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Mission Briefing 36 - Fascinating Acquisition

Task force SOG FB-03 operating under code name “Dependent Illness” was last known to be operating on Woostri on an 'undisclosed' mission.

Alliance Intelligence recently received intel indicating that the ISB has discovered details about Dependent Illness as well as FB-03 and as a result an Imperial Task force has been deployed to Woostri with instructions to locate and capture or kill the rebel agents involved. This unknown task force is expected to arrive at the Woostri system on CD 10-09 (Twosday).

Alliance Intelligence has assigned DC-01 to expedite travel to Woostri and to contact and extract FB-03 from Woostri with all due haste in the hopes of conducting an extraction before the Imperial Naval forces arrive!

Contact can be established with FB-03 at the Fellstellar Apartments unit 37-209 under the lease of Driz Poll (Human Male).

Please also advise your crew not to have too much fun on their vacation . . .