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Mission log 29 - Glorious Honey

Date of gaming session: 20201130 DTE.

The “Stellar Wind” emerges from hyperspace and arrives at Kashyyyk, finding the ISD Stirge in orbit . . . as expected.

Cop’Ruchi (Ghost) has a pleasant conversation with the staff on the Stirge and is given an approach course for the “Stellar Wind” and the Gozanti C-ROC is scheduled to dock with the Stirge.

Fiaye K’faiya (Boomer), once out of hyperspace, sets the nuke to explode in six hours based on the estimate from Aliz (Spice) and Sern (Shiny) that it will take them four hours to offload the 1,000 EC of cargo. Boomer, Spice, and Shiny hastily cover the nuke in a case of bananas.

Boomer asks to meet with Pooga in private and confides with her Captain that she’s had some visions the previous evening and someone in Kashyyyk needs there help. Boomer attempts to use her sense power to see if there is anyone aboard the ISD Stirge may be one of the people in need (and receives a negative indication).

The two ships dock and Pa Pooga is invited by the captain of the Stirge for a meeting while his crew unloads the “Stellar Wind”.

One Lt Serm meets with Pa Pooga and escorts the Kel Dor to Captain Baggeron Gos’ office. The path from the hanger bay to the bridge section is confusing (ergo the necessity for an escort).

Captain Gos is interested in facilitating a trade deal for the “Stellar Wind”. The Imperial Facility on Kashyyyk has a great need to transport Wookiees from the world and Gos tries to convince Pooga to take a shipment. Gos asks Pooga if he’s dealt with shipping Wookiees before and Pooga feigns ignorance.

Gos is surprised to see that Pooga doesn’t have a transport security clearance yet and the closest that the “Stellar Wind” can ship these Wookiees to is Kinyen (the homeworld of the Gran).

Pooga does agree to pick up twenty three Wookiees (plus their two handlers) and Cpt Gos has a requisition order prepared for the "Stellar Wind”.

Gos then transfers an encrypted message from the Bureau of Starship Services (BoSS) to Pooga.

Pooga tries to get a free lunch from Cpt Gos, the the ISD commander declines. Lt Serm returns Pooga to his ship.

Wrasp opens up his encrypted message (locked with a biometric voice lock) and learns that it’s actually a message from Soshu! (the Hutt).

Gorensia Kajidic

Royal Decree and Proclamation

Her Highest Eminence Soshu, the Royal Guardian and Arbiter for Kajidic Gorensia, sends you her enthusiastic greetings to Captain Pa Pooka the Kel Dor.

It pleases her Eminence that her servants have found suitable employ at this time with regards to the ongoing galactic conflict with it's inevitable outcome. Long live Emperor Palpatine!

An opportunity has arisen and Soshu offers a reward to her humble servants that offers great reward.

All of the members of the Hutt Counsel have lost all contact with the world of Queyta.

While the world of Queyta is of little interest collectively to the Hutt Counsel and the Empire in general, this disappearance of this world presents an intriguing puzzle.

And an opportunity.

Her Eminence wishes to convey her understanding of the importance of this world to the galaxy at whole. Queyta, up until two months ago, was producing eight percent (8%) of the food for the galaxy and had a leading role in producing nearly half of the military rations for the beloved Empire.

While this minor disruption will have no impact on the Hutt Counsel, if this situation is not changed, prices for food throughout the galaxy will rise (soon) and it is also projected that at least 8% of all intelligent life will die from starvation. That death toll will actually be higher as worlds begin to fight for these limited resources.

None of the ships which have departed to and arrived at the Queyta system during the past two months have returned from Queyta.

If Soshu's servants are able to determine the cause of this disruption at the Queyta system and to return that intelligence to her first than she will award her faithful Captain with $1,000,000.

And if her servants can correct this problem, Soshu's servants can expect an increased gratitude from their grandiliquent Patron.

While you consider this unique and timely opportunity be mindful to not neglect your other duties to your faithful Patron, her royal eminence Soshu the Hutt.

The “Stellar Wind” unloads on schedule leaving one hour and thirty minutes before the nuke goes off . . .

Pooga orders the “Stellar Wind” to make a course for the Imperial Base located on Kashyyyk.

Moments later, the ISD Stirge orders the C-ROC to ‘waive off’ of it’s current course as it is in the middle of a combat situation!

Ghost rechecks her scanners and picks up a CEC YT-1300 leaving from the Imperial Base and accelerating toward the ISD. She sets up a direct laser communications channel and learns that a handful of Wookiees have hijacked the ship and are attempting to attack the ISD.

Break Out maintains his vector but pitches up to increase his altitude. The Stirge deploys six of the new Alpha Wing fighters to intercept the YT-1300.

Break Out lets the Alpha Wings pass below him and then reverses his course to drop behind the intercepting fighters. (Actually there are two waves of fighters and he places the trailing trio to port of the “Stellar Wind” so that his strongest gunners can attack the Alpha Wings).

With the ambush set, the gunners open up on the trailing Alpha Wings, taking the Imperial fighters quite by surprise.

The trailing fighters break and try to circle about to get on the C-ROC’s tail, but with the C-ROC’s turrets and Break Out’s maneuvering, the fight remains (almost) one sided.

As a final tactic, the fighters break formation and one pilot is able to deliver two concussion missiles into the port side of the Starbound Wayfinder doing minimal damage.

With those three fighters dealt with, the “Stellar Wind” meets up with the YT-1300 and escorts it away from the former Alpha Wings.

Wrasp convinces the fleeing Wookiees to accept their aid and that Wrasp can help the Wookiees join the Rebel Alliance. The Wookiees give up their futile attack on the Imperial Star Destroyer.

Break Out drops both ships into the Ionosphere which messes up the scanners, belaying the Stirge’s attack on them.

Break Out sets the ships on a single pass orbit, staying in the ionosphere to mask their position.

The “Stellar Wind” comes around the other side just in time to witness the dramatic destruction of the Stirge.

However, in coming out of the ionosphere, Ghost realizes that the ISD had launched a large number of fighters (about 32 fighters) and they have been following their C-ROC (and the ‘1300) around Kashyyyk.

Out of mock courtesy, the lead TIE Fighter asks the “Stellar Wind” to surrender, but it looks like the Imps are ready to blast the rebels into upper atmospheric oblivion.

Wrasp does some fast talking and convinces the Fighter pilots to cancel their attack, by pointing out how powerful the transport ship is and how extensive the losses will be inflicted on the flimsy fighters.

Both forces part ways and the Rebels set a course to a close by system at Randon (Q10). With the slower drive on the YT-1300, this trip takes two days.

At Randon, the crew help the Wookiees set up their ship for the trip to Innton (18). Wrasp has his crew picks up a cargo of 1,200 EC of machine parts for $500 each (total purchase cost is $600,000). The projected expected ‘profit’ is $800 per EC once they get to Queyta (M19).

A day later the “Stellar Wind” takes off for a rapid trip to Queyta (M19).

Break Out carves off this trip down to just nine days . . .

Log 20201214

Wrasp is awakened in the middle of the sleep shift by the admit chime to his quarters, followed by the insistent rap tapping on the hatch.

The Stellar Wind is still in hyperspace enroute to Queyta and according to the chrono, they still have several hours before arriving.

Devo is at the door when Wrasp opens and already the Captain can see commotion down the hall to his right.

“Captain!” Devo doesn’t wait, “We’ve got a problem with the Mirialans! I’m going to grab Drips! (Their 2-1B Medical Droid) Be right back!”

Meanwhile Celeste is leaning in front of the hatch controls dressed in her underwear and her weapon belt (for extra measure) disassembling the lock mechanism.

This looks bad as Wrasp approaches the co-pilot. Across from the Miralan quarters, the two Twi’lek women are hovering just inside their quarters watching silently and nervously through their open hatch.

Not more than a beat later the Bothan Slider emerged from his quarters demanding, “What’s going on?”

From inside the Mirialan quarters the sounds of distress and pain are disconcerting and Celeste answers with a minor shrug while continuing to disassemble the door access paneling to get into the door actuator controls.

Wrasp considers asking “How long” but Celeste, rooming in the cabin adjacent to the Mirialan women, is wearing her underwear, with only the weapons belt for added coverage. And she’s taken enough time to don her weapon belt with it’s DL-17 blaster, which she no doubt had hanging in convenient reach in her quarters. Add enough time for the tools . . . not long.

“Did you knock?” Wrasp demands.

“Yes!” Celeste replies testily.

“Did you ask to . . .”

“Yes!” Celeste interrupts.

“And?” Wrasp demands under the careful scrutiny of the Twi’leks’ and the Bothan.

Celeste seems to nod to the panel and reaches into the circuits in a desperate attempt to open the hatch.

The screams inside the hatch are indistinct, but there is clearly pain and maybe even violence between the two women.

Wrasp draws into his force powers and tries to wrench the hatch open using his budding force abilities and the hatch slides open with an ear piercing screech as the actuator motors and lock mechanisms are ripped apart.

Wrasp steps into the small cabin and briefly notices Celeste draw her blaster (hope its on the stun setting) and follows.

Boomer is thrashing about in her bunk screaming and crying in terror and pain while her roommate cries out to her, “Fiaye! Wake up! What’s wrong? Fiaye?”

“What’s going on here?” Wrasp demands again.

“She’s having another nightmare!”



“When was the other nightmare?”

“Last night,” Sern responds, “But this one is worse!”

Clearly. No one else knew about last nights nightmare. But Boomer had been stand offish and distant yesterday . . .

The night terror finally broke and Fiaye’s eyes opened and focused back into normal consciousness.

Solicitously Wrasp leans in, “Boomer, what happened? What’s going on.”

Instead, she snaps at everyone assembled, “What are you doing here? Why are you bothering me?” Hastily she leaps out of bed, grabbing a silk kimono and jostles her way out of the cabin.

“Where are you going?” Wrasp demands.

“Just leave me alone!” Boomer cries with obvious distress, “I just, I just need to be alone to . . . Ahhh!” Without looking back she turns right and heads aft. She’ll be in the engineering sections, Wrasp concludes.

Just as Boomer enters the Galley, Devo and Drips exit the elevator to the top deck.

“Oh!” the Medical droid begins, “I understand that you are under quite a bit of distress, K’faiya.”

“Leave me alone!” she demanded anew.

“I can administer a sedative . . .”

“No!” as the Mirialan Engineer stormed through the galley and further aft into the C-ROC.

Morosely, the Droid offered its medical services later in the med bay, if needed, and then began the trip back down to the med bay.

Wrasp turns on Devo and asks for his version of the tale. Devo doesn’t have much to add. He woke up to the women screaming and went to retrieve the med droid while Celeste was working the door.

“Go back to bed and get some rest,” Wrasp recommends to Devo.

“You think I’m going to sleep after that?”

“Fine!” Wrasp who’s also sleep deprived retorts, “Then go clean the turrets!”

“The turrets? That’s oddly specific!”




The Bothan returns to repose but his roommate, the Duros Pilot has already returned to try to get some sleep.

“Celeste, We need to talk!” Wrasp declares.

“Give me a second?” Celeste asks as she heads to her quarters.

While waiting for the Assistant Pilot/Assistant Engineer/Assistant Gunner/Assistant Smuggler . . . Wrasp checked back in on Sern.

The woman was hugging herself, pacing restlessly and still mostly undressed looking down and distant.

“You aren’t going to dress modestly?” Wrasp tries to interject politely.

Sern turns and points to herself, not quite seductively but defiantly displaying her body, “Why? Are you into this kind of physique, you bug-eyed Kel-Dor?”

Another distubing trend. Shiny and Wrasp had already crossed verbal barbs in the past and he still harbored misgivings about this secretive and surly Mirialan.

“If so,” Sern continued, “I know two Twi’leks who would love to service you.”


“Okay,” Sern corrects herself quickly, “One.”

Wrasp had already closed that door on Aliz (he hoped) and he didn’t need to re-open it. He also didn’t dare look back to see if this argument was playing to a Twi’lek audience.

Wrasp, ignoring the provocation, asks Sern about Boomer’s nightmares. Two nights already? Sern is concerned by the darkness that was roiling off of the other Mirialan woman during this evening’s night terror.

Last nights nightmare wasn’t all that bad, but tonight? Something had even shaken Shiny.

In the Engineering bay, Fiaye K’faiya settles into the comfortable leather chair at the engineering console.

‘Everything is in the green . . .’

Fiaye awakens Goldie, her astromech droid and set him on guard duty. “Don’t let anyone in!” Dutifully her droid brandishes it’s small blaster from a modified tool bay and faces the Engineering hatch.

Fiaye is baffled by the nightmares. The pain and experiences seem real enough that seeing that her skin isn’t blistered and scorched is disturbing. However, she can’t shake a dark foreboding feeling. Something seems wrong!

Deathly wrong . . .

Unfortunately, her repose is disturbed as the aft hatch slides open and Goldie lets out a warning cry as it locks onto Devo as he prepares to enter the bay.

“Hey! What the light?” Devo puts his hands up in a sign of surrender while Goldie emits a stream of threatening sounding shrieks and whistles.

“I don’t want to talk!” Fiaye declares, “Go away!”

“Captain ordered me to clean!” Devo retorts testily and gestures to the supply closet further in the bay. “I won’t say a word. Just let me by.”

Fiaye gives permission and Goldie quiets down.

Celeste reports to the Captains quarters after dressing into one of her tech suits.

Wrasp is seated at his desk and offers the blond human woman to take a seat. Instead she settles into his bed.

“Isn’t that a bit provocative?” Wrasp asks the co-pilot.

“No,” the woman retorts, “I’m just sitting here.”

Wrasp points to his guest chair on the other side of his desk. “This won’t do?”

“I think it would be better to let Boomer sit there.”

Yes, Wrasp agrees silently.

The conversation turns to the nightmares. Yeah, Celeste was awakened first by the two Mirialan women. No she didn’t know about last night’s nightmare. Yeah, Boomer had acted a bit weird right before they arrived at Kashyyyk and mid mission when she was trying to ‘find someone to rescue.’

And then those Wookiee’s showed up with that stolen ship . . .

Now Boomer is messed up and won’t talk! And the team is about to arrive to Queyta, a system where everyone is disappearing . . . if reports are to be believed.

Didn’t Rachel Starrunner mention that DC Two was last seen here and were overdue too?

Darkness . . .

Wrasp reflected to himself; and Soshu had offered a million credits and that was a lot to ride on.

It took about an hour and a half but Celeste had called it. Boomer called and entered the Captain’s office/bunk room.

Celeste stood and with a simple gesture offered Boomer a seat. The human then leaned against a bulkhead casually.

Boomer found her own bulkhead and leaned in repose.

Time to get to business.

Boomer was still reticent to talk about her dreams. There was fire involved and she was still weighed down by a sense of dread.

Break Out seemed to be involved in these dreams too and based on her body language that involvement made the Mirialan woman very uncomfortable.

Wrasp tries to help Fiaye sort through her ambiguous visions even asking her if there is a specific location mentioned in her visions, but learns little more than Fiaye is traumatized and confused.

Wrasp fishes out the Jedi Holocron that Yoda had given the team and encourages Fiaye to study up and get better control over her emerging foresee force power.

They conclude for the night and retire to rest up before they arrive to Queyta.

Sometime during this lengthy interlude . . . Break Out stops by the Mirialans’ quarters, finding Sern still pacing restlessly and she demands to be left alone. Break Out has a piece of flimsy (paper) that he want’s to leave for Boomer, offering a kind ear in case she is in need. Sern lets him leave the kind note on Boomer’s desk.

When Boomer finally returns to her room, Sern points out Break Out’s note and asks if Sern should relocate to Hammer’s old (and unoccupied) cabin.

Boomer doesn’t know!

Sern opts to sleep there for the rest of the night and they’ll play it by ear. (Sern is also a bit perturbed that the hatch to their room has been permanently wrenched ajar, but doesn’t mention it aloud).

A couple of hours later . . .

Break Out awakens to his alarm, one hour before they are scheduled to arrive at Queyta.

The rest of the crew join him and everyone gets ready for their arrival with a quick breakfast in the galley. The mood is a bit subdued and there’s obvious concern for Boomer.

Boomer is running late and arrives last to the Bridge, after the crew settles in. Fiaye takes her seat and everything is in the green . . . "How is Fiaye Kfaiya doing?"

She still has a foreboding sense of dread and it seems to have grown during the evening.

Ghost, from her communications station asks Wrasp what his orders are for their arrival. Battle Stations? What are they to expect? Why are they even coming to Queyta? In all the excitement Wrasp hasn’t actually briefed anyone else on why they are coming here!

Wrasp briefs the crew letting them know that Soshu the Hutt has lost all contact with the locals on Queyta. Also, Defiant Core Specials Ops Team Two was assigned to visit this world and was considered overdue by the Alliance . . .

The Bridge crew takes stock of the situation and based on Fiaye’s nightmares, decide to alter their approach.

Break Out alters his approach to Queyta and sets their arrival to a location outside normal sensor range.

Ghost deactivates the Stellar Wind’s transponder and sets her sensors to a passive state (emcon zero).

The remaining crew are ordered to man gunnery stations.

Boomer’s agitated state turns to one of serenity and calm.

“Two minutes to Queyta,” Celeste announces and shortly the Stellar Wind emerges from hyperspace with Queyta visible in the distance outside the front portals.

Ghost turns to her sensors and in moments she calls the Captain over to explain her findings.

All of the nav beacons and guidance transponders are silent or gone.

Ghost also detects two ships in orbit, one is a Nebulon B frigate and the other is a Marauder class cruiser. Any one of which alone could outgun the Stellar Wind.

There are a number of damaged merchant ship hulks (between a dozen and a score), and all of them show signs of currently being under repair or disassembly.

There is also a lot of disturbance around Queyta’s orbit, possibly debris?

The surface of the planet looks worse. The continent housing Thief River Falls (the world’s capital) seems to be on fire with most of the flora and the city structures on the continent being sequentially burned out. Most of the continent is a charred ruin and the damage is being pushed from west to east.

At this range there isn’t much more that Ghost can detect.

Wrasp asks if they can safely get closer and Ghost assures her commander that they can. Wrasp also wants to see how the other two habitable continents look.

Ghost projects a course for Break Out and the ship spends several more hours (eight total in system) as they rotate around Queyta and Ghost gathers data.

They learn a bit.

There is quite a bit of communications but its entirely via burst batch communications which are encoded (and ergo unreadable).

They find another two Marauder’s in the orbit and ultimately identify all four of the capital ships. Currently the Neb-B is transponding as the Command One, but after a bit of research they realize that this is a stolen ship that was under construction from the Sluis Van shipyards and was originally the Covering Fire. Yes, it’s the ship that the battle droids stole when the team fought and destroyed the Obi-Wan droid!

Similarly the other three Marauders were also stolen from repair facilities, all about three to four months ago, all from separate facilities, under mysterious and similar circumstances. Their new transponder codes are signaling as ‘Vengence One, Two, and Three,’ respectively.

Lastly, Ghost detects an encoded alliance interrogatory radio signal identifying that DC Two is on surface at Chandler. They seem to be alive! (And in need of rescue).

The other two continents seem to be in good condition (or not damaged) but they are currently radio silent.

Wrasp makes a call and orders Break Out to hyper out of the system and to make for Innton (M18).

Break Out calculates the jump and cuts the trip down to eight hours. Everyone, retires for a rest after a stressful and ultimately uneventful shift.

Boomer sleeps uninterrupted and well for the first time in three nights.

Wrasp lets the crew take care of the landing and stays in his office and he and Boomer have a quick discussion.

Meanwhile, Break Out and Ghost find that things have changed on Innton (M18).

There are no Alliance fighter patrols and Ghost is contacted on a civilian channel by Intown’s Civilian Traffic Controllers and invited to make arrangements to set down at their starport.

Ghost and Break Out exchange puzzled glances and make a non-committal response to the CTC’s implying the affirmative.

Break Out makes a wide approach and over flies the Alliance Defiant Core base. Ghost confirms no signals from the base and points out that some of the defensive cannons have been removed. Also a lot of local wildlife has moved in closer to their old home.

Break Out checks with Slider and confirms that Slider received a ‘skip trace’ request on Wrasp from their former team mate, “Stitches.”

“What planet was that on?”

After learning that the Skip Trace is requested on Eriadu (M18) Break Out breaks orbit and plots a course for the close by system with an estimated trip time of another eight hours.

Wrasp and Boomer are surprised when the Stellar Wind returns to hyperspace without landing.

Break Out points out that the base is abandoned and the group remember that their former crewman, Rogjar Pullwalp (Hammer), is an Imperial spy and Rachel had told them that their identity had been compromised. That probably included the secret rebel base too . . .

The random skip trace on Wrasp begins to make more sense to the crew now.

Once on Eriadu (M18) Wrasp asks his load masters to secure a cargo of alcoholic beverages (which he intends to deliver to Papa’Fama eventually). The Twi’lek and Mirialan let their captain know that Eriadu is an net importer for that product and that they would end up buying ‘high’ for a cargo like that. Wrasp orders them to make the arrangements.

Then Wrasp and Slider head over to the Me’sen Aliit Traders, where Kha Struwr, the Broker is waiting for the results of the skip trace.

Kha recognizes the two and she is miffed that it took them so long. She’s been waiting for them. She confirms the size of Wrasp’s ship and has him sign for a 1,000 EC lot of cargo. He’s supposed to take the cargo to meet up with his friend Marhan on Kirdo III.

Wrasp cancels his orders to Aliz and Sern on the alcohol requisition and has them report back to the Stellar Wind to help load the ship. Their current cargo includes mining equipment, building supplies, load lift droids, tools, and foodstuffs.

Twelve hours later the ship lifts off, bound for Kirdo III (N19)!

Break Out plots a forty hour course to the uncivilized world and when they get to the Mando encampment they find the plateau above the settlement lined with Alliance fighters (mainly Y-Wings) loosely sheltered from the extreme winds with hastily constructed wind breaks.

Ghost gets clearance to land at the cargo access pad, down in the sheltered canyon where Rachel Starrunner greets the crew.

The debrief goes quickly and Wrasp updates Starrunner about the emergency located at Queyta while turning over the sensor intelligence that Ghost collected. (There is a lot of data and it will take some time to sort through, but Rachel anticipates that the Alliance Fleet will want this ASAP). She then gets the update about the successful completion on Operation Glorious Honey.

Wrasp asks if his team can assist with the operation to liberate Queyta, and Rachel has him fill out the appropriate request. However, the Alliance has a mission request already assigned to DC-01!

Rachel briefs Wrasp on the scant details for Operation Manufacturing Agriculture which will have the team visit the core world of Fedalle (M10). The issue with Team One helping with the Queyta response is that Fedalle is located on the other side of the Galaxy! Hopefully the Alliance can liberate them faster than Wrasp can get his team back and forth . . .

Wrasp, lets Rachel know that the team will head out and tackle Manufacturing Agriculture but they have an appointment elsewhere to take care of first. (They plan to return to Roon where they have promised to help Papa’Fama with this year’s harvest).

Enroute, Wrasp orders the team to pick up a shipment of liquor from Naboo and they eventually negotiate for a shipment of Naboian Wine at about $30 per bottle. (Ultimately packing 418 cases [each case holding 96 bottles] for about $1.2 million). Wrasp hopes to sell these to Papa’Fama, but also knows that he’ll be stopping by Nar Shaddaa, where he will no doubt be able to sell his cache for quite a bit to one of the Hutt factions.

ETA to Roon is 108 Hours (Four and a half days) on Onesday CD 4-16.

Log 20201228

DC-01 arrives at Roon and having NOT changed their transponder from the Swooping Kestrel back to the Starbound Wayfinder (which the locals recognize as belonging to Pa Pooga).

When Ghost gets on the comms and requests authorization for landing she is refused! Further, the Traffic Control operators inform her that their ship will be destroyed if they attempt to land!

Wrasp asks Ghost to try to communicate their intentions to visit Papa’Fama but even the ‘Fama homestead is refusing to let them land (and the ‘Fama’s stronghold has a couple of Heavy Turbolasers for protection).

Wrasp gets on the comms directly and assures the ‘Fama’s that he’s been there before and is a trusted friend.

They relent and they comment that Pa Pooga always seems to show up with a new ship. They compliment Pooga on his good fortune . . .

The team (once they land) are greeted by Aliz brother Iujaz’Fama. Papa’Fama is not at the homestead but instead is in the capital Ultime’Roon visiting the Governor and his daughter. Iujaz is ready to cement the deal and if Pooga has the money he has 280 EC of raw spice all ready to load up.

The only problem is that Wrasp doesn’t have any money! His hold is filled with Naboo wine!

Further, Iman’Gatum (another homestead coordinator) and Ajon’Mido (The Governor living in Ultime’Roon) also have lots ready to sell to Pooga. Ultimately they can offer total of 1,180 EC of Spice for a purchase price of $1,070,000.

Fortunately, Aliz’Fama (Spice) is able to find a purchaser and they convert the Naboo Wine for the Spice.

The group also visits with Ajon’Mido and he expresses a desire for Pooga to pick up a shipment of Cloak Style Figthers and to transport them from Sluis Van back to Roon. The pay is very small, but Wraps agrees to transport four cloak style fighters.

With a full cargo hold, Wrasp agrees to transport Papa’Fama back home and the team departs to Nar Shaddaa to deliver their spice to Soshu the Hutt.

Soshu purchases the lot of spice from Wrasp and Wrasp tells Soshu about the force interdicting Queyta and Soshu pays the $1,000,000 reward for information.

Soshu is displeased that Pooga did NOT kill Iman’Gatum (as directed) and re-affirms her desire for Ajon’Mido to remain the Governor of Roon.

Pooga and his team walk away with over $4,000,000 in the ship’s purse.

The team ping pongs back and forth between Sluis Van, picking up six cloak style fighters and deliver them to Ajon’Mido on Roon.

After that cursory delivery, the team sets course for Fedalle to get started on Operation Manufacturing Agriculture.