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Mission log 32 - Tropical Whale

Log 20210208

GM Note: This session consisted mostly of Role Playing and Mission Planning.

CD 6-17 the day after the team left Corellia from Mission 31 Equal Advantage. The action team has worked straight for two days and succumb to their fatigue. Most of them sleep in late.

Josus is awakened too early by Sern. She notifies the sleepy Bothan that his ‘friend’ needs to speak with him.

Josus tries to waive her off and return to his slumber, but Sern reports that Josus’ friend is also tired and incapable of sleep.

Josus relents and follows Sern. She takes him to the guest quarters appointed for Yin Nikel and finds both Nikel and Crylkis. (Sern, who is kitted out to clean the ship, continues to the Engineering section of the ship). Crylkis is in obvious distress, seated on the bunk while Nikel paces nervously.

Both of the rescued agents are still concerned and Nikel reports that while she was able to vet Josus’ family ties, they’re both still concerned that they were entrapped by the ISB. Breth expresses a desire to talk to the team commander.

Josus lets the two know that Pa Pooga is the team Commander and pleads for the two women to let everyone sleep a bit more (mostly himself). Breth is too distressed and requests an immediate audience with the team leader.

Josus (again) relents and leads the two to Wrasp’s quarters.

Pooga takes his time waking up and responding to the door chime.

Josus explains the womens’ requests and after handing them off to Pooga, Josus returns to his bed and struggles to sleep as his roommate, Unsien Mos, is snoring loudly while sleeping deeply.

Breth is concerned about how easily the ISB located her secret safe houses and wants to know if her extraction packet was compromised. Wrasp is impatient with Breth’s concerns and lets the distressed woman know that if Wrasp were an ISB agent, then he would have spaced her already. Because he has spaced enemies in the past.

Leaving Breth in tears, Pooga assures the two that they will be arriving to an actual rebel base in about a week. Pooga then returns to his long overdue sleep.

Fiaye K’faiya

In the depths of her sleep, Fiaye hears her Jedi mentor call for her to speak with her.

Once Fiaye wakes up, she taps into the Force and calls out to Luminara.

Shortly, Luminara appears to Fiaye.

Luminara commends her Padawan for her skill in the force and in successfully calling out to her.

Luminara then reports that she has some news to impart to Fiaye. With that preface, she informs Fiaye, that Josus’ father Jobai has been murdered and Luminara knows this because Jobai has been ‘enjoined.’ (Fiaye asks for clarification and Luminara tries to clarify with words like connected and joined together. This doesn’t help, and Luminara lets Fiaye know that the Padawan will understand better when she too is dead). Further, Jobai suspects that he died at the hands of one of Josus’ uncles and will be seeking confirmation. Also, the purges on Bothawui (R14) are continuing.

Luminara then counsels Fiaye to turn away from the dark side of the Force and to seek the light. Fiaye rolls her eyes.

Lastly, Luminara lets Fiaye know that her friends are preparing to enact some changes for her and that her Padawan should exercise patience with the upcoming changes.

Luminara then departs (fades away) and Fiaye heads out to grab a breakfast. She arrives in the galley just as Pa Pooga wraps up his breakfast.

Later, when Josus wakes up (from his interrupted sleep), Fiaye pulls Josus aside and lets him know about his father’s death. She offer’s her condolences and Josus later speaks with Pooga. He updates the Captain and asks to visit Bothawui ASAP!

Pa Pooga

After getting done with his breakfast, Pooga heads out to the Bridge and settles into the pilots seat and enjoys the dramatic view of hyperspace outside the viewports.

A short time later, Aliz and Devo enter the bridge, looking for the Ship’s Captain, hand in hand.

Aliz announces that the two have a favor to ask the Captain. Ultimately they want to change room assignments and move into Hammer’s former cabin (Room Seven). Pooga is pleased that the two are becoming a couple and announces that this is a decision for the whole crew. Pooga calls for a 18:00 hrs appointment (immediately following the evening meal).

18:00 Hrs crew meeting

Aliz and Devo announce their new relationship status and ask if they can move into Cabin Seven. No one voices any objections.

Pooga opens up discussion for any other room changes and there is a brief discussion in getting Sern moved out of Boomer’s room. Ultimately Pa Pooga vetos that idea as Boomer has been experiencing some distressing if not prescient nightmares and he wants Sern to continue to monitor Boomer’s health for the safety of the crew. (So close to getting your own cabin Boomer)!

Five Days later.

The Swooping Kestrel arrives back to their home system at Kirdo III.

The crew aren’t expecting trouble, but they quickly learn that the Rebel Alliance Fleet is in system!

Ghost talks quickly announcing their return to their base of operations. The Fleet ask that they change their transponder back to the Starbound Wayfinder (The default and actual transponder setting for the vessel). The Starbound Wayfinder is asked to dock with The Vigil an MC 40 class cruiser.

Wrasp is greeted by Major Nichos Tainer, the SOC Commander. To expedite operations, Tainer asks Wrasp if he can direct his crew to take the Starbound Wayfinder to the Defiant Core base and prep the ship for the next mission. Tainer has a shuttle that can get Wrasp dirt side at the conclusion of his meeting.

The crew take the ’Finder down to the base, while Wrasp follows Tainer.

Tainer lets Wrasp know that Colonel Anj Zavor wishes to meet with Wrasp.

Zavor and Wrasp have a pleasant talk and the Navy Staff officer has a lot of questions about his crew’s capabilities and asks Pooga about his crew’s capabilities. Col Zavor references a handful of past missions that Pooga has supervised.

Zavor hints that the next mission will involve piracy against another Action IV cargo ship, and the two discuss Wrasp’s last Action IV hijacking. Zavor hints that this next mission might be more hazardous, but ultimately thanks Wrasp and they part. Zavor has another daily staff meeting to race off to and Pooga needs to catch up with Rachel Starrunner for his official briefings. (The task of briefing DC-01 is a task that is beneath Zavor’s station and rank).

Tainer gets Wrasp onto the next shuttle headed to the Defiant Core base and it’s filled with other personnel and cargo destined for the surface.

Dirtside with the Starbound Wayfinder

Ground approach is a bit easier for the Starbound Wayfinder as the Alliance has installed some wind breaks and shields to make the landing into the wind blasted canyon much safer. Construction of the new base is ongoing and the plateau surface is now dotted with nearly a hundred kwanza hut hangers. Also in evidence are major starship hangers leading down to subterranean hangers.

There is still only one landing pad large enough for the Starbound Wayfinder and a ground crew is standing by to help unload the CROC.

Boomer is approached by a repair crew who are ready with heavy construction tools lead by Biqtu the Mirialan Female lead for the Delta Engineering Team. (Biqtu has three humans that she supervises).

Biqtu’s crew is ready to start cutting up Boomer’s ship and (understandably) Boomer is resistant!

Biqtu asks to outline the changes in Boomer’s office.

In short, the upper cargo deck plating for the Starbound Wayfinder is scheduled to be taken out so that the cargo hanger can be refitted with a small tractor beam to handle the deployment of Fighter craft, using the existing Cam shell and Ramp opening that is currently installed on the ’Finder. They’ll need to vacuum seal the portals connected to the cargo bay, route power, and install atmosphere cycling components. Estimated time for Delta Team to refurbish the ship is seven days. But with K’faiya’s help that team shaves off a full day for the refit!

Break Out and Duster are pulled aside by Ji Kez (the Sulustian Chief Engineer for Defiant Core) and he sets them up to get checked out on the X-Wing and Y-Wing model star fighters. DC-01 will be assigned one of the X-Wings and are picking up two Y-Wings, all three painted with the DC-01 team’s colors (Blue ombre to black with white trim on black surfaces). Break Out and Duster are both eager to get flight time on the X-Wing! They spend two days on training and simulator time, getting familiar with the two ships.

When Wrasp finally touches down on Defiant Core, he is greeted by Rachel Starrunner. She takes the commander of DC-01 to her office and they discuss the next mission (Operation 32: “Tropical Whale” which is a subsection for a larger operation called “Chosen Gravel”). Rachel transfers the Operation Order to Wrasp and lets him know that this operation is time sensitive. They need to be at Kinyen on CD 7-20 to intercept the Action IV Polar Thrash. Joining DC-01 for this operation is DC-02. Once the Polar Thrash is secured DC-02 is tasked with piloting the cargo transport to Queyta. It’s currently CD 6-22 with the expected refit taking seven days plus Kinyen being only six days away via hyperspace travel.

Bothawui is rimward plus Wrasp has an order of Light Turbolaser Cannons to pick up on Hosnian Prime, which is three days coreward of Kinyen. So more than enough time to get to Hosinan Prime, install the new cannons, and get to Kinyen. However, Bothawui is too far Rimward to shoehorn in that trip. Josus’ revenge request will need to wait. But otherwise the team has plenty of lead time.

Rachel also hands Wrasp the mission briefing for Mission 033: “Lucky Content” (Special Operations Group Defiant Core Team Operation 033: “Lucky Content”) After Wrasp’s team wraps up “Tropical Whale” they are expected to begin working on the more complex and less time sensitive operation. Wrasp holds onto this briefing and does not inform the crew of this operation.

Actually Wrasp doesn’t brief the team about “Tropical Whale” until they depart Hosnian Prime and are underway to Kinyen. Sern is still a bit sketchy and the Kel Dor may be wary of a mole on his crew. Sadly he’s been burned in the past, so it’s not an unwarranted precaution at this point.

On Hosnian Prime, they make the second half payment for their eight Czerka Arms Light Turbolasers and over the next two days, Boomer and Celeste swap out the stock heavy laser cannons for the much more powerful turbolasers. The crew struggles on the first day to get three of the cannons in place, but the experience pays off and the two engineers swap the rest of the cannons out in a quick four hours on the next day.

While Break Out was issued an R5 astromech for use with the starfighters, Boomer decides he needs a better droid. After some scrounging, they find someone with a broken down R3 Droid. After a bit of negotiation, they purchase the older (but better astromech) for Break Out. They paint the the yellow trim panels a scarlet color and the former “Scooter” is repaired with the software rebuilt from the bios.

Break Out now has his own astromech named “Scarlet.” DC-01 now has three R3 series Astromech’s for the fighters. The R5 “Blue” is no longer needed and (if the crew follows orders) “Blue” will be returned to Defiant Core. (Who are we kidding. That droid is not being returned).

DC-01 will be arriving at Kinyen nine days early. The team plans out the attack and they decide to arrive at the Kinyen system, well outside active sensor range. When the Polar Thrush is ready for departure, the team will strike with a short Hyperspace jump!

And fast! Kinyen has two Imperial Star Destroyers (the Vexation and the Cold Hand) stationed at this important agriworld with an estimated 150 TIE Fighters!

The Rebel Alliance also wants “Tropical Whale” to be a fairly public display of Rebel action. To help with that the team plans to change their transponder to the “Yellow Duck” which is the same setting that was used for Operation 29 “Glorious Honey” where the team destroyed the Imperial Star Destroyer Stirge orbiting Kashyyyk.

Combat Ship call signs for the operation are going to be:

  • “Mother Duck” for the Yellow Duck.
  • “Scarlet Duck” for the X-Wing piloted by Break Out.
  • “Yellow Duck” for the Y-Wing piloted by Boomer.
  • “Green Duck” for the Y-Wing piloted by Duster.

The team will be operating as the “Mighty Ducks” for this operation . . .

GM Note: We wrap up this session early and plan to jump right into battle right at the beginning fo the next session.

Log 20210301

Break Out delivered the team to the Kinyen system nine days earlier than the scheduled date for the departure of the Polar Thrash from Kinyen.

Cop’Ruchi (aka: “Ghost) at the sensors station and Break Out put the Yellow Duck into orbit five light minutes out from Kinyen. Ghost spent four days monitoring system traffic and was on hand to confirm the arrival of the Polar Thrash.

Cop reported that the Action IV and their crew arrived approximately thirty minutes late (much to the derision of the crew of the ‘Duck as Break Out is routinely able to cut days off of their trips. {Go Team})!

The Polar Thrash is scheduled to depart about five days later with the first four days scheduled to load the Action IV with cargo and much of the fifth day spent loading coaxium and gathering much of the crew from shore leave.

Wrasp sets up a plan to intercept the Polar Thrash before the crew are able to return and depart. He will have his three fighters launched with the home ship (now flying with the ghost transponder set to the Yellow Duck will follow them closely. Once the team forms up, they will make a terribly short, risky) hyperjump over just five light minutes away.

The X-Wing and Y-Wings are armed with combinations of Ion Torpedos and and then Proton Torpedos so that they can disable the Polar Thrash. After the target is shut down, the Yellow Duck will dock with the disabled freighter and SOG team DC-02 will conduct a boarding action, to capture the freighter and abscond with the ship.

Ghost sets up the fighters and the Yellow Duck with the alliance guard channels:

  • Mother Duck is the call sign for the Starbound Wayfinder with its transponder now registered as the Yellow Duck.
  • Red Duck for the X-Wing piloted by Break Out.
  • Yellow Duck for the Y-Wing piloted by Boomer.
  • Green Duck for the Y-Wing piloted by Duster.

Note: The fighters’ call signs were assigned based on the color of their astromechs named “Scarlet,” “Goldie,” and “Hunter.” DC-01 is also calling themselves the “Mighty Ducks” for this operation.

The fighters launch and Break Out sets up the coordinates for the small fleet to arrive just past the *Polar Thrash. That way Wrasp (now piloting the ’Duck) can swing easily to port and prepare to dock while the fighters disable the freighter and provide cover from Imperial response.

Break Out’s calculations are a bit off and instead of arriving on the far side of the Polar Thrash the team find themselves facing the freighter and on a collision course!

Break Out calls the problem and barrel rolls to port, easily evading ship.

Boomer, trailing in her Y-Wing also pulls to port, following the lead and misses the big ship.

Duster, maintains not only her composure to evade the big ship, but also launches her two Ion Torpedoes before banking off to follow her flight element.

Wrasp watches the fighters all evade and notices that both of Duster’s Ion Torpedoes find their mark. And Wrasp is pleasantly surprised to watch as the Polar Thrash goes dark. All of the running lights and other sources of energy shut off as the Action IV’s energy systems are shut down.

Wrasp and his co-pilot (borrowed from DC-01) can easily evade the collision and to expedite the approximately, Wrasp yaws “Mother Duck” to port as he over flies and passes their prey and then zips in for a quick link up with the disabled Action IV.

Unfortunately Wrasp comes in just a wee bit too hot and both ships collide with each other. But the damage is “minor.” (So far). Otherwise docking proceeds successfully. Wrasp orders DC-02 to proceed with the boarding of Action IV.

GM Note: Two points of damage to both ships.

The three fighters easily reform their V formation and begin a reverse cauldron flight around the two docked freighters. Yellow Duck (Boomer) is focused on scanning for a shuttle inbound to the Polar Thrash from the surface of Kinyen. The other two fighters are spending their time trying to scan for TIE Fighters of which their intel suggests that there may be as many as 150 of the fighters in system!

The immediate problem is that their sensors are overwhelmed by the large volume of ship in system. There are scores of other smaller merchant ships, at least another three Action IV’s and tons more support shuttles in orbit about Kinyen. It’s making sifting through all of the data a mess!

A couple of minutes later, Ghost reports to everyone that system control is not even aware of the attack yet!

Since this may become a boring operation, bereft of the flash and spectacle called for in the briefing, Wrasp calls Drips and asks the Medical Droid to bring up two cups of Kaff (for the two remaining members of the Bridge Crew present). Wrasp also orders a realignment of the gunnery crew as his two port side cannon stations are facing the Polar Thrash and 40% of his gunners are racing off to capture the other freighter.

Devo and Spice take up station on the starboard Light Turbo Laser Batteries while Shiny races to man the Dorsal Quad Cannon turret. Slider is posted in the Ventral Quad (and getting bored with the lack of action).

Finally Ghost picks up a Trio of TIE fighters approaching the group and vectors the Rebel fighters with an intercept course.

Break Out, flying lead in his X-Wing, is able to blast two of the inbound fighters with this Laser Cannons.

Boomer lines up to take out the last Imperial Fighter, but missed her mark, She sets up Duster for an easier attack and Duster scratches the last TIE.

Someone knows their here now! All of the merchant traffic starts to fly away from the fracas and their active drive system are obvious to all.

The Empire starts vectoring flights of TIE Fighters into the area, but the closer of the two Imperial Star Destroyers stays outside of weapons range (and ‘effective’ sensor range too).

The second wave of responding TIE Fighters come in three flights and is quickly withered by the combination of Light Turbo Lasers from “Mother Duck” and the fighters are able to easily overpower the attacking TIE Fighters. However, as the Fighters wrap up their dog fight with this wave, Break Out realizes that he’s extended his flight out of the protective range of “Mother Duck” and the Empire has another wave of TIE Fighters marshaled and ready to swoop in! Break Out orders his flight to race back toward “Mother Duck” rather than to face nearly a dozen more TIEs without the aid of the Light Turbo Lasers (which were quite effective in dealing with wave two).

Boomer over strains herself (pulls too many G’s) trying to keep up with Break Out and Goldie complains about the possibility of the pilot causing frame damage with her reckless flying. When Boomer asks if the Astromech is worried about frame damage to the fighter or the Droid, the answer is “Affirmative!” (Goldie has already expressed reticence at being involved in this combat situation).

DC-02 gets harried in it’s boarding attempt and Fish Fry (DC-02 Commander) reports to Wrasp that he’s already lost two of his men and there are only two of his team left (including him). They’re overwhelmed and pulling back! He requests reinforcements. Wrasp leaves Ghost to deal with managing the space battle and orders Slider to join him to board the Polar Thrash.

Back in space, the third wave of TIE’s do not pursue the ducklings but organize an even bigger third wave, including the newer TIE Interceptors. Once set, Nine TIE’s race in with Six Interceptors following close behind.

In preparation, Break Out has brought his fighters to stop next to the two freighters. He waits and with the TIEs flying in in close formation, Break Out tries to attack them using a salvo of Proton Torpedoes. His targeting capability is strong and the conflagration from the torpedoes wipes out three of the TIE fighters.

Boomer tries the same trick, but only scratches two TIE’s. Targeting such small targets with the Proton’s isn’t easy and Boomer’s focus of training lies elsewhere.

Duster holds onto her Torpedoes (they’re not designed to take out TIE Fighters despite Break Out’s exceptional demonstration to the contrary) but gets ready for the dust up.

Slider arrives to the boarding port to the Polar Thrash first and finds that both of the surviving members of DC-02 are holding the hatch to the Yellow Duck with suppressive fire. There is a lot of smoky haze in the Engineering sections of the Polar Thrash but since DC-02 was using grenades earlier, that’s not too surprising. But DC-02 is rattled and unwilling to press forward. Slider notices that in addition to the two downed members of DC-02 there are two others down in Engineering.

Wrasp races from the bridge and bumps into Drips, who offers the Captain a nice hot cup of Kaff. Wrasp grabs the drink and continues to race down to the cargo section of the Yellow Duck. Drips then continues his delivery of the second cup of Kaff to Ghost on the Bridge.

Wrasp arrives a moment later and takes stock of the situation (with Slider). Fish Fry and his companion are shell shocked and unable to advance. Fish Fry answers Wrasp’s question about how many opponents he saw and Fish Fry responds that he only saw two.

Clearly there are way more than two!

Slider and Wrasp ready their weapons, Slider grabbing his two blaster pistols, while Wrasp readies his Light saber and his beloved disintigrator pistol.

There is a single hallway from the engineering section leading to the forward sections of the Action IV and Slider and Wrasp rush it to take up positions on either side of the hatch. There are six troopers in a section on the other side of a long hallway. Two of the troopers open up on the two Rebels with their E-11 Carbines and Wrasp is able to push Slider out of the way before succumbing to any attacks, while evading the initial barrage himself. Behind the two Stormtroopers, another four are setting up an E-Web.

In turn Wrasp and Slider make a concerted attack against the two closer Stormtroopers and they take out one, while wounding the other. The wounded ‘trooper falls to the side and out of view.

With an opening, Wrasp and Slider race forward attacking the team of troopers setting up the heavy blaster and drop two more troopers.

In response, the E-Web Gunner lets loose a salvo at the Kel-Dor (who is much closer) but Wrasp ducks behind a bulkhead, narrowly avoiding the vicious barrage of blaster energy. Slider prudently takes cover too!

In the next break of combat, Wrasp makes the rest of the distance and is able to light saber the gunner, taking him down, and Slider blasts the last E-Web operator. However, the wounded Stormtrooper takes the opportunity to shoot Wrasp in the back, Wounding the mission commander. But he falls moments later to Slider’s attack.

The session ends.

The Empire has another wave of fighters just outside of weapons range of the Yellow Duck.

Wrasp and Slider have moved forward and are preparing to find and take the Bridge of the Polar Thrash.

Fish Fry has commed to Drips and requested that the medical droid come over to the Polar Thrash and tend to the downed Engineer on DC-02 (the guy tasked with restoring the power to the disabled Action IV)!

Log 20210308

Aliz’fama, “Ne me dis pas! Je peux le voir d’ici!”

Aboard the Polar Thrash

Break Out, Duster, and Boomer wipe out the last two damaged TIE Interceptors from the Third wave of attacking TIE’s as Wrasp and Slider make their way hastily to the Bridge of the Polar Thrash, illuminated only by the red emergency lights on the ship.

On the Bridge they find the three bewildered crew of the Polar Thrash, including the Captain all of whom quickly surrender to the two armed intruders.

The Captain of the Polar Thrash expresses surprise that his ship is being targeted for a hijacking (especially in light of the heavy Imperial presence) and Wrasp objects by claiming that he’s engaged in an “Aggressive re-acquisition” of the Polar Thrash.

The Captain objects to the term as Wrasp never possessed the Polar Thrash originally. The Captain also begs for Wrasp to leave the ship as it’s a ‘family asset’ and that the material loss will be hard felt.

Wrasp offers the let the Captain and his crew to stay on the ship and begin to serve the Rebel Alliance. The crew bail at that point and ask permission to board the escape capsules.

Wrasp relents but before he’ll let the crew go, he demands that the Captain call the rest of his crew and have them leave with him.

The Captain complains that he would be happy to so long as Wrasp and his buddy haven’t killed all of them! It turns out that there is one other crew, who emerges and joins the other three survivors. They eject via one of the Bridge escape capsules.

Wrasp asks Ghost for a status report update. All is quiet outside the ship and DC-02 has revived their engineer. DC-02 is working feverishly to restore power to the Polar Thrash! However, the closer Imperial Star Destroyer is turning (to port) to face the Yellow Duck. Boomer has called Ghost and recommends that the Yellow Duck detach from the Polar Thrash so that the two ships can independently prepare for the jump to hyperspace. Wrasp lets Commander Chand Arley (aka: Fish Fry) know that he is in command of the Polar Thrash and that Wrasp and Slider are departing for Yellow Duck.

Fish Fry is on his own!

Arley confirms.

Wrasp comms to Ghost and asks her to prepare to activate the Yellow Duck’s shields and to prepare to pilot the ship away from the Polar Thrash.

Ghost does not acknowledge Wrasp’s command!

Wrasp and Slider race to exit the Action IV freighter to return to their own ship, as the Imperial Star Destroyer closes.

Just as Wrasp shuts the hatch to the Yellow Duck, the Kel-Dor notices that Drips is on the other side and still on the Polar Thrash.

Wrasp is gleeful at this turn of events (as he hates the medical droid).

However the crew no longer has a medic on the team.

Space Battle

The Swarm of TIE’s just outside of sensor range continue to wait, but Ghost determines that a flight of about half a dozen TIE Fighters have left the approaching Imperial Star Destroyer but are vectored on a course that will take them across the bow of the Yellow Duck. Boomer exclaims that these TIE’s are trying to obstruct the Hyper Path jump of the team to trap them in system! Ghost does a quick check and confirms the theory.

Break Out takes his flight of fighters and returns them close to the two Transports, preparing to leap into action when the TIE’s make their next foray into the fray.

The Rebel pilots only wait a few minutes before the Imperial Pilots marshal into range. But the Imperials are learning and this flight is coming in a loose formation, making the proton torpedo attacks which wiped out multiple fighters impossible.

Break Out orders the fighters into action and the trio race forward to intercept the nine TIE fighters.

Between the fighters and the Light Turbolaser cannons, the Rebels are able to wipe out over half of the racing TIE fighters, but this group of fighters, instead of engaging the Rebel fighters, instead ignore the interceptors and attack the stationary and unshielded Yellow Duck!

The Yellow Duck

Ghost (needlessly) asks Break Out’s team to respond to the attacking TIE’s as they’re taking damage!

Wrasp orders Slider to man one of the Guns and the Bothan races to take station in the ventral Quad Turret as the Captain races to get to the Bridge.

Wrasp is frustrated to find that Ghost hasn’t left her station (at Comms and Sensor) nor is the ship under way and the shields are still down! Wrasp grabs left seat and gets the Yellow Duck under way, while powering up the shields!

Space Battle

After the TIE’s finish their strafing run at the Yellow Duck, they turn back and race toward the Star Destroyer. Break Out’s team turn to engage the fleeing Fighters and dog fight to finish the offending TIE’s. However another squad of TIE’s swoop in from the approaching Star Destroyer to aid the fleeing TIE’s.

Break Out realizes that his team has been pulled out of range of the protective fire of the Yellow Duck’s light Turbolasers and, now vastly outnumbered, they turn to return this fight next to the protective cover of the Yellow Duck.

Fortunately the two transports have separated and that’s a positive sign for the Rebel pilots. However, they are shocked by a squad of TIE interceptors that swoop around from the port side of the Polar Thrash!

Break Out’s team is now between two squadrons of attacking fighters!

Break Out catches sight of a red TIE Interceptor and recognizes that it’s piloted by an Imperial Ace. Break Out turns to engage the Ace and finds himself lucky to land a minor hit on the agile interceptor. Undaunted, the Duros continues to hari the skilled enemy.

Boomer and Duster fly their fighters toward the port side of the Yellow Duck while taking out two more TIE Interceptors. The swarm of TIE’s is intense and the two Y-Wings take a couple of blaster hits, but the shields and armor of the two Fighters protect the diminutive fighters from damage. But only barely!

Unfortunately all of the TIE Fighters are a distraction. An Imperial Boarding Shuttle swoops in and blasts the port side of the Yellow Duck, taking the shields down and allowing the shuttle to successfully dock with the Gozanti C-ROC!

Yellow Duck

Everyone aboard the Yellow Duck knows that they’re about to be boarded and Wrasp asks for Slider to meet up with him in the Cargo Bay (as the Imperials are attempting to board via one of the loading tubes on the port side.

Wrasp, exasperated, asks Ghost how she missed the approaching shuttle and she reports that it came in the sensor shadow on the other side of the Polar Thrash.

Wrasp, “Don’t sensors see in a 360 degree area?” Ghost, “The sensors still don’t see through other ships!

Wrasp races out of the Bridge and back down to the Cargo Bay in order to repel boarders.

Space Battle

Break Out in X-Wing “Red Duck” continues to dog fight with his playmate and finishes off his opponent. Meanwhile a cluster of other fighters swarm around him, trying to get on his six while several fighters make attempts to fall onto his tail to get him in perfect firing position, but few are able to keep up with the wily Duros.

Duster and Boomer bank to starboard, flying between the two Transports to try to take care of the shuttle and the TIE Interceptors.

Duster launches two of her Proton Torpedoes and both hit the Shuttle, severely damaging it, but this shuttle remains intact.

Boomer takes out one of the TIE Interceptors, but at the end of that sweep, both Duster and Boomer have TIE Interceptors on their tail!

Fortunately for Boomer, Aliz in the dorsal Quad turret is able to clean her back.

Duster starts taking hits to her tail!

While Wrasp and Slider prepare to repel the assault team cutting through their hatch, there is a loud snap and an explosion as the Yellow Duck’s shields (which weren’t turned off) burn the rest of the assault shuttle off of the C-ROC. The boarding team is dead and Wrasp and Slider no longer need to defend the ship from Stormtroopers.

Wrasp races back to the Bridge and Slider heads back to the Quad turret.

Duster does her best to keep from getting blasted by the lone TIE Interceptor and to talk Boomer into a kill shot on the persistent TIE pilot. Eventually the two are able to work up a solution and Boomer scratches Duster’s back.

On the other side (Starboard Aft) Break Out flys like a demon and with the helpful fire of the Yellow Duck’s gunnery crews, Break Out is able to come out on top.

Once again, the Duros finds himself way to Starboard of the Yellow Duck and outside of her covering batteries. But the TIE Fighters have cleared the area.

However the Imperial Star Destroyer Cold Hand has closed within range of the Yellow Duck and opens up its batteries, pounding the side of the C-ROC!

Boomer and Duster contemplate a run against the Star Destroyer but prudently decline. With Wrasp back at the controls of the Yellow Duck, the two Y-Wing pilots slave their Hyperdrives to the Yellow Duck and prepare to exit the system!

Wrasp is able to plot a quick exit for the three and Ghost gives a final warning to DC-02 that they need to leave NOW!

In answer the running lights and power systems on the Action IV come to life.

Break Out, finding himself too close to the Cold Hand begins dodging light turbolaser cannon fire directed at himself!

Fortunately his X-Wing is much faster than the Imperial Star Destroyer and he out flies the range of the Destroyer’s cannons quickly. However, he messes up his calculations on the Hyperspace jump and stays in system another five painfully long minutes.

But it’s also enough time for him to watch the Action IV Polar Thrash hyper out of the Kinyen star system.