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GM Notes for Mission 35 - GM Notes for: Mission 35 - Gradual Table

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PC's are expected to head to the the Solitary Grape and will be approached by Commodore Mirah Sabegesh (In her Imperial Uniform). She will let the PC's know that the extraction order isn't for her (she is Entire Gardener) but for someone within her network: Vultea Sylberg.

Commodore Mirah will recommend that the PC's go shopping tomorrow evening at “Kesh and Virrs Furnishings”. They should be on the lookout for a grey woman shopping for a couch. To ensure that they establish contact with Sylberg they should ask about “The lovely sunsets over Alderan . . .”

Once the PC's make contact Vultea will ask them if there is somewhere safe that they can talk. She thinks that she's being followed and that her apartment is bugged.

Once the PC's get Vultea to a safe location she will let them know that she sent an important informant Named Sheleah Gambia to Talravin (M-10) just outside of “Tuberbourg” at the Pogrin farmstead.

Sheleah is an Imperial Pilot who uncovered some new scary technology. Sheleah has requested extradition into the Rebel Alliance. She's been worried about what happened to her family on Anoat and is shocked by the destruction of Alderan. This new weapon looks like a death knell for the Rebels!