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Mission Briefing 31 - Equal Advantage

Agent Manu Bokono was recently rescued from a prison on Hosnian Prime but during his questioning by the Empire, he disclosed the name of his contact on Corellia: Agent Van Ondriss.

As of now, Ondriss and four of his local contacts have been arrested by the ISB. However, his supervisor has been notified and has evaded arrest by the ISB (thus far).

SOG has tasked DC-01 with extracting two agents from Corellia; Breth Crylkis (Human Female) who was Ondriss' immediate supervisor and one of the Corellian Bothan Delegation diplomats Yin Nikil (Bothan Female).

This is a time sensitive mission! DC-01 should proceed immediately on this mission!

Extraction Plan for Breth Crylkis: Crylkis has two safe houses registered with the rebellion located in the industrial city of Kor Vella. One is a tiny slum apartment located in downtown. [Zerkin tower 23-38] The other is a back room off of an electronics repair shop [Settle Precinct: Rte 172 N #32897. “Descs' Twin Electrorepairs”].

Extraction Plan for Yin Nikil: Yin Nikil may be found at or via the Bothawui Embassy. Nikil has not disclosed to the Alliance any details regarding an extraction plan.

End Briefing