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Mission log 34 - Vibrolance

Log 20210419 (continued)

They Depart on CD 7-22 on Twosday with an ETA to their home base on Kirdo III three days later.

Most of the ground team are injured and spend most of their time in bed after Slider tries to tend to the wounded (Primarily Wrasp and Break Out).

Wrasp does check in on Goldie’s progress with the T Series droid, but Goldie is still working on processing the information . . .

When they arrive on Kirdo III, they aren’t in much better shape as their crew doesn’t have a medic to take care of them.

Rachel Starrunner has the on base medical team grab the wounded and taken to the med bay.

A couple of days later the three wake up after being tended too. Their wounds are healed and injuries have had sufficient time for recovery. They’ve been under for about three days so they are back up and running on Lightday.

Rachel is eager to talk to Wrasp about his insights on the operation.

Rachel Starrunner also informs Wrasp that Marhan Gadhan (Stitches) has officially transferred and joined a Mando team and will not be able to act as the team’s medic.

I lost another player! Temporarily? Lets hope so.

Rachel has also been trying to find crew who can help fill some of his vacant gunnery slots and has assembled some personnel to interview. And in light of the fact that they “lost” their medical droid Rachel scrambles to see if she can find a volunteer to fill that open slot too. Rachel prepares for the team to interview the candidates the following day.

On Onesday morning (CD 7-28) Rachel starts by introducing three Gunnery/Able Space Crew candidates.

The first is a young Iktotchi named Anvo Neji. He’s a calm level headed kid fresh out of Alliance basic training. He equivocates to a lot of the questions asked of him as they’re too “hypothetical.” Wrasp assigns him the call sign “Tusk” due to his side horns.

The second recruit is a Mustachioed Human with black hair from Alderan (named Mash Biliggass). He’s already an experienced spacer and joined the Rebellion seeking the best opportunity to blast as many Imperials as possible motivated by revenge. He (and Break Out) takes umbrage when he’s accused of being a smuggler, but “Mustache” seems awfully motivated by money (besides revenge). The three are impressed with Mash and he’s eagerly hired and reassigned with the call sign “Magnum.”

The last recruit is a squared away Sullustan who’s taken care of this uniform and looks like he’d fit in well in any navy. He comes off as a bit clumsy, but he answers the questions like a team player motivated to look after his teammates.

After interviewing all three, ultimately all three are added to Wrasp’s crew.

Next the medical applicants.

There are four potential medical applicants and Rachel Starrunner introduces each individually.

The first medic is a nervous Gran who twitches nervously and trips his way into the bay (in spite of the fact that there is no hindrance from the door).

He looks down when he gets in front of the player characters.

“I’m Gutag Sheeps. New medical recruit. My rebel trainers called me ‘Thumbs?’ I don’t think that’s necessary. Everyone has two thumbs. Right? Besides, I attended and graduated from medical school at Capra University before volunteering to join the rebellion.”

His interview doesn’t go well and when he’s asked if he’ll “Suck out the wound!” Sheeps balks at the notion and mumbles something about there being a tool for that. He’s quickly dismissed.

The second medical recruit is an Arkanian dressed in a white surgery gown and is consulting a datapad as he enters. He wraps up his notes and introduces himself, “I’m Dr Var but for all of the obvious reasons, you may call me ‘Prime.’”

Prime then recommends a custom respirator cybernetics upgrade for Wrasp. It quickly becomes obvious that Dr Var is eager about cybernetics. When asked about lightsaber wounds, Var indicates that he’d be able to easily install a cybernetic upgrade.

During the “stunned patient” test (Yes the PC’s shoot and stun someone to see how the medics react) Var is insulted that he’s been asked to deal with such a menial medical issue.

Var is up for serious consideration.

The third applicant is a tall blond human female with dark brown eyes. (She’s just as tall as Slider).

She walks easily into the room and smiles easily and pleasantly as the stops before the interviewers.

“I’m Iassin Seevins, and I just graduated from the Theed medical school from Naboo. When I heard about this opportunity to serve as a medic for your team, I just got so excited. I’d love the opportunity to travel about the galaxy and meet new people and see interesting new things!”

When asked if she would “Suck out the wound” Seevins response is “Why does everyone ask me to do that?!?”

When questioned about dealing with lightsaber wounds, Seevins answers that those weapons are very rare and that she doesn’t anticipate having to deal with then. And then the PC’s all ignite their lightsabers.

Lastly, when confronted by a stunned patient, she gets agitated and shocked at someone being shot. She talks her way through but ultimately revives the stunned patient.

The last medical applicant is also a human female, but is a contrast to the new recruit. She is short, with reddish brown hair and has greying hair creeping in at her temples and has crows feet.

She struggles her way into the bay, wearing a backpack and lugging a heavy duffel bag. She also has a blaster rifle strapped to the side of the backpack. She drops the duffel bag on the floor and squares herself to Wrasp.

“Commander Pooga. I understand that you need a combat medic. I’m Amolle Vulpine. Call me Fox.”

“When do we leave?”

The team asks Fox about her medical background and she admits that in her youth, Fox started her anatomical training focused on how to make the body to stop working. But she’s getting a bit slower and can’t stay in the ‘teams’ in her old age. In order to stay as close to the action as possible, she took some medical training, learning how to sew, and patch people up to get ready for this.

Slider realizes that Volpine is the identity of a Naboo Expeditionary Security Forces operative, and lets Wrasp and Break Out in on that salient detail.

Yes, Fox admits that she has additional training outside of medicine that might be useful to the team.

When asked, Fox does have minimal gunnery training, but no experience. For her starships were simply ways for her to get from where she was to where she needed to be.

When asked if she would “suck the wound” Fox replies, “Nothing’s stopped me in the past.”

When asked about lightsaber wounds, Fox indicates that she’d patch the stump and grab the limb so that it could be reattached later.

For the ‘stunned patient’ drill, Fox enters the bay with her weapon at the ready and she scans the environment for a threat before tending to the patient.

The crew signs Fox up to join the team.

Wrasp has the four new recruits assigned to his team and invites them to get their gear transferred to the ship as they intend to leave soon.

There is a brief discussion about heading out to Geonosis but Slider asks if they could reroute to his home world of Bothawui due to the fact that Slider’s father has been murdered!

Well okay!

The team plans to check out that murder and then head on to Geonosis since both systems are relatively close to each other.

The trip from the rebel base on Kirdo III to Bothawui takes seven days with the team arriving on Twosday CD 8-06.

In preparation for their arrival to Bothawui, they select a new transponder identity for the Starbound Wayfinder and fly in under the identity of the Vigilant.

For landing instructions, Josus instructs the ground control that they are there under the sponsorship of Cadrec Nitheli (who is actually Josus sponsor).

The Vigilant is directed into the primary starport and lands without incident.

A corrogated box delivery truck arrives to greet the away party.

It’s clearly a cargo delivery truck and Josus, Wrasp, and Break Out are invited to take a seat in the rear of the transport.

They are delivered to the back entrance of a restaurant and are led to Cadrec’s on site office.

Cadrec offers to feed his guests a fresh meal (meanwhile just a couple of rooms down, a Bantha is being slaughtered. Very fresh indeed).

Cadrec asks Josus about the Yag’Dhul investigation in regards to the rumors of the Empire building a new Death Star and Josus reports that his team both confirmed the participation and tracked down a construction facility in Nkllon that was ultimately destroyed.

Nitheli’s contacts indicate that construction still may be ongoing. They’ll need to see if they can find new information or contacts.

But Josus is actually here due to the recent death of his father.

Nitheli confirms Jobai’s death and reports that Josus’ mother, Mari has moved into the home of Jobai’s brother and has married Josus uncle Morac!

Morac is also closely affiliated with the pro Empire factions on Bothawui. Additionally, during the past several months, the openly pro Rebel Alliance Bothans have been disappearing. As of now, the only members on the Bothawui Counsel are those who are in favor of the Empire as the other dissenting Counsel members have all mysteriously vanished!

Per Cadrec Nitheli’s sources, it appears that Josus’ father, Jobai was poisoned.

Next, Josus decides to visit his Uncle and Mother with Wrasp and Break Out accompanying their friend.

Morac, is defiant to the death of Josus’ father and resistant to Josus’ attempt to speak with his mother alone, “as the two have nothing to hide from the other.”

Eventually Morac relents and Josus and his mother retire to her bedroom. Meanwhile, Wrasp and Break Out are left to cool their heels in the ‘Blue Room.’

The conversation isn’t too productive. Mari is unconcerned about her late husband’s death and she encourages her son to abandon the Rebel Alliance as the Rebels are doomed to failure! Morac has it on good authority that the Empire has a new Death Star under construction.

Josus and his mother part ways on less than pleasant terms, but Josus updates Wrasp and Break Out with what he’s learned about the current situation on Bothawui.

Wrasp, upon learning that pro-Rebel individuals are disappearing on Bothawui, calls Aliz and informs her that all of the crew of the Vigilant need to stay aboard the ship.

Aliz is happy to convey that message to the crew, but the new medic is already off of the ship! Aliz did warn the woman that Wrasp would be unpleased with the unauthorized leave, but would the woman listen? No!

Wrasp comms over to Fox and learns that she is “hanging out with some old friends.”

No it’s not ‘safe’ to talk on a comms, but Fox can break away and meet up with the Captain later that evening and they plan on meeting in a couple of hours. Ultimately Wrasp asks Fox to see if she can learn anything from her friends about the construction of a new Death Star. She asks for and receives 100,000 credits to bankroll her operations.

Later that evening, under cover of darkness, Josus and his team borrow a stealth air car from his Sponsor (Cadrec Nitheli) so that they can approach the abandoned homestead unobserved.

Slider is easily able to get into his old home and restore the power generators. They team keep the lights off, but make their way into Jobai’s study.

The room has been emptied of the normal trappings of life (data terminals, desks, etc) but Josus is able to find a secret stairway that leads into a secret room below the house.

Better, Josus palm allows him into the room. The room contains a holo emitter that comes to ‘life’ with an image of Josus father Jobai!

While Josus collects the data stash left by his father, Break Out and Wrasp stay in the above floor office covering Josus’ back.

And it’s a good thing that they do!

Someone tries to sneak into the darkened room, but Break Out shoots the intruder in the back stunning them into submission!

Wrasp and Break Out prepare themselves for further combatants but no one else dares intrude!

Once Josus finishes his data transfer, the three check out the house and determine that no one else is present.

They grab the intruder, a female Bothan that Josus recognizes, It’s Mako Talhem, a childhood friend.

They grab her, stuff her in the trunk and return the stealth aircar to Josus’ patron.

Back at Cadrec Nitheli’s home, Mako is sedated for good measure to ensure that she remains unconscious for the remainder of the evening.

The group then return to the Vigilant for the rest of the evening and to prepare for another day of adventure on Threesday CD 8-07.

Log 20210426

GM’s Note: The player running Boomer has to go on hiatus (and has been absent for about a month). We as a group decided to ‘retcon’ Boomer’s illness as being more severe and she is actually on Kirdo III until the player can recover. (And no the ‘player’ is in good health. There are other aspects of life that are interfering with weekly participation).

Very late evening CD 8-07 (or terribly early morning on CD 8-08) . . .

The crew return to the Vigilant with Mako.

They take the unconscious Bothan to one of the guest rooms and Josus (Slider) attempts to counter the sedatives that were administered to her to awaken Mako.

But his treatment doesn’t seem to help the situation.

They then ask the new medic, Fox, to try to revive Mako, but Josus has made the situation worse. Fox recommends that they tie Mako down and check back in about four hours.

Four hours later Mako awakens and she is not happy to be tied down.

After rebuffing Mako’s complaints that she’s been tied down, Josus demands to know what Mako was doing at “My father’s home!”

She retorts that the home is no longer Jobia’s and it now belongs to Morac (the uncle). She also points out that Josus was entirely predictable.

Frustrated, Josus asks Wrasp to intercede by using the force.

While Wrasp can ‘force’ Mako to answer the questions he doesn’t change her attitude. “Josus, you’re still predictable!”

The two get into a quarrel and Mako is upset that Josus had left for so long and hadn’t bothered to contact her for several years!

Josus redirects the questions back onto his line of thought and asks about his father’s death.

Mako doesn’t know much about the death, but as quickly as Morac (Josus’ uncle) and Mari (Josus’ mother) got together after Jobai’s death the timing looks very suspicious.

Mako’s father (Dorusk Talhem) also transitioned very quickly and easily once Morac absorbed his late brothers intel networks and holdings.

This report from Mako is disturbing at the level in that Mari is aware of Josus’ status as a double agent working for the Rebel Alliance while Morac seems firmly entrenched in the pro Empire faction!

The group decide to hold Mako as a captive in case they need more information.

Wrasp, Josus, and Break Out decide to stake out the Laorl palace to come up with a plan to infiltrate the palace.

This involves a day of hiking and checking out the surrounding forests.

During the day, the trio remain undetected, but find out that the forest has a combination of motion sensors and cameras (all avoided).

The team also monitors the periodic patrols and learn that the security teams lazily follow a fixed route at random times.

There is no ground route to access the palace and several shuttles are seen flying to and from the palace.

Armed with new information the team returns to question Mako but they discover that she has broken her restrains and then snuck off of the Vigilant!

Break Out checks the security camera logs and confirms that Mako tore her restrains lose and then snuck off of the Vigilant while the team was exploring the palace defenses.

Fox also returns and reports her findings from her investigation. The Bothans seem to understand that the Empire is creating another Death Star but don’t have any more details.

More interestingly, Fox was approached with the contract to kill Josus at a dinner party scheduled for two nights following on Fivesday evening at the Laorl palace. And Josus still hasn’t received an invitation!

One uneventful night later, the trio start their Foursday.

Aliz is having issues trying to get a cargo for Geonosis because it’s such and insular world with no regular trade. Even Break Out is at a loss, with his experience. Geonosis is just a black hole of information.

Wrasp suggests that Aliz and the crew focus on picking up a cargo that they could drop off in Hutt space. It should be easy to make a profit there and that should be a sufficient cover story.

Josus then receives a bounty on himself to contact his mother with a not so subtle hint that he should show up on Fivesday evening for a formal dinner.

The team set up a follow up meeting with Josus sponsor and they are transported to a fish processing plant, where Cadrec Nitheli is ensuring that his workers are cleaning the latest batch of tuna for processing properly.

Nitheli is brought up to speed on the latest news and the assassination attempt that will likely be attempted the following evening. The team discusses how to infiltrate the palace and concoct a plan involving smuggling Wrasp and Break Out into the palace via one of Nitheli’s catering operations.

Great plan, but Nitheli hasn’t been contracted to do any of the catering! Perhaps Josus could visit mom and pull some strings?

Off to the Laorl palace for a familial visit with Mari (Josus’ mother).

There are some minor delays as Josus isn’t “expected” but after a couple of minutes, the crew are directed to land out front of the facility as a guest.

They are met by Dorusk Talhem (Mako’s father) who greets the trio cautiously. Mari is expecting Josus to meet with him in her quarters where she is busy planning an event.

Dorusk offers to have Josus ‘friends’ taken back to the blue room. Wrasp and Break Out are escorted to the Blue Room by two Weequay guards. Using the force, Wrasp initiates a brawl between the Weequay, buy making the two think that they are insulting each other. Suitably distracted, the Kel Dor and Duros sneak off to try to find the server room.

Meanwhile Josus meets up with Mari, his mother. She has a full staff of people working feverishly to prepare for a dinner the following evening. Josus learns that he is to be the guest of honor for the meal and using that as an opportunity, he recommends a caterer for his preferred meal (and yes it’s one of Nitheli’s companies).

With that arrangement cemented, and with Mari’s invitation, Josus is taken to the kitchens for a nerf burger (Bothan style).

Wrasp and Break Out grab some Laorl livery and pose as computer workers. They are able to locate the computer room, now guarded by a sole Weequay.

After bluffing their way into the server room, the two attack the Weequay guard with stun set blasters, but through an unfortunate mishap, instead of the guard falling to the ground, the guard bumps his head on a hard corner and dies messily.

With the guard taken care of, the two attempt to access the computer systems and gain access to some data. They download basic contact information for Marac’s clients and associates. But there is way too much data for them to get out. But they should be able to acquire sufficient resources by the following evening when they plan on returning.

The two make their way back to the blue room and applaud the two Weequay for their skill and endurance. Pleasantly impressed, the Weequay invite their two charges for some drinks. The guards take Wrasp and Break Out down to the kitchens for a stout pint.

The three PC’s catch up with each other in the kitchen. Now fed and reunited, the three head back to their air car and head back to the Vigilant.

On the trip home, Break Out notices that they are being tailed by a drone. He takes his air car into evasive maneuvers through the trees and is able to loose the droid trailing him.

With no one (and nothing) following, the team safely return to the Vigilant toward the end of the day on Foursday.

As the crew settle in for the night, Fox sits Josus down and lets him know how she’s planning on killing him the next evening.

The crew walk through their plan.

Wrasp and Break Out will sneak into the palace as catering staff with the aid of Goldie. Once they deliver the food to the kitchen, they’ll break off and head to the server room to slice the systems and to start a data transfer to a system under the control of Cadrec Nitheli. The transfer time is estimated to take an hour (or so).

Meanwhile, Josus will show up as the guest of honor for the next evening’s dinner. The arrangements have been made that Fox will be seated next to Josus. She’s supposed to poison his drink. Because Fox is also a medic, she will ‘tend’ to his poisoning.

Fox has made arrangements for Josus’ body to be extracted (ultimately via a catering vehicle) and back to the Vigilant.

Wrasp and Break Out (with Goldie) will ex-fill in the same manner in which they arrived.

Ready with a plan, the crew head off to sleep ready for a busy Fivesday on CD 8-09.

Log 20210503

Josus is having trouble sleeping.

The past couple of hours with Amolle Volpine (Fox) the new medic didn’t help! She’s planning to kill Slider at a dinner in his honor the next evening. And that dinner is hosted by his murderous uncle.

So Slider is tossing and turning during the evening while the rest of the crew sleeps.

At about oh dark thirty, Slider hears the hatch across the hall from his slide open followed almost immediately by the hatch to the bridge.

Normally not something to take note at, but he’s not getting much sleep.

However, seconds later, the collision alarm goes off and Celeste’s voice comes over the overhead speakers, reporting that the ship has been boarded and there are intruders in the Engineering Bay!

What a way to kick off this Threesday.

Josus grabs his weapons and turns to Break Out to find that his Duros roommate isn’t rousing himself from sleep.

Josus turns and opens the hatch to his quarters and Celeste sprints back into her quarters.

“How do you know we have boarders?” Josus demands, but Celeste ignores his question as she arms herself with her blaster pistol.

But as if to punctuate Celeste’s announcement, the sound of blaster fire reverberates from the aft of the ship.

Amolle Volpine (Fox), Celeste’s roommate, comes out into the hallway, armed with her blaster carbine and racing toward the battle. Like Celeste, she is also only wearing her skivvies.

Down the hall, Pa Pooga (Wrasp) emerges from his room, similarly attired, and armed with his lightsaber and his favored disintegrator pistol.

Wrasp then Fox form up the vanguard as the two proceed down the hall toward the Galley.

Devo joins the two as the third combatant and Aliz kisses him on the cheek, cautioning him to “not be too brave.”

Josus makes one more attempt to verbally encourage Unsien (Break Out) to rouse himself from sleep and the Duros begins to emerge from his bedding.

This puts Josus at the back of the advancing line, right behind the two new gunnery crew; Xargub the Sullustian and Anvo the Iktotchi. Both are armed with their standard issue BlasTech DL-44 pistols.

As Wrasp and Fox enter the Galley so do the intruders!

The attackers are well armed Weequay wearing custom combat armor and are armed with matching blaster carbines. This advanced team is comprised of four fighters and the four open up and blast at Wrasp and Fox!

Wrasp is hit a couple of times and he dives to his right to take cover behind the kitchen prep table while Fox dives to her left to take shelter from the enemy with one of the dining tables.

Wrasp returns fire and disintegrates one enemy while Fox downs the other lead enemy with her blaster carbine.

Josus, the the back, bellows for the teammates in front of him to “Get down!” and most of them are cowering without any cover anyways as the Weequay try to shoot at them like fish in a barrel! Josus tosses one of his flash bang grenades hoping to drop it at the feet of the attackers, but instead, the grenade lands in the middle of the galley.

When it goes off, the blast disorients and stuns everyone in the galley, plus Devo (just outside his hatch) and the two remaining Weequay assailants.

It also deafens most of the crew.

Meanwhile more Weequay take up defensive positions in the Engineering Bay to attack the crew from medium range, while the two stunned attackers retreat to the relative safety in the aft of the ship.

Still dazed, Wrasp advances and takes up a position just outside of the hatch leading to the guest rooms and further back, the Engineering sections.

Shots are exchanged and two more Weequay are downed in the engineering section, but fortunately none of the other crew are injured.

The Weequay attackers then begin to call for a truce to confer!

It takes a bit to enforce as the crew of the Vigilant are deafened.

But one of the Weequay produces the incapacitated body of Mash Biliggass (aka: “Magnum”) and demands to know if the crew want to lose their companion in a most permanent way!

Wrasp uses the force on the Weequay holding Magnum hostage and influences the Weequay to advance and give up Mash.

The Weequay advances but doesn’t give up the hostage so easily. The two begin negotiations.

The Weequay is willing to concede the battle, but wants to withdraw his downed crew. The Weequay is also upset that Wrasp used a disintegrator weapon to kill one of his team!

Wrasp objects to the attack on his crew and accuses the Weequay of being a band of assassins!

The Weequay clarifies that he’s actually a mercenary and this type of job doesn’t necessary define his men as assassins (per se).

Wrasp is not amused, but the Weequay clarifies that their job was to actually kill the Bothan on board. The rest of the crew were simply collateral damage.

Wrasp asks if the Weequays were hired out by Josus’ uncle Morac, but the Mercenary “Can’t say” due to professional considerations. After all, he and his team are “professionals.”

Sure the mercenaries are going to lose their bonus for not killing Josus, but Mercenaries aren’t paid to die. The team just wasn’t expecting quite this much resistance.

Wrasp and the mercenaries wrap up their negotiations and the Weequay depart the ship with their wounded.

With the threat neutralized, Fox begins tending to Wrasp’s wounds.

Slider is miffed that anyone got onto the ship unannounced and demands that the repair team affect immediate repairs! Celeste asks Devo to assist her in the repairs and they determine, (quickly and easily) that the top hatch in the Engineering bay was cut open by the invading mercenaries. The two quickly set about repairing the hatch while Slider demands that they fix this so that it “never happens again!”

After wrapping up Wrasp, Fox tends to Magnum and gives him a positive (if but lengthy) prognosis for recovery.

With the excitement over, most of the crew return to get some sleep.

Understandably most of the crew awaken late that morning.

Wrasp and Break Out head off to meet with the Caterers, while Josus plans to head to the family home later that afternoon. Fox, and Josus will arrive to the party separately.

Except for the mid evening interruption, everything seems to be proceeding as planned.

Wrasp and Break Out get to the Laorl palace with the catering crew, aided by Goldie. The three make their way to the server room and find that it is now guarded by two Weequay guards and they are up armed with eerily similar combat armor.

Wrasp begins negotiations to bribe the two guards and they (with some help from the Force) entertain Wrasps’ offer.

One of the guards accepts a payment of $50,000 but when his companion objects that the payment is “too low” the first Weequay shoots and kills his companion!

After payment is confirmed, the Weequay admits Wrasp and Break Out and disappears to “take a break.” A retirement long break at that.

Break Out, with the help of Goldie, set to work on slicing past the security measures to access the server and the Duros succeeds. He initiates the data transfer with an expected upload time of one hour.

Josus arrives and is greeted by his former girlfriend’s father Dorusk Talhem (and one of the uncle Morac’s advisors).

Dorusk expresses his surprise at Josus’ arrival, but Josus points out that he is indeed the ‘guest of honor’ for this evening’s dinner.

Dorusk has a request from Mari, Josus’ mother. She would like to speak with her son in private before dinner.

On the way to (and from) Mari’s quarters Dorusk remains eerily silent and is largely unable to make eye contact with Josus.

Mari chides her son for returning as he did. She too is surprised to see that Josus survived his assassination attempt, but Mari indicates that she had nothing to do with that attack.

Mari encourages Josus to abandon the Rebel Alliance as the Alliance chances are doomed! The Empire is building the Death Star II and according to sources, the Empire is approaching completion of the project soon!

Neither she nor Morac have any other details, but their Imperial compatriots are convincing. It would appear that the defeat of the Rebel Alliance is inevitable!

Josus is not able to determine definitively if his mother had anything to do with Jobai’s death, but she is now convinced that it was safest to abandon her hopes in the rebellion. The Empire’s conquest of Bothawui space was total and complete. None of the opposition forces were able to escape or withstand the attack and the Empire is employing weapons and technology that are clearly unavailable to anyone else in the galaxy!

Mother and son are unable to convince the other and it soon becomes time for the dinner feast.

Morac has assembled a small group to celebrate his son-in-law’s return including four of the current council members.

Morac welcomes his guests and introduces his ‘beloved’ son-in-law in whom this feast is in honor of.

They begin with a light appetizer and the entertainment is a small Mon Cal water ballet troupe performing a “Zero G” dance in a suspended bubble of water.

As the main course is being served, there is an interruption and someone forcibly and angrily gains entry to the party.

The party is interrupted by Varsk Talhem, Mako’s brother! Varsk fights past the servants and staff and gains entry.

He is there to accuse Josus of crimes against his sister, including attacking (Battery with a weapon), kidnapping, drugging, and then violating his sister’s virtue!

Josus denies the accusation demanding any semblance of credibility or a scrap of evidence.

Vorsk lays out the various crimes against Mako’s person that Slider is being accused of. And sadly Vorsk is correct about everything (except for the crime of forcing himself upon Mako. That was just added to make the series of crimes more salacious)!

Vorsk accuses Josus of being a flight risk and Vorsk is unsatisfied with ‘modern justice.’

Vorsk demands that he be permitted a duel with Josus! With swords no less!

Josus: Inner Monologue “Oh for frick’s sake! This duel is the last thing I need now. I’m about to be murdered after all!”

Morac (Josus’ uncle) feigns disdain and shock at the barbaric and archaic tradition. He certainly couldn’t condone such behavior in his house. Not without the consent of both parties and perhaps not without the blessing of the Bothan Counsel?

The four counsel members confer for a couple of moments but it’s painfully obvious that one of the members of the Counsel is eager to see a blood duel. In the end the Counsel members assent their approval for this duel, based on the extenuating circumstances surrounding the accusation and the accused.

Vorsk, with the tacit approval, demands justice in the form of the duel!

Josus, relents and agrees to the duel but only after dinner!

Vorsk refuses to leave the room, and voices his opinion that Josus is likely to try to slip out of the palace in order to avoid justice!

Midway through dinner, Josus begins to feel the affects of the poison that Fox told him to expect.

Fox politely reminds Josus to “relax and feign death.”

Unfortunately, that becomes easier than expected as Josus falls unconscious.

As he fades out, Josus hears Fox proclaim that something seems wrong with Josus, but not to worry because she’s a doctor.

And then she excitedly proclaims that Josus has been stabbed!

Back in the server room, Wrasp and Break Out are finding the wait tedious. They’re getting toward the end of their hour.

But one of the caterers (who smuggled the two into the palace) comes rushing in! Security is getting ready to lock down the palace and the constabulary have been sent for! Someone has poisoned and stabbed Josus!

But the group needs to leave! Now!

Wrasp and Break Out aren’t quite ready to exfil the situation. They wait as long as possible to confirm the completion of the data transfer.

Once that is done, Wrasp leads Goldie out of the server room while Break Out arms and places four data purge grenades, designed to take out as many of the servers as possible!

His placement is amazing and not only does Break Out take out all of the data, but he also shuts down the power to the palace!

The ensuing confusion helps the various parties escape.

Wrasp and Break Out (with Goldie) are returned to Cadrec Nitheli. Nitheli confirms that they have received the data and he has his best teams working to sift through all of the data.

Wrasp requests a copy of the data and Nitheli replies that this request, while possible, will take some time. In short, Nitheli’s teams will need to construct 15 similar servers in order to transport all of the data to Wrasp. But Nitheli also promises to deliver Wrasp some food the following morning!

Fox arrives at the warehouse with Josus’ body in a body bag (per plan). But Josus is still unconscious and there’s a lot of blood loss! (not according to plan)!

Fox grabs the body and takes Josus back to the Vigilant so that she can begin treating Josus to try to save him.

Wrasp and Break Out return to the Vigilant and their first order of business is to check on Slider to see if Josus will survive!

Fox indicates that there were “complications” but she thinks that she might be able to revive Josus. But his recovery is going to take a couple of days.

Feeling pretty good about the outcome from the mission, the crew head off to sleep.

Foursday CD 8-08 begins quietly.

Ghost reports that a delivery truck is approaching the ship and Wrasp and Break Out eagerly head out to pick up the delivery.

The driver has the crew sign for a crate of cod (on ice).

Eagerly, Wrasp has his load masters take the crate onto the ship and Break Out sorts through the ice and fish looking for computer components. But it turns out that the crate of cod is just a crate of cod.

Meanwhile, Aliz approaches Pa Pooga (Wrasp) and lets him know that she has found an opportunity cargo to ship to Hutt space. Someone has approached Aliz and wants to sell her stolen art for the princely sum of $400,000.

Aliz doesn’t have any experience with this type of cargo and wants to know if the Captain want’s to pursue this opportunity.

Pooga contacts Nitheli and asks some intelligent questions. Nitheli has a cousin who knows a thing or two about art, but he’s not familiar with the seller (Coth Kenani). Nitheli recommends that Pooga proceed with caution.

Nitheli sends Ok Nasosa (a “cousin”) to Pooga to check out the art.

Pooga and Nitheli discuss the delivery of the data and Nitheli indicates that project will take a couple fo weeks to complete. However, his team is focusing on the ‘Death Star II’ project and if they find anything soon, Nitheli will contact Pooga.

Aliz and Ok Nasosa confirm that the art is as valuable as claimed (and is stolen). Pooga proceeds with the deal but through aggressive negotiations, picks up the art for just $375,000.

Nitheli contacts Pooga and reveals that he found something new.

Morac received a message from Sullust that one of his agents had sensitive data regarding the Death Star II project. In response, Morac sent the ship Wandering Karn to Sullust to make direct contact with the agent Rim Noholo regarding “Telestial Mote” two days ago. Nitheli’s research indicates that the Wandering Karn is equipped with an HC 2 hyperdrive and the expected travel time is ten days. After a bit of research, Break Out determines that with their HC 1 hyperdrive the trip to Sullust should take no more than five days.

ETA for the Wandering Karn is CD 8-16!

If the the Vigilant departs the next day (CD 8-09) they should be able to get to Sullust before the Karn.

The team takes off and Break Out is able to shave some time off the trip and the crew arrive on CD 8-13. Three days before the expected arrival of the Wandering Karn. Josus regains consciousness two days later (while en-route to Sullust).

Josus’ vision is blurred, his throat is parched, and he’s too weak to move.

After crying out for help, Mash Biliggass (Magnum) responds to Josus’ cries for help. Josus asks for water and Magnum reluctantly gets a glass for Slider before racing off to get Fox.

Fox is pleasantly surprised that Josus is awake already and Wrasp and Break Out join Fox to welcome their teammate.

Luckily Josus survived his ordeal. Fox had some issues with Josus being poisoned. Varsk stabbed Josus after he fell unconscious and had poison applied to his sword blade. Fortunately, Fox was able to identify the poison and apply an antidote.

Yes, they pulled off the data transfer and they will eventually get a copy.

Wrasp explains the side trip to Sullust and assures Josus that they will return to Bothawui so that Josus can seek out his vengeance.

One minor issue though. Josus is legally dead now. So he can’t use his IPCK credentials.

Arrival to Sullust

The crew change their transponder to the identity Falcon’s Crest for use while visiting Sullust.

Break Out (left seat) and Wrasp (right seat) pilot the Falcon’s Crest to the Sullustian capital Pinyumb through the noxious volcanic clouds that blanket Sullust.

The starport for Pinyumb (and the other starports on Sullust) are accessed via massive locks and once the Falcon’s Crest settles onto the landing pad the crew notice a Sullustian ground crewman approach the ship accompanied by an Imperial Naval officer and two Stormtroopers.

Wrasp eventually uses the force to convince the Imperials that his ship (filled with Rebel Alliance fighters and stolen artwork) is actually empty.

The remaining Sullustian, is confused by the departure of the Imperial agents but he’s there to see if the crew need any routine or maintenance services. Wrasp authorizes a payment of $2,000 credits for topping off of consumables and they ask the local rep where they might be able to find off worlders.

The Sullustian directs them to check out the Vectress, the designated offworlder entertainment establishment.

Celeste asks the Captain how many days they intend to stay at Sullust as she would like to do some PMCS (Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services). Wrasp gives Celeste three days to work on the engines. She indicates that she could take care of four of them in that time.

Off they go to the Vectress.

Wrasp is on the lookout for any Bothans, especially lone Bothans as they are seated.

An Aqualish takes objection to Wrasp and shoves the Kel-Dor as he starts an aggressive altercation!

Wrasp is taken aback and is confused. One of the Aqualish’s crew steps in to try to translate and the best Wrasp can figure out is that the Aqualish is concerned about a bounty on his head. Playing on that fear, Wrasp tells the other crew that he thought he saw a constable headed this way.

The trio order drinks and Wrasp is dissuaded by the server from getting the “local drink” because it’s made from mushrooms!

After relaxing a bit, Wrasp notices that there aren’t any Bothans in the joint and asks one of the servers where one might go about locating Bothans on Sullust. The server recommends that they check the Bothan Embassy and they can get there via a taxi.

A quick trip and deeper into the stone catacombs and caverns of Pinjumb, the group arrive at the Bothan Embassy.

The attendant believes that they can get into contact with and relay a message to Rim Noholo.

Wrasp wants to be contacted fast!

How fast? The Bothan emissary asks.

$5,000 credits fast!

The crew return to the Falcon’s Crest to await contact.

Log 20210519

It’s getting later on Twosday on CD 8-13 as Pa Pooga, Unsien Mos, and Josus Laorl (aka: Cri Sandesu now that Josus is “dead”) when the trio depart from the Bothan Embassy on Sullust.

They hail a cab but when they ask to be taken to the Starport the driver blanches. Apparently there’s something snarling up traffic going to the Starport.

The driver gets on his radio with his dispatcher and he reports that the Empire has set up road blocks and they’re looking for a Bothan.

Are the three passengers sure that they want to go to the Starport right now?

There is a quick discussion and Unsien is certain that he can conceal their Bothan friend . . . as long as they don’t encounter more than six Stormtroopers.

The Cab Driver shrugs at the absurdity and asks for the fare up front. He’s concerned that he won’t get paid if his fares are arrested at the Starport.

Fair enough.

But the force trick works and they are returned to their ship in due time.

Celeste has most of the crew helping her disassemble the engines on the Falcon’s Crest. They have one engine removed from the frame of the C-ROC and this was not what Pa Pooga was expecting!

He asks Celeste about the disassembled shape of his ship and she confirms that she was given three days to perform the PMCS (Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services) on the engines. Was he wrong when he spoke earlier? No? Okay.

Celeste also needs to cut out later this evening and find a Sabaac game.

Josus admonishes Celeste to “not get caught cheating” (again) or he won’t be bailing her out!

Pa, Josus, and Unsien consider their options. They’re effectively waiting for Rim Noholo to reach out and contact them and the three just don’t want to sit around and do nothing.

The three decide to go and do some shopping. Specifically for upgraded weapons and armor. Wrasp informs Aliz to keep an eye out for someone approaching the ship and to send him a comm message when they arrive.

They are able to find a vendor who has a stock of armor for off worlders but he still has limited availability.

Wrasp is able to pick up some heavy combat armor and and Unsien is able to purchase a slight upgrade. Unfortunately Josus already has the best armor available from this vendor.

However, Josus is able to purchase a pair of blaster pistols to replace the two he lost at his uncle’s home, the day he was “killed.” They’re a pair of DL-44 Heavy Blasters and the shop vendor lets the three know that this model is popular among his clients.

As the trio wrap up these purchases, Wrasp gets the expected call from Aliz. A mysterious stranger has indeed approached the ship!

Wrasp orders Aliz to escort him up into the galley of the ship and to get them a Kaff. And to offer them a drink! Aliz eagerly confirms her instructions and signs off.

The trip back to the starport is still delayed as the Imperials are still searching every vehicle, but Unsien’s force trick is able to keep Josus from being discovered.

When Pa approaches his ship, the crew continues to diligently disassemble the drive systems and Aliz approaches Pa.

Pa Pooga asks how their Bothan guest is faring and Aliz looks confused, “Bothan? No. The Mysterious Stranger is a human woman.”

“Oh, Light!” Wrasp exclaims, “Who have I let onto my ship?”

Aliz points out that Wrasp asked her to take the ‘mysterious stranger’ into the ship. He never mentioned a Bothan!

Pa finds their guest and discovers that Aliz retrieved one of the strongest drinks from his bar and the woman waiting for them has drunk perhaps up to half of the bottle. Fortunately she is being attended by Cop.

However the woman is indeed very drunk. She introduces herself as Erla San from Anoat and it turns out that she is working with Rim Noholo.

Since the Empire is rousting all Bothans, Rim sent Erla to check out the inquiry. After a quick exchange, Erla gets the code word that she’s been sent to retrieve “Telestial Mote” and in a drunken stupor calls Rim Noholo to share the report that these are the people he is waiting for. And then she passes out.

Rim is upset when Pa Pooga reports that she’s drunk and he accuses Wrasp of drugging his agent!

Pa Pooga does his best to reassure Rim that they are taking good care of Erla San and shows the Bothan the half emptied bottle of strong liquor.

They exchange the password “Telestial Mote” and inform Rim that they were sent from Bothawui by Morak.

Rim then transmits them an address and invites the team to come find him. He needs to meet in person to discuss his latest intel.

Another taxi ride into the central caverns of Sullust, the trio are deposited next to a low rent complex.

This driver is highly familiar with the location that the party is visiting and Wrasp gets suspicious.

The driver explains that he’s very familiar with this location because he visits here regularly. And Wrasp gave him the address so that he could deliver the PC’s to this location. (Calm down Wrasp).

True to his word, the cabbie has given his customers the correct directions to Rim Noholo’s apartment. To conceal his identity, Josus has grabbed a blanket and is using it as a hood/cape.

However when Rim Noholo opens the hatch to the apartment he immediately recognizes Josus and welcomes him into the apartment.

Rim is eager to meet with Morak’s ‘son’ as he has important news.

Josus tries to take objection to being referred to as Morak’s “son” but both Wrasp and Break Out, recognizing the rising ire in their friend interrupt him from accosting Rim about his ancestry.

Wrasp coaches Josus to mollify his approach and to coax the intel out of Rim Noholo.

Rim is eager to get his intel to Josus as he believes Josus to be a strident advocate of the Empire and a faithful agent of Morak.

Noholo eagerly reports:

  • Rumors of the construction of Death Star II are confirmed! His contacts report the location code named “End Door?”
  • Noholo’s contact has details along with defense measures to protect the Death Star II (which is rumored to be four times larger than the previous one).
  • Cuth Vennev is Noholo’s contact and is also operation with the code name “Telestial Mote.”
  • Cuth Vennev has requested an in person meeting as he has data that can’t be transmitted.
  • Defeat of the Rebel Alliance is inevitable!

Noholo then hands a communicator to Josus. It’s a burner with one pre-programmed number. Cuth Vennev is operating in Koewhals (the capital) on Kinyen. Once they get to Kinyen, they should be able to contact Vennev with the burner comm.

The four discuss Rim’s plans. He would like an extraction but has no desire to go anywhere near Kinyen.

Wrasp assures Rim that he can safely do both.

Rim has a go bag ready and he grabs that and the group depart.

Minor issue while they wait for a cab to pick them up. Their force power can only mask one person and now they have two Bothans to smuggle back to the spaceport . . .

They decide to smuggle Rim in the trunk of the cab.

Again they get to the starport past the Imperial inspectors.

They settle Rim Noholo into a guest quarters and once Erla San recovers from her inebriation, she is sent on her way.

Two days later, after Celeste wraps up her repairs, the crew departs Sullust and makes a course to Kirdo III.

While Rim Noholo is given free rein of the upper deck, he isn’t told where they are going.

Noholo is quite surprised once he realizes that Wrasp and Slider have delivered him to the Rebel Alliance. The Bothan is delivered to the polite hands of Alliance Intelligence.

They have a quick conference with Rachel Starrunner to discuss what the team has learned about the Death Star II and the hot lead that they have to get more details.

Rachel encourages the team to head over to Kinyen and to extract the data.

Pa Pooga is leery to return to Kinyen in his prize Gozanti C-ROC so soon after his team pirated the Action IV from Kinyen.

Pooga evaluates the team assets and decides to use the YT-2000 Flair Rider. It’s a smaller ship so Pooga needs to reduce his crew.

The team for this section of the mission is:

  • Wrasp (Pa Pooga) Co-Pilot Captain
  • Break Out (Unsien Moss) Pilot
  • Duster (Celests) Engineer
  • Slider (Josus Laorl)
  • Fox (Amolle Vulpine) Medic
  • Ghost (Cop’ruchi) Sensors/Communications specialst

Ghost injects herself onto the crew, but the rest are hand picked by Wrasp.

This leaves berthing for two passengers as they hope to also extract Cuth Vennev and that leaves room for one other ‘surprise.’

When the reduced team arrives at Kinyen, it’s a good thing that they changed ships and crew! The Empire has three new ships in orbit and a lot more TIE Fighters!

Two of the new ships are the Standard Imperial Class Star Destroyers. And those two new ships seem to be guarding a smaller ship similar to a Vindicator. But it’s a ship that Ghost has never seen before.

However Celeste and Pa Pooga recognize it. It’s something new that they briefly noticed in orbit about Bothawui. Shortly after they visited the system when the Empire took control of the system outright. Oddly the Rebel team was not able to escape the attack and all Alliance assets were lost in that battle. But that was a while back.

Break Out is contacted by the Imperial Navy and given instruction to stand by to be boarded and inspected.

They secret Josus in his quarters with the plan to have Unsien to use his force power to conceal Josus’ presence from the inspectors.

In spite of flying an empty ship, the inspection crew does a pretty thorough job of inspecting the empty ship. The inspecting Ensign is pretty open about his desire to search for smuggling compartments.

Thanks in large part to their ability to conceal Josus, the crew pass their inspection and the team is permitted to continue on their journey to Koewhals, the capital of Kinyen.

Once landed, the ship is approached by a friendly Gran Customs Agent Gix Eij, who processes the team’s berthing fees and helps them secure a cargo of grain. Which will be delivered the following day.

Gix, noticing Josus mentions to the crew that the Empire is rounding up and arresting all of the Bothans so they should probably not have their Bothan crew wander around the city all that much. Just to avoid trouble.

With that business taken care of, Josus grabs the burner communicator that Rim Noholo gave him on Sullust.

It takes a couple of moments before the communicator is answered and the respondent is definitely not Bothan. They also answer with a high pitched squeaky voice.

The respondent is surprised to be receiving a call but carefully and obviously takes the notes that “Cre Sindasu” (Josus current alias) gives him regarding his desire to speak with Cuth Vennev.

Yes the respondent seems to know who Cuth is. After the message is taken down, the respondent informs Cre that he’ll call him back once he has a chance to speak with Cuth.

“Blast this constant waiting!”

At nightfall, “Cree” receives a return call and he’ll be picked up and taken to Cuth Vennev.

A bit later a very tall Talz drives up to the Flair Rider in a flat bed cargo carrier. This Talz is so tall that his head almost brushes up against the bottom hull plating of the Flair Rider The open driving compartment has been modified so that the former two seat vehicle will comfortably seat the single Talz owner. All of the controls are still on the left side of the cab, which their contact uses his left hand to direct the craft.

Based on the voice this is the same person that Josus was speaking to earlier. The Talz introduces himself as Tirvap Gamo.

Gamo invites Josus and his ‘friends’ to hop on the back so that he can take them to their meeting.

The cargo carrier has obviously seen much better days and unsteadily drives off.

The trip is a lengthy one as Gamo drives out of Koewhals and out to one of the farming settlements well away from the city.

The team arrive well into the darkness of night in the unnamed farming village and the tall Talz drives them to a cantina.

But instead of taking them to the front door, Gamo leads them to the back of the building which is not illuminated at all. However Gamo seems to have no problems navigating in the pitch black of night.

After a bit of complaint from Wrasp, Gamo realizes that his charges don’t have his natural night vision and then guides the three to a hatch. Once opened, the hatch provides sufficient light for the PC’s to get their bearings.

The three enter and Gamo walks deeper into the night, not joining the three.

Inside the back of the Cantina, the three find themselves in a room that is adorned and furnished to host back room games of Sabaac. They are greeted by a sole Bothan who quickly identifies himself as Cuth Vennev!

Once again Vennev recognizes Josus!

Ever since Josus had learned the name Cuth Vennev, there seemed to be something familiar or something that he should have remembered. And when Josus finally meets this fellow Bothan, he realizes that Cuth is on a list provide by his sponsor some time ago. A list of Bothans who Josus has been asked to make “disappear.”

Vennev explains that most of his Bothan friends have disappeared as well as the contact who provided him with the data on the Death Star II project. Vennev fears that the Empire has killed them.

Vennev had to flee for his safety but he has secreted the data in a locker located in the Athletics building locker room at the Koewhals University of Agronomy.

Vennev retrieves a folded piece of flimsey with the location of the locker as well as the combination that will open the locker.

Josus informs Vennev that part of their mission was also to extract the fellow Bothan from Kinyen and Wrasp (picking up on the metagaming cues provided) also works to assure Vennev that his team can extract him safely.

Vennev is more concerned with getting the data off world and promises to consider the offer. Vennev also has an effective network in place and wants to stay. He’ll have an answer for them after he has assurance that they have successfully secured the data storage device.

Vennev also clarifies and lets the trio know that the location of the Death Star II is at a system called Endor. It’s such a remote and unknown system that not even Unsien Mos recognizes the name.

Vennev wishes the group luck and opens the back hatch leading into the inky night.

Gamo steps into the light and safely leads the group back to the front of the Cantina and for the long ride back to the Koewhals Starport.

The next morning the shipment of grain arrives at the pad and Celeste begins loading the cargo.

Wrasp and Break Out hail a cab and opt to leave Slider behind (as Bothan’s are highly wanted and not in a good way on Kinyen) but decide to take Fox with them. She opts to bring her medic back pack.

Weapons carried are light as Kinyen frowns on the open carry of weapons.

Wrasp discusses their cover story and they decide to pretend that Unsien Mos is arriving at the University with a scholarship invite to play Gravball for the University.

The cab driver accepts the story and then dives into an in depth discussion relating to Mos’ Ag Sciences major. And this cabbie knows entirely TOO much about Ag Sciences to be a mere cab driver . . .

But he gets the three aliens to the athletics building at the university and bids the Duros good luck with his studies.

The three aren’t stopped by anyone immediately, but notice that they are the only non Gran at this section of the campus.

They find the mens locker room and the locker easily enough. They also notice that the combination lock for this locker isn’t like the other’s locks in the room.

While attempting to put in the combination four Gran athletes ask them, “Hey! Why are you messing with Tub Ies’ locker!”

Wrasp uses the Force to intimidate the four, explaining that they’re doing a contraband search and if they want their lockers to be searched, Wrasp would be happy to do that for them!

Wrasp has enough Force power to manipulate two of the Gran students but after watching their buddies head away, the other two Gran follow without interfering.

Unsien gets the locker open and it’s quite smelly with soiled athletics clothes. Fortunately, the data storage device that they are looking for is on the top shelf and obviously accessible.

But that’s when campus security shows up!

Zes Ni, Campus Security demands to know what these three aliens are doing!

Fortunately, Unsien can make himself appear anyway that he wants to one other individual and using this Force power, Unsien makes himself appear like the guard, another Gran Campus Security guard. (This confuses Fox as she doesn’t see what the guard does but she keeps quiet).

Unsien borrows a page from Wrasp and explains that they’re checking for contraband.

The Gran Guard, recognizing one of his fellow guards, moves in to help. He takes over the search of the smelly locker while the trio make their escape unscathed.

Being the brilliant super spies that they are, their exit strategy is to hail another cab to get back to the Starport!

But what could go wrong? They’ve gotten in and out of the athletics building without a hitch!

While they wait for their cab, Wrasp notices first that an Imperial Shuttle is approaching their location rapidly!

The three dive into hiding just as a shuttle lands next to the Athletics building and a squad of Stormtroopers exit in a combat drop!

Last to exit the shuttle is a human woman wearing dark gray swirling robes.

Break Out notices, when she looks around, that her eyes are glowing yellow. He ask’s Wrasp what yellow glowing eyes mean.

Fox echos the question. “Wait Yellow eyes? Humans don’t have those! What does that mean?!?”

“Don’t use your powers!” Wrasp answers with is face going ashen, “And we need to leave now!”

The three sneak away from the University on foot, strictly staying out of sight of ANYONE and successfully stay concealed. Once they find themselves at a diner, the three hail a new cab.

Without further incident, they are delivered to their berth at the Starport and note that Celeste is continuing to load up the bulky grain shipment.

Wrasp orders her to lock up the ship as they need to leave now!

Celeste doesn’t ask any questions and slams the last pallet onto the ship before locking up the cargo hatches.

Wrasp then asks Ghost to get clearance for immediate take off, but after a moment she reports that all ships are grounded by the Empire as the Navy is sending out inspectors to look for a fugitive! Already from his cockpit, Wrasp can see pairs of Stormtroopers heading out to each ship in the port.

With all of the heavy hardware upstairs, Wrasp decides to not try to blast his way off of the planet. He has Celeste reverse her course and to finish loading the cargo (it will look less suspicious to the inspection teams for Celeste to continue to load the Flair Rider rather than to just blast off of the planet in a panic) and then he prepares the rest of his team for the inspection. The focus will be to keep Josus concealed, just like they did on the trip in.

Eventually, two Stormtroopers approach the Flair Rider and board the ship without preamble.

Fortunately, the Troopers don’t notice any Bothans on the ship and the rest of the crew answer the Troopers questions satisfactorily.

Once the inspection is completed, they are permitted to leave the Starport.

Unsien Mos sets a course for their home system at Kirdo III and estimates that the ship and crew will arrive on CD 9-06 which is a Foursday.

Log 20210524

After escaping from the Gran Homeworld of Kinyen after extracting the information from the Bothan agent Cuth Vennev, DC-01 plot a course back to their home base on Kirdo III.

The trip takes them four days in hyperspace and they arrive back home on Foursday CD 9-06.

When the proximity alert goes off, Celeste races to the cockpit to try to take left seat but Unsien beats her to the controls. They have another playful argument about which of the two deserves to come into Kirdo III as the lead pilot and Unsien Mos physically wrestles himself into the left seat position. (Celeste used to be the primary pilot back when DC-01 used the Flair Rider as it’s primary ship).

The Flair Rider returns to the system and finds that there aren’t many ships in orbit. (Recently the Rebel Alliance Navy was in system and filled an impressive volume of space. By contract things feel empty).

The crew find the Traffic Control operator to be distracted. They are eventually given clearance and the correct vector to approach the base.

Oh and by the way, there’s a pretty serious dust storm with 100+ knots of cross wind.

Unsien Mos has dealt with worse on Kirdo III and opts to land.

Oh, and the protected canyon landing pad is occupied so the Flair Rider will need to land on the upper plateau.

Kirdo III seems to have an abandoned look to it. While it was recently teeming with scores of fighters parked on the surface of the base, the shelters that used to house all of these fighters seem abandoned.

Even with the cross winds, Moss and Celeste easily guide their ship down onto the landing pad.

Sufficiently sheltered by a wind break, the crew are able to safely make it to the elevators leading down into the base proper and make their way down.

Oddly (for the crew) when they emerge from the elevator into the main maintenance bay, they only find one technician working on one of the few ships at the base and no one is there to greet them upon their return.

Pa Pooga asks the repair tech what’s wrong and the tech assures Pooga that nothing is amiss. The tech replies that nothing is wrong, they’re just preoccupied by “Chosen Gravel.” The tech mumbles something about needing to go retrieve a part but heads away from the maintenance stores section of the base . . .

At a loss of what to do, the group wander a bit trying to discover where everyone is or to make sense of the lack of personnel. There’s no signs of destruction.

Shortly, they hear an outburst and exuberant cries coming from the direction of the dining facility (Di-Fac) and wander into that direction.

Most of the base personnel are located in the Di-Fac and they are celebrating something.

Some of the celebrants emerging from the Di-Fac notice the group and among them is Aliz.

The Twi’lek announces to the others with her that these are DC-01! They cheer and Aliz races to greet her returning friends.

She leaps up and embraces Mos (the closest) and squeals with delight! The crowd of rebels cheer the returning team members and Aliz then alights and embraces Josus, commenting that his fur is so soft and he must be like a nice warm blanket while in bed.

Wrasp, being overwhelmed and wanting to avoid the undue attention, makes his escape and seeks out Rachel Starrunner’s office, while his teammates are enveloped by the jubilant crowd and taken to the Di-Fac for celebratory drinks!

The team soon learn that word is just arrived that operation “Chosen Gravel” is an brilliant success!

The Rebel Alliance set a trap, by delivering the stolen Action IV transport Polar Thrash to Queyta. The food onboard was delivered to the recovering citizens of Queyta as they recovered and worked to rebuild their world from battle robots attacking their civilization.

When the Empire sent assets to recover the stolen freighter, the Alliance attacked and destroyed those ships.

When a larger task force emerged to contend with that Rebel Force, the Rebel Fleet ambushed the Imperial Navy, destroying three Star Destroyers and damaging up to five additional ships.

And apparently DC-01 had an important role to play in this operation when they hijacked the Polar Thrash from Kinyen.

When Wrasp catches up with Rachel, she is also busy monitoring the communications on “Chosen Gravel” and conveys what news she has about the recent success to Wrasp.

Wrasp then updates Starrunner about their recent successes and turns over the data pad that they retrieved from Kinyen about the Death Star II project!

Wrasp’s team has learned that the new Death Star is scheduled to be completed by ABY 4 CD 6-01.

Wrasp strongly recommends that they get to work on this dataset as soon as possible!

The next day is announced, by the Base Commander, as a day of celebration to commemorate their recent success at Queyta.

This session continued and the team began:

Mission 35