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GM Notes for Mission 30 - GM Notes for: Mission 30 - Manufacturing Agriculture

Acquisition of the Event Horizon drive from Fedalle


Charad Unari (Human M) has perfected the design for his new “Event Horizon” prototype star drive system! It is AMAZING! It is awe inspiring. And it's too big . . . for TIE Fighters.

As amazing as the Event Horizon is, it's slated for the dust bin of history. However, for the Rebel Alliance and their more open ended development programs the Event Horizon is perfect for their 'Project A' development team.

DC-01 is tasked with getting onto Fedalle (M10), making contact with the lead design engineer, Chrarad Unari and acquiring a copy of the design plans and prototypes. Then getting all of this Ultra Top Secret technology off world.

Unari was working under a grant from the local university when he made his breakthrough and after an evaluation by the Imperial Navy as well as Sienar Fleet Systems the notes, prototypes, and technology has been removed from the university! Unari was shut out of the project and informed that his tech will not be utilized. (The engine is too big for most fighters and too small and complex for commercial use).

The new engine tech is being warehoused locally until Sienar Fleets decides where to ship the equipment to.

Delivery is requested to a dead system within a quarter parsec of Sarka (Q08) where the Alliance has established a base for the “Project A Development Team.”


Charad “Char” Unari (Human M) is a brilliant scientist and design engineer. He is disappointed that the Empire is sidelining his most recent innovation and will be somewhat receptive to DC-01 on the promise if his new tech will be used!

Unari's new engine is 15% more effective for a drive of its size and mass. But with the Empire locked in with their TIE Fighter program they are unwilling to retool their fleet for this much larger engine system. While the Empire's review team is aware of this advance, the Event Horizon drive can't be sized down to the dimentions of the TIE program so the Empire has 'acquired' the rights but are shelving the technology.

But local rebel agents have discovered this technology which might be readily applied to “Project A” which are currently under development and quite open to redesigning their new ships to fit the new innovative drive.

Unari has 'completed' his engine research and is being reassigned to work on the ring project orbiting the small gas giant Sharell (F-07). He is scheduled to depart in two days!

Lon Kess (Gotal Unk) is a Rebel Agent (Code Name: Crucial Rice) who has been working on Fedalle to organize intel cells. Kess has become a trusted associate of Unari and is aware that the Engineer has developed an amazing engine that the Empire is ignoring. Kess is a primary contact for DC-01 for this mission. Kess is set up as an “industrialist” and supervises a number of factories that manufacture machined parts.

The PC's can contact Kess by approaching his residence. Speak with his housekeeper Tosh Natat (Gotal F). Natat is NOT a member of the Alliance.

[Not used]

Sub Adult Group (Compnor) troubles.

Kell Myrra (f) being persecuted by Eris because she complimented Cran.

Eris Pitrull (f) SA Group leader for her primary school.

Cran Zevoran (m) preparing for flight training school at the academy and is Eris bf.

Roon Side Mission – Third Harvest.

Side Mission: The DC-01 crew has assisted with the spice harvest on Roon during the past two seasons and have been asked to help facilitate this harvest too.

Situation Report:

Governor Ajon'Mido is still governor of Roon. He has barely been able to hold onto power mainly because he received an influx of treasure (and weapons) from Soshu the Hutt. 'Modo has two wives now his first is Yisk'modo. Ajon recently married one of Papa'Fama's daughters Shys' to smoothe over that relationship and to help Ajon' secure the 'Fama clans' support. In short, the 'Fama's will support the 'Mido governorship while Papa'Fama gets to represent his families and friends. Papa'Fama will 'collect' and 'pay' taxes at a very favorable rate.
Ajon's is very unpopular with the farmers because he has tried to corner the spice market and only pays $300 per EC, which is way below what the farmers expected! Plus he started his reign by kidnapping Twi'lek women and selling them as slaves, but worse! His administration didn't pay the families the expected Dottir payments! Kidnapping is bad enough but the larceny was worst!

Early on, 'Mido wrested control of Ultime'Roon in an armed coup (like most Governors do on Roon) and quickly purchased six Cloak Style fighters for his Air Force. The small arms and the Fighters allowed Ajon to enjoy combat superiority over his subjects and let him keep his tenuous hold over the world. However, Xizor has conducted three raids over the past season had has destroyed the cloak style fighters! (Understandably, 'Mido has tried to keep the loss of his Air Force a secret).

Soshu the Hutt is using DC-01's crew to corner the spice market on Roon. In the past this was done by siphoning a LOT of the trade through the 'Fama families. Soshu the Hutt has also made payments to Ajon'Mido in the way of weapons and gold contributions to support the 'Modo governorship. Soshu also will purchase his portion of the spice trade at reasonable rates, effectively cornering the spice on Roon.

Durgo the Hutt used to 'own' the spice trade on Roon, but has been cut out by Soshu. He want's it back, but the PC's have effectively killed all of his agents in the past two harvests! This harvest, Durgo has hired Xizor as muscle. (Need to stat him out). Also Durgo has hired Iman'Gatum, another landowner to stage a coup to replace Ajon'mido.

Iman'Gatum is a matriarch with about the same status as Papa'Fama and lives out on the west reaches. Iman' helped the PC's bankroll the purchase of combat vehicles for Soshu (but the PC's are a bit oblivious and in denial about the assistance). She has let the PC's know that she is interested in procuring a large quantity of blaster carbines (preferably E-11's) which are weapons that aren't needed by farmers . . . Iman let Pa Pooga know that she intends Ajon's ouster. Iman is NOT ready to pull the trigger (so to speak) on the coup as she is still collecting weapons. Soshu (upon learning that Iman' intends to remove Soshu's puppet from the Governor's seat) has ordered Pa Pooga to kill Iman' after securing her shipment of spice.

Zam Xesnul is the Falleen (F) agent that Xizor has on world. She is staying as a 'guest' of Iman and her job is to act as an observer and an advisor. Zam is working to set up a spy network on Roon and bounces between Ultime'Roon and the 'Gatum farmstead. She often accompanies Iman' for social events. (At this time she is unable to protect Iman'Gatum).

Papa'Fama – A simple farmer no? His homestead is located far to the North just east and is on the wilderness. This 'Fama homestead is about as far away from Ultime'Room (the capital) as one can get. The 'Fama's aren't necessarily impressed with the 'Mido governorship, but they are one of the least impacted families and things worked out pretty well for the one daughter who was kidnapped (Aliz'fama). That and they did receive the Dottir payment (belatedly) for Aliz. Right now Ajon' and Papa'Fama have an agreement to not mess with each other. This is fine with Papa'Fama because he just wants to be left alone and he's cornered about 25% of the Roon spice trade (thanks to Pa Pooga) and is becoming grotesquely rich as a consequense. (However things can change for the worse for Papa'Fama if he loses Pooga as a shipping 'partner'). In Ajon's favor, none of the 'Fama clan are interested in trying to become governor. Papa'Fama married off one of his most intelligent daughters to Ajon' recently to cement the non aggression pact and has agreed to pay a modest 'tax' on the spice that he collects.

Ultime'Roon is the capital city (really the only city) on Roon and houses a bit of industry, the spaceport, and what passes as a commercial district for the world. At the center of the city is the Governors' mansion. It passes as a government office and residence. By tradition, whomever can hold and live at the mansion is recognized as the Governor. There are no elections, just the occasional coup instituted at blaster point! For many years the mansion remained in very poor condition as most governors lasted only a year or so and mostly the battle scars were never repaired. However, with a recent Boon from Soshu, Ajon'mido has begun beautifying (and repairing) the building. The skilled tradesmen in Ultime'Roon are seeing a nice influx of cash and the farmers are hoping for a return to normal payments for their spice this season. They however are in for a bit of disappointment as Ajon'Mido will only offer $350 per EC. Last season he was paying only $400 - $500 per EC and he's desperate to purchase replacement fighters for the ones lost recently! Currently the local populace of the city are supportive of the 'Mido governership as he's been able to stabalize the city and keep the violence down. To date 'Mido has withstood two coup attempts, in part because his people are better armed and the Cloak Style fighters have been a tactically decisive combat element.

End Situation Report.

Comodity Notes on Spice.

Normally a Farmer can expect to be paid between $600 - $800 for a single EC of spice.

A merchant can buy one EC of spice from Roon (or Ryloth) for $1,000 EC and expect to be paid $2,000 EC upon delivery to a refinery via Adventure. [Most smugglers actually are paid a shipping rate with intermediaries taking care of the purchase and sale of the product. Really good profits can be realized on Adventure though].

Refined Aurabush Spice can be purchased (wholesale) for $5,000 EC and sold down chain for $7,500 - $10,000 depending on the distance.

Spice is very illegal so it requires smuggling (for most parts of the supply chain). Luckily with the war, the producers on Ryloth and Roon have little impediment on exporting the raw spice. Right now the Hutts and the Black Sun are working to set up networks to refine and distribute Spice to the galaxy.

[end comodity notes]

This year's Harvest.

Papa'Fama has actually collected 280 EC of raw spice (It's been a good year)! and is expecting to receive $1,000 EC each. [$280,000 total]

Iman'Gatum has collected 220 EC of raw spice and has offered to be paid $500 EC each. [$110,000 total]. 'Gatum is playing a very long game and hopes to be the acting governor by the next harvest!

Ajon'Mido has his shipment also of 680 EC and is willing to sell his batch for $1,000 EC each (Non negotiable! He has a back up shipping arrangement! They're just a bit “overdue” . . .). [$680,000 total]

The PC's have the ability to pick up 1,180 EC of spice for the total Adventure price of $1,070,000. (The PC's ARE Soshu's agents on the world).

[end file]