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GM Notes for Mission 33 - GM Notes for: Mission 33 - Lucky Content



The Droid Army has reclaimed the construction facilities that were used during the Clone Wars and have re-activated these facilities!

This has allowed the Droids to begin production of advanced droids, like the Vulture Droids, IG series droids, and larger assets. Still, most of the droids produced on Geonosis are the B1 Heavy Battle Droids.

In addition, the Geonosans have been enslaved to work these updated facilities. Their new merciless overlords have been brutal and have killed anyone not able to work in the factories (all elderly and all children). However, the remaining population is sufficiently overworked that most aren't expected to survive for more than one to two years.

But with new service droids coming on line, most of this forced labor is already expected to be replaced soon anyways.

IG-87 has transferred his command to Geonosis and is located here. It is guarded by four MagnaGuards and it has picked up two Droidekas for emergencies.

Locations of interest.

Geanosian Village. The new 'slaves' still live in their former hives. As long as they show up and are productive they are permitted to 'live.'

CIS Factories. Still located in subteranian caverns and caves, these facilities are operational once again. The Droids are still importing needed components and parts via stolen merchant ships who depart and arrive regularly.

Geanosis is still a pretty isolationist world, but the rest of the Geanosians are engaged in free trade so 'normal' traffic has not been interupted . . . yet. The rest of the Geonosis settlements and cities are not aware of the droids incursion. However the old factory cities have become “black holes.”


PC's are coming from Kinyen as a part of operation “Chosen Gravel.”


Mechis was converted by the Droid Army to create new batches of the B1 Heavy Battle Droids and Vulture Droids. Other service droids were repurposed and integrated into the Droid Army to conduct support functions.

After DC-01 ignored this issue, the Droids continued to build up a massive army while the proxy droids secured other transportation assets. Once there were sufficient transports, the Droids returned to Geonosis and re-claimed the original factories on that world.

Production of corrupted droids continues on Mechis.

However, the Empire stepped in to try to investigate and retake Mechis, but a massive battle ensued and the Empire Lost!

Currently the ISD Intimidator has been badly damaged and captured by the Droid Army. It's going to take a lot of repairs to get the hulk back online, but the repair Droids are busy getting this ship back online! Getting the engines online is a high priority but the Droids (on minimal thrusters) have maneuvered this Droid Army Star Destroyer (DaSD) into orbit on the next planet out from Mechis. Supplies are being 'quietly' transported to the Star Destroyer from Mechis.

On the planet . . . the battle was quite ferocious and the Droid Army expended most of its combat assets in the battle. Production of B1 & Vultures continues, but there are only scores of B1's available and dozens of Vulture Droids in system for 'defense.'

The real prize is the Star Destroyer and the droids will work to keep that asset a secret.

See also Mission 012 Redundant Dividend for site details.

None of the Proxy Droids nor the IG Series droids are present.

The Ahsoka Proxy was present during the recent battle, but departed the system to provide an update to IG-87 on Geonosis.

Currently Ahsoka has left the defense and operations of Mechis under the command of a T-Series Tac droid (T-LMN8R) and the reprogrammed C3-B9 Customer Service Droid.

They will initially maintain their ruse de guerre of accepting new orders from new customers and citing delays for customers who are picking up orders. (It's worked reasonably well so far. Right)?

However the two droids won't be able to make decisions outside of their established parameters. C3-B9 will try to delay anyone entering the system, but then will lure them to land at the CSR (Customer Service/Reception) Building.

Once at the CSR T-LMN8R will swarm the ship with his remaining ~80 B1-A Battle Droids and his 14 Vultures!

The (former) Director Amasele Ligin(f) and (late) Sales Director Arkale Kinglamb(m) are both 'unavailable' per 'B9.