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Mission Briefing 33 - Lucky Content

In reviewing related intelligence after the rescue operation at Queyta (M19) we've determined that this mysterious droid army previously led by the Obi-Wan proxy droid, was likely based out of Geonosis (R16).

During the Alliance Fleet's attack in strength, the capital ships orbiting Queyta, all fled the system, but left ALL of the Vulture droid fighters. The Vulture class fighters were all destroyed to the last, but the Alliance Fleet has placed the destruction of the associated capital ships (Command One, Vengence One, Vengence Two, and Vengence Three) as a priority.

Additional analysis has also indicated that the world of Mechis (L14) may be involved as well.

The Alliance Fleet needs intel in order to engage this fleet!

Due to the high risk nature of this mission Orders are at Commanders Discretion.

Due to the success of DC-01 to avoid the certain trap that most fleet commanders would have failed when deploying to Queyta, Special Operations Group has recommended DC-01 to Fleet Command, who in turn is requesting that DC-01 investigate the situation at Mechis (L14) and Geonosis (R16) in a reconoiter in force mission profile.

Objectives are to:

Locate the droid capital ships. Locate and identify resources contributing to this mysterious fleet. Disrupt operations (optional). Locate command and control elements for this fleet. Eliminate command and control elements (if possible).