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GM Notes for Mission 31 - GM Notes for: Mission 31 - Equal Advantage


Breth Crylkis (Human Female) is confident, arrogant, decisive, and when necessary, cruel. She's a Rebel agent in high standing and a woman of means. Her family are (in addition to other sources of wealth) landlords with extensive holdings and Breth manages the rents and maintenance of the family tenaments. She and her friend Van Ondriss both joined the Alliance and work their own information cells. Breth reports to the Bothan Diplomat Yin Nikil, who trained and now supervises Crylkis and her various cells.

Breth Crylkis Family

Chayr Crylkis is Breth's Father. He has taken over the operations for supervising the real estate tenancy in his daughter's absence. He is pro Empire and is bitter about his daughter's betrayal. His plan is to continue to manage the real estate until Breth's youngest brother 'Bil' can take over this family business function.

Dian Crylkis is Breth's mother. She is at home recovering from her ordeal with the ISB.

Zeel Crylkis is the oldest son of Chayr. He supervises the family's repress valve factory. He has no information relating to Breth.

Agreggyth Iedgin is Breth's older sister. She is married and though was questioned by the ISB, she was cleared and has had no contact with Breth since her disappearance. Agreggyth knows that Breth's best friend, Gieca Vartod, was also briefly questioned by the ISB but is now free.

Gieca Vartod is Breth's closest friend and works as a secretary for Drive Systems Control Protocols (DSCP aka DSCP) one of the suppliers of CEC (CEC). Her experience with the ISB was uncomfortable and Gieca has no desire to repeat that ordeal! She knows nothing! Or appropriately, knew nothing when ISB questioned her initially. However, she has met with Breth and fed and let her sleep one evening at her pad. She has also given Breth credits so that her friend could survive and evade ISB persecution. Geica doesn't know how to contact her friend as Breth just shows up randomly every week or so at different places. [Note: Gieca is interested {especially since being questioned by the ISB} in joining the Rebel Alliance, but doesn't believe that she has any useful skills or abilities that would help the Rebels. The characters can recruit her if they open up the opportunity].
Gieca and Breth both have a mutual crush on the Corelian Holovid star Nal Tynders.

Bil Crylkis (male) is the youngest child of Chayr and Dian. He is a member of the SA in school and has high hopes of getting into the Imperial Academy. He's also worried that with the latest news updates that the war will be over by the time he graduates! His sister's arrest has been a black mark for the youth and he's both confused and disappointed about Breth's betrayal.

[End Family Notes]

Crylkis Holdings is the name of the company that takes care of the family rental properties.

Shett Tern (Human M) is the active staff member working at Crylkis Holdings. He is the first and currently only employee who was released by the ISB. He is devoted to Breth and concerned for her safety, but doesn't know where she is. He's had no contact from Breth. However he has noticed that Van Ondriss credentials have been used recently to access a couple of the empty rentals and not for requested work orders. However, he does NOT want the ISB to harm Breth. The PC's will need to convince him that they don't intend to harm or turn Breth over to the ISB.

Hiv Mavvis (Taxi Driver).

Bothan NPC's

Yin Nikel (Bothan Female) Rebel agent. She works both as a diplomat for the Bothan Embasy and on paper looks like a faithful devotee to the Empire. But the reality is that she is a Rebel agent. Breth and Yin met during some social dinners and became friends. Both joined the rebel alliance independent of each other and were both surprised when they were asked to work together for the Alliance.

Bosc Bwed'hare (Bothan Male) is NOT a Rebel Agent. He's on Josus' list for neutralization. Yin & Bosc are co-workers and know each other well.

Yorsk Fiarilo (Bothan Male) is a very young Bothan who is interning at the embassy. He's generally the first contact the public meets at the Embassy.


Where is Breth Crylkis?

[Zerkin tower 23-38]

On the street, this location is under surveilance by the ISB (Perception Roll vs RRPbb for PC's to detect the surveilance team).

This apartment has been raided and has ISB crime tape covering the doorway. The hatch was blasted open and the one room apartment has been raided and tossed by the ISB looking for clues to Breth Crylkis current location. There are food wrappers in the trash bin and it's obvious that Breth WAS staying here at some point.

[Settle Precinct: Rte 172 N #32897. “Descs' Twin Electrorepairs”]

Cavo Desc & Tral Desc run this Electronics “Repair” and “Resale” shop. This location is under ISB surveilance too (Perception Roll vs RRPPbb for PC's to detect the surveilance team located here) but hasn't been raided.

Cavo and Tral are open about the fact that they have rented out a room to Breth, but she hasn't been seen by the twins. The ISB has been given permission to search the room and have done their search already. The twins are okay with Josus doing a search as he has an IPKC.

The twins are aware that Breth has been sneaking in and out of the room, but they don't think that Breth has been here in at least a week.

It's been a busy week and with two close arrests for Breth at her two safe houses (no less!) Breth has used her family credentials to sleep at vacant rentals managed by her family. She has used her agent counter intel training to avoid capture so far, but her finances are running low and she doesn't want to be a burden to her best friend Gieca Vartod. Breth is counter surveilling the ISB agents following her and may notice the PC's. However Breth is on foot and rarely uses air cars.


The ISB has a known Rebel Agent (Breth Crylkis) on the loose and they've noted that there are teams asking about Breth.

With the ISB being overwhelmed by the Rebels and due to one of the suspects weilding a Laser Bow, the Inquisition has been contacted!

Locally, Inquisitor “Grey Shadow” will respond first, but will be joined by the team investigating the incident on Hosnian Prime. That team will arrive via the VSD Malady early on Lightday 6-17.

Grey Shadow has a team of well equiped and advanced Stormtroopers “Grey Troopers” who help her execute captures of criminals. They are a team of 16 troopers who have been on this team for a couple of years and are well versed in their craft. They love to start raids with a couple of Smoke and Concussion grenades follewed by rapid insert teams. They pride themselves on capturing their opponents and usually use stun settings.

Inquisitor Stormtroopers (Capture Specialists)

Elite Storm Trooper Teams

Brawn: 4 Agility:4 Intellect:2 Cunning:2 Will:3 Pres:3

Soak: 6 Hits/Stun: 12 Def: 1/1

Ranged (Hvy): YYYG cccd
Cool: YYG ccd
Vigilance: YYG ccd
Perception: YYG ccd

E-11 Blaster Carbine [cccdb] with Augmented Spin Barrels
Damage: 11 Crit:3, Range: Med/Long Stun, Pierce 1, Reduced two bb for environmental factors.

Vibro Knife with Mono-Molec Edge: [ccdd]
Damage: +5, Crit 1, Pierce 4, Vicious 1.

Stun Grenades: Damage: 8 Stun, Blast: 5 Stun, Shrapnel 2, Disorient 3 (To all victims in Short Range), Limit 1
$75. Rarity dd.

Smoke Grenades: No damage, but creates a cloud of smoke that obscures everything in a short radius for bbbb

on all checks using vision, including ranged weapons to hit checks.

Frag Grenades: Damage: 12, Blast: 9, Shrapnel 8, Limit 1
$50 R. Rarity cdd.

Sample low value Inquisitor.

FR: 2

Soak: 2 Wounds: 16 Strain: 14 Def: 1/1

Brawn: 2 Agility: 2 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 3 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2

Adversary Rank 2. Dodge 4.

Force Powers:
Bind: Requires FR2.
Enhance: May increase results of Athletic Checks with Force Roll.
Heal/Harm: May spend Force Results to Heal 1 Wound (per White) or inflict 1 Wound (per Black).
Influence: May be used to guide and shape thoughts.
Move: May move Sil 0 Objects up to short range. (Cost is 1).

Standard Sith Lightsabre YYGG cc Mission Briefing 31