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Mission Briefing 32 - Tropical Whale

Chosen Gravel Operation Order

(DC-01 Excerpt)


The Polar Thrash is an Action IV transport that has chartered a cargo of grain from Kinyen and is expected to depart Kinyen with it's full load of cargo on CD 7-20 with delivery to Imperial food processing centers intended for Imperial Military customers.

DC-01 is tasked with capturing the Polar Thrash before it departs the system and to redirect this ship and its valuable cargo to Rebel Alliance relief forces in orbit to Queyta. The Rebel Alliance wishes to use this food for its ongoing relief and aid efforts as the citizens of Queyta rebuild.

May the Force be with you! (Because you'll need it for this mission)!

Enemy and Terrain

Kinyen is the homeworld for the relatively peaceful Gran and the system has no system or planetary defenses for this agricultural exporter.

The Empire has a presence at Kinyen with two Imperial Star Destroyers, the ISD Vexation and the ISD Cold Hand with full complements of TIE Fighters with minimum quantity of 144 various TIE style Fighters.

In addition, the Empire has a ground side Logistics and Support base recently built in a Kinyen wilderness area. Intel indicates at least a Battalion of Storm Troopers and scores of transport and support ships, but no additional military assets. This base has been designated the Kinyen Intermediate Support Station (aka KISS) and this location should pose no affect for DC-01's current mission.

Due to the cooperation with the Empire, most Gran cities have very light Imperial Security Forces.

Friendly Forces (Including Supplies, Equipment, & Special Tasks)

DC-02 can assist DC-01 on this operation and it's recommended that DC-01 deliver them to the Polar Thrash. Following the capture and restoration of systems, DC-02 will transport the Polar Thrash to Queyta.

Kinyen (L15) [CLASSIFIED] DC-01 will be operating independently for Operation Tropical Whale at Kinyen.

Queyta (M19) is under the supervision of Commander Krish Strum aboard the CR-90 Fiery Hope. Commander Strum is supervising Phase Three of operation Chosen Gravel. DC-02 will report to Strum on the Fiery Hope at Queyta. If Operation Chosen Gravel has accellerated, then DC-02 will transport the Polar Thrash to Defiant Core on Kirdo III.

DC-01 Excerpt: Equipment DC-01 under Commander Wrasp has access to: Starbound Wayfinder,(Gozonti C-ROC), Phoenix Shadow (HWK 720), Nova Chaser (YT-2400), and the Azure 01 (X-Wing [Other similar fleet assets may be available for this mission on request]).

DC-01 will be issued Six Ion Torpedos.

Execution (DC-01 & DC-02 Extract)

At Kirdo III, DC-01 and DC-02 will prepare themselves and their assets for execution of a raid at Kinyen (L15).

Under the direction of Commander Pa Pooga, these teams will travel to Kinyen (L15) in time to arrive on the departure date of the Polar Thrash.

Under the plans and direction of Commander Wrasp, his task force will disable the Polar Thrash and execute a capture of this Action IV.

After the Polar Thrash is captured and made hyper capable, DC-02 will depart with the Polar Thrash.

DC-01 will exfill the system with its assets and proceed to execute operation Lucky Content.

Service and Support

Kirdo III (N19) will be the support base for operation Tropical Whale with DC-01 & DC-02 operating under the direction of Rachel Starrunner.

Kinyen (L15) Task Force “Tropical Whale” will be operating autonomously with no support available.

Queyta (M19) It is expected that Commander Krish Strum aboard the CR-90 Fiery Hope will be commanding Alliance Forces at Queyta. If the Fiery Hope is not present than Task Force “Tropical Whale” will be operating autonomously with no support available.

Command and Communication (DC01 Excerpt)
  • Operation Chosen Gravel is under the Command of Admiral Gial Ackbar aboard Home One.
  • . . .
  • Commander Task Force Tropical Whale (DC-01) is Pa Pooga.
  • Executive Officer Task Force Tropical Whale (DC-02) is Chand Arley.
  • Logistics support for Task Force Tropical Whale is Rachel Starrunner based at Defiant Core on Kirdo III.
  • . . .
  • Chosen Gravel Phase III Queyta Commander for operation [classified] is Commander Krish Strum aboard the CR-90 Fiery Hope and is in charge of [classified] . . . [Redacted].
  • . . .
End Operation Order