cut" and "paste" tools available on any computer, I'm placing a copy of those notes here!

Persons of Interest:

Jobai Laorl. Josus' Father. He's dead but has left behind a holovid recording implying that his brother (Josus uncle) poisoned him!

Uncle is Morac Laorl.

Mari. Josus' Mother. Now married to Josus uncle. At least she didn't need to change her legal name with this new marriage.

Mako Talhem – Josus' girlfriend. (What's her relationship to Morac? Her Father Dorusk, is Morac's advisor. He used to work for Jobai and facilitated the transition. But how helpful was he)?

Varsk Talhem – (Laertes) – Mako's Brother

Dorusk Talhem (Chief Advisor: Polonius). Father of Mako and Varsk. Used to be Jobai Talhem's advisor and now faithfully serves as Morac's advisor. He may have facilitated the murder of Jobai . . .

Neget Gofias (Chief Advisor to Morak. Part of Morak's original network).

Cadrec Nitheli is Josus professional sponsor.


The Starport: The Vigilant is docked at the starport under the sponsorship of Cadrec Nitheli.

Cadrec Nitheli is operating out of a variety of restaurants and food production facilities.

Jobai's old home. It's been abandoned and mostly emptied. Josus found a secret room with a hologram addressing him and Jobai's suspitions about his imminent death.

The Palace. (Morac and Mari have settled into the Laorl family estates quite comfortably. It's secluded and in a well wooded area out on a hillside. The rooms are very spacious.

Vath Biquan (Female) – Broker who hired Fox to kill Josus.


Weequay Elite Mercenaries

Brawn: 5 Agility: 4 Intellect:2 Cunning:2 Will: 2 Pres:1

Soak: 5 Hits/Stun: 8 Def: 1/1

Ranged (Hvy): YYG ccd
Cool: cc
Vigilance: ccd
Perception: cd

Brawling ccddd
Damage: 5, Crit 3, Pin/Subdue, on 4 advantages.

Melee w/ Trunchon ccddd
Damage: 7, Disorient 2.

Westar C6 Blaster Carbine ccdd
Damage: 10 Crit:3, Range: Med/Long Stun.

(Rng Lt: [cddd]cddd
Frag Grenades: Damage: 12, Blast: 9, Shrapnel 8, Limit 1
$50 R. Rarity cdd.


The PC's are on Sullust attempting to meet up with Rim Noholo a Sullustian agent operating under the code name “Telestial Mote.”

Rim Noholo is waiting for contact from an agent dispatched from Morak Laorl. That agent is enroute to Sullust on the ship “Wandering Karn” and is expected to arrive in three days!

Noholo's intel is

  • • Rumors of The Empire's construction of Death Star II are confirmed. Contacts have determined that construction is at a remote system with a code name of End Door? Spelling may be off due to the code being used.
  • • Noholo's contact has details along with defense measures to protect the improved Death Star II.
  • • Cuth Vennev is Noholo's contact for project “Telestial Mote.” He has requested contact in person so that he can deliver details about the Empire's projected completion date and the defenses that the Empire has employed to protect this super weapon.
  • • Defeat of the rebels is inevitable! (Muwha-ha-ha-HA)!

Noholo has a burner communicator with Vennev. If someone can get to Koewhals (the Capital) on Kinyen, with the burner, they should be able to establish temporary contact with Vennev.


Customs Agent: Gix Eij (Gran) will approach the ship and ask about cargo. Gix is eager to set up the crew with a foodstuff cargo depending on their next destination. Gix will also warn the crew that if they have any Bothans on board they should stay on the ship. There's a Bothan Spy manhunt by the Empire and Imperials are snatching up every Bothan on the planet!

The Empire is “not happy” about the details about the construction getting out. Even if it's via their allies in the Bothan Conglomerate.

They know that there was a leak and it points toward a Bothan spy(!) located now on Kinyen.

So they're rounding up all Bothans and interrogating them.

Cuth Vennev received his information from one Major Bee Goleren. Maj Goleren has been arrested and questioned by the ISB.

Grey Shadow has been assigned the task of hunting down the Bothans on Kinyen and identifying the Bothan Spy and recovering the lost intel. She has operatives watching the starport closely for any Bothans. Grey Shadow has the battalion of Stormtroopers on standby in case she needs the extra muscle.

So far two of Noholo's compatriots have 'disappeared.' They've been questioned and indentified as operatives. The questioning was quite intense and two of them died.

Josus note: Cuth Vennev is on his “list” of operatives to get vengence against . . .

Cuth Vennev has been smuggled out of town and has left his burner communicator with a Talz friend named Tirvap Gamo (Talz Male). Tirvap is big even for a Talz at 2.5 meters. His gray fur is matted and thinning. Gamo works at a warehouse where his superior strength is an asset. Gamo has a metalic bottle of ice water on his belt that clinks and clicks when he moves. Gamo speaks with a high pitched voice.

Tirvap Gamo's instructions are to wait for a call on the burner comms. Then to set up a meeting and to vete the contact. Gamo is then instructed to drive out of Koewhals and to meet up with Vennev.

Message Sent: “Morak. Cree Sindasu. Sent by Rim. “Telestial Mote.” Meeting Cuth Vennev.”

Once Vennev is comfortable in transfering the data to a Laorl agent, Gamo will give the PC's a flimsey with directions to a public locker in the university athletics department with a combination code [20-4-45-7-21]. Non-Gran visiting this locker room will arrouse suspicion. It will start with a Gran security guard (Garla Ria: Gran Male) approaching the PC's.

(Cuth Vennev placed the datapad into the locker via a Gran student Tub Ies).

Zes Ni – Security Guard at University of Koewhals (the Capital).

Ox Kragg.

Return to Bothawui . . .



She is disturbed that Pooga 'gave away' Aliz. She doesn't want to suffer the same fate. She would like to have a private conversation well away from others prying eyes. She will try to talk to the Captain late one evening (while Celeste is waiting for the Stowaways).


Two Woostoids have stown away aboard the Azure Duster knowing that this transport is destined for Naboo. Dorn (male) and Dria (female) Ezoken lost their parents and fell out of synch with the education cycle, which ultimately led to the two to fail most of their secondary classes. Both ended up with dead end minimal income and were relegated to living in the slums.

Dorn has been looking for some type of exit, but without any marketable skills he can't find a better job and none of the visiting spacer crews were willing to hire him on and ship out with his sister.

Once they saw that the Azure Duster was headed to Naboo, Dorn snuck aboard and secured a hiding place for himself and his sister (on deck four).

However, they ran out of food! During the sleep cycles, Dorn has had to sneak into the galley to swipe ship rations. But he's left some discarded ration wrappers in the empty cargo hold, which Celeste has found. Celeste has noticed that the demands on the environmental systems are 'off' and suspects that one of the crew is diving into the ships stores during the evening. Celeste is curious as to whom it is who's having the munchies during the sleep cycle.


She would like to stop by Nexus Ortai to pic up a cargo of Silage, Grain, and/or Lumber suitable for Bothawui.

Sern would also prefer to be a direct report to Pa Pooga.


Josus Laorl is 'dead.' And that's a good thing.

The crew will want to return and catch up with Cadrec Nitheli. However Nitheli has been implicated as a Rebel Alliance Collaborator and has since “disappeared.” The Nitheli sponsorship has been disolved and the assets are now under the patronage of the Laorl clans . . .

Cadrec Nitheli and Wonn Kongurss are both located at the secret “Re-education camps” that don't officially exist.

Session Date Code 20210705

Morac Laorl (and family) are currently living in the top three floors of the Trothaeri Towers until the renovations at their mansion are completed.

And due to Morac's recent unmasking and capture of Cadrec Nitheli, he's been invited to join the Bothan Counsel.

Rayne Keeras has some useful contacts. One of her husband's (Cith Honen) firms was contracted to manufacture a number of reeducation facilities. With the right inducement, she might be willing to ask around and locate one or two for an old friend. And since she and Mako are good friends she also knows where the Laorl family are staying right now (Trothaeri Towers).

Soshu, upon learning that Pa Pooga is on Bothawui (in a day or so) will contact the intrepid Captain. Soshu has also noticed an accumulation of Imperial Assets headed to Vergesso(P17) in response to a Fusion Base(?). The mink shipment is mostly a cover so that Soshu can 'sell' this information to Pooga.
(Soshu want's Pooga's crew to assassinate a member of the Black Sun located on Eriadu. She is trying to corner the spice market in that region and wishes to undermine Durga's operations. The intended victim is the Male Falleen Czor Seex).

Celeste caught Dorn Ezoken trying to sneak away from the Azure Duster recently and under force manipulation learned that Ezoken was trying to contact “The Empire” to cash in on a reward by turning in the crew as Rebel Spies!

“Planned” Chronology for late evening Twosday CD 10-16. Very late.

:: Dorn and Dria have been in a physical altercation. Dria is out and about, still cleaning the ship, but she has some bandaids and bandaging from her fight.

Celeste has stunned Dorn and locked him back up in guest room four. Dria has been relocated to guest room one (from two).

Dria has decided to join the Rebel Alliance and Dorn took exception to the decision. He still wants to turn in the crew for a reward. He also doesn't think Dria is capable of making an adult decision like that and he wants to remain the 'big brother.'

:: Razor. That evening Tave Li'riru will call Josus and inform his old friend that he's just been given a work order to to install a locking clamp on the Azure Duster. The Empire is impounding the ship and it looks like they plan to arrest everyone onboard the ship.

Tave recommends that if Josus can get his crew to his place, he may be able to contact Syd (Kanrev) and maybe they can get transported out to his home. They'd have to camp out there . . . or find other living arrangements.

And yeah. Blasting off and trying to escape is risky with this being an Imperial Impound. The ISD Dirge and Nova probably already have assets in motion.

Oh, and a new ship just arrived in orbit? VSD Malady according to the work order. They're the ones calling the shots on this Impound Order.

(Not sure how the player will respond to this one). But Mako will stay with Josus.

Celeste will point out that she has a possible contact on Bothawui; Keh Nuavin (f) who helped DC-01 on an earlier mission.

:: Syd (Slippery Syd) Kanrev is more than happy to house his friend and their companions. He has a work “shed” out on his acerage, but it houses his Sling Racer. And he needs to get his sling ready for the weekend.

He could use some help getting the new injector valves installed. (6 successes needed on an engineering roll).

:: Rayne Keeras calls Josus.

She's been “asking around” and has discovered that Cadrec Nitheli is alive! He's being held in the Saganami Island Reeducation Center. Rayne can get Josus the location of the Ed Center.

Plus if Josus and his friends are willing to steal some delivery trucks she can get Josus the needed uniforms and access codes to get onto the Ed Center.

However, there are hundreds of Bothans who have been relocated here for . . . “Reeducation.” (Odd that none of these 'students' have any planned 'graduation' dates set . . .)!

:: Mako is willing to help plan the attack on the Laorl suites.