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GM Notes for Mission 29 - GM Notes for: Mission 29 - Glorious Honey

Revenge at Kashyyyk!


Exodeen (N12) Not much change here. Pos is still in heavy debts to the Black Sun and is mostly providing patrol details (For Exodeen) so that the Black Sun can import 'spice' into the system in exchange for buying off his debts . . . slowly. He will no doubt confuse Pa for Pla (again).

The Lucinda can be equiped with 1000 EC of cargo and can earn $6,000 up front and another $6,000 upon delivery if delivered in 8 days. (It should take the Lucinda 3 days to transit to the Stirge).

Kashyyyk (P09). Proceedurally, the hand off should go off easily enough.

The charter payment will go off without a hitch. Aliz and Sern believe that they can get the cargo off loaded in six hours.

Pa Pooga will be asked to meet with the Captain of The Stirge one Captain Baggerron Gos (Onderonian Human M). He's received an encrypted message from the Bureau of Ships and Services (BoSS) for the Captain of the Stellar Wind. This is the message from Soshu, but Cpt Gos will mistake this as being from either CompNor or the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) and will mistake them as a an undercover team (working for the Empire). Gos needs a reliable transport for as many Wookiees as possible for the Death Star Two project. He can send unsecured transports to Kinyen. Obviously cleared transport teams can be sent to Endor! Gos is desparate enough to want to push forward Pooga's security clearance. The big requirement will be a good number of successful and positive transport jobs.

Lt Serm. Escorts Pooga to and from Captain Gos office.

However . . . a handful of Wookies will hijack a transport (a YT 1300) and will be attempting to make an escape. The Stirge will deploy fighters and one of the new Alpha Wing gunboats to try to recapture (or failing that) destroy the fleeing transport.

The Wookies (desperately in need of aid) will request help on an open channel to anyone who can render aid! Will the PC's jump in to the rescue? We'll see . . .

NPC Ships!

The “Yyy'r'r'r'ghf!” a YT-1300. (Formerly the “Fortunate Endeavor”).
Sil: 4 Spd: 3 Hand:-1 Def: 1/1 Shields 5/20 Armor 3
HT: 22 (5 hits) SS: 15
Sensors: Short
Crew: 1 Pilot & 1 Co-Pilot/Engineer
EC: 165
Passengers: 6
Consumables: 2 months.
Cost: 100,000 / 4 dd
Customization: 6 Hard Points
Weapons: One Dorsal & One Ventral Turret w/ Medium Laser Cannon: ARC: All, Dmg: 6, Crit 3, Range: Close.

Imperial Forces:

Stirge (ISD)

Alpha Wings (6 Qty)

Sil: 3 Spd: 4 Hand: -2 Def: 1/1 Shields 20/20 Armor: 3
HT: 12 SS: 8

Hull Typer/Class: Assault Starfighter/Alpha-class.
Manufacturer: Cygnus Spaceworks
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 3.
Navicomputer: Yes
Sensor Range: Short
Ship's Complement: One pilot
Encumberance Capacity: 8
Passenger Capacity: 0
Consumbales: Three days,
Price/Rarity: 135,000 credits R/7.
Customization Hard Points: 2
Forward-mounted medium laser cannons: Dam 6, Crit 3, Range: Close, Link 1.
forward mounted ion cannons: Dam 5, Crit 4, Range: Close, Link 1.
forward mounted concussion missile launchers: Dam 6, Crit 3, Link 1, Blast 4, Breach 4, Guided 3, Limited ammo 3, Slow Firing 1.

Tie Fighters (60 Qty)

TIE ln “Fighter”
Sil: 3 Spd: 5 Handling: +3 Def: 0/0 Armor: 2 HT: 6 SS: 8
Mfg: Sienar Fleet Systems
Hyperdrive: None Navcomp: None
Sensor: Close
Compliment: 1 Pilot EC: 4
Consumables: 2 Days
Weapons: Fwd Med Laser Cannons: Arc: Fwd, Dmg:6, Crit:3, Range: Close. Link:1

Tie Bombers (12 Qty) [3 ready launch with Concussion Launchers and 3 ready launch with Protons].

TIE/sa Tactical Bomber
Sil: 3 Spd: 4 Handling +0 Def: 0/0 Armor: 3 HT: 9 SS: 8
Mfg: Sienar Fleet Systems
Hyperdrive: None
Navcomputer: None
Sensor: Close
Ships Compliment: One Pilot.
Enc: 10
Passenger: 0
Consumables: Two Days.
Price: 110,000 -R5
Custom HP: 0

[] Twin Light Laser Turret (Fwd) Dmg 5; Crit 3; Range: Close; Link 1.
[] Concussion Missile Launchers (Fire Fwd) Dmg 6; Crit 3; Range: Short; Blast 4; Breach 4; Guided 3; Limited Ammo 12; Slow-Firing 1.
[] Proton Torpedo Launchers (Fire Fwd) Dmg 8; Crit 2, Range: Short; Blast 6; Breach 6; Guided 2; Limited Ammo 12; Linked 1, Slow-Firing.
[] Ventral mounted Proton Bomb release chute: Arc (Down) Dmg: 7, Crit 2, Range: Close; Blast 7; Breach 8, Limited Ammo 16.

GM Note B

Player hand out

Gorensia Kajidic

Royal Decree and Proclamation

Her Highest Eminence Soshu, the Royal Guardian and Arbiter for Kajidic Gorensia, sends you her enthusiastic greetings to Captain Pa Pooka the Kel Dor.

It pleases her Eminence that her servants have found suitable employ at this time with regards to the ongoing galactic conflict with it's inevitable outcome. Long live Emperor Palpatine!

An opportunity has arisen and Soshu offers a reward to her humble servants that offers great reward.

All of the members of the Hutt Counsel have lost all contact with the world of Queyta.

While the world of Queyta is of little interest collectively to the Hutt Counsel and the Empire in general, this disappearance of this world presents an intriguing puzzle.

And an opportunity.

Her Eminence wishes to convey her understanding of the importance of this world to the galaxy at whole. Queyta, up until two months ago, was producing eight percent (8%) of the food for the galaxy and had a leading role in producing nearly half of the military rations for the beloved Empire.

While this minor disruption will have no impact on the Hutt Counsel, if this situation is not changed, prices for food throughout the galaxy will rise (soon) and it is also projected that at least 8% of all intelligent life will die from starvation. That death toll will actually be higher as worlds begin to fight for these limited resources.

None of the ships which have departed to and arrived at the Queyta system during the past two months have returned from Queyta.

If Soshu's servants are able to determine the cause of this disruption at the Queyta system and to return that intelligence to her first than she will award her faithful Captain with $1,000,000.

And if her servants can correct this problem, Soshu's servants can expect an increased gratitude from their grandiliquent Patron.

While you consider this unique and timely opportunity be mindful to not neglect your other duties to your faithful Patron, her royal eminence Soshu the Hutt.

Mystery at Queyta!

Wrasp received an opportunity from Soshu and is inviting the team to visit Queyta and ascertain what has caused all of the ships travelling to the system to disappear. For two months, there has been no communications and all ships arriving to Queyta have lost contact.

Soshu the Hutt has realized thet Queyta produces as much as 8% of the Galaxy's food.


IG-87 has ammassed enough ships and troops to begin his plan to wipe out all intelligent life in his goal to replace it with his droid minions.

It has resumed production of battle droids and ships on Geonosis (R16) and with a small and dedicated fleet they have begun their plan to wipe out chief agricultural production galaxy wide. Queyta is in the outer rim and a bit distant, but it's loss will have a keen effect.

(IG-87 plans to have his forces depart the system as soon as his forces have succeeded or if they are driven off, they will return to Geonosis (R16) for replacements and repairs. After Queyta, they plan to attack Kinyen [a very bad idea with the Empire using it as a major logistics base for DS2] but a dedicated attack on the Gran homeworld will be devestating. Also the droids may pick up an Action IV or two and THAT would be a major setback for the Empire and a boon for the homicidal droids)!

Note that IG-87 is currently located on Geonosis (R16) supervising the ongoing destruction. This combat operation is supervised by the Anikan Proxy droid with the Ahsoka Proxy assisting.

The attackers are using two GR-75's to shuttle replacement combat droids to Queyta (from Geonosis). It takes 12 days one way for these GR-75's to make the trip!

Meanwhile, the inbound ships that aren't outright destroyed are being captured and repaired. Once those ships are able to travel, they are being sent to Geonosis for refurbishment.

DC-02 was sent on a mission to pick up a shipment of food early on and they are present on Queyta (still). They can get ahold of the PC's on an Alliance Guard channel. There's an opportunity to 'rescue' DC-02

(DC Team Two Roster).
:: SOG Team DC-02. (Human Infiltration and Recon Team. All are male).
– Chand Arley (aka: Fish Fry); Commander
– Ryek Serzen (aka: Spanner); Pilot/Engineer
– Leff Starbright (aka: Squeeks); Comms specialist.
– Zil Nendrik (aka: Holo); Slicer
They have the VCX 100 Stellar Wind and have hidden and secured their ship & cargo.

Droid Order of Battle

Command One – Nebulon B Escort Frigate – “Covering Fire”
Vengence One – Marauder Class Assault Corvette – “Drego”
Vengence Two – Marauder Class Assault Corvette
Vengence Three – Marauder Class Assault Corvette
Heavy Lifter Five – GR-75 Med Transport (Can carry 500 Droids in condensed carry format).
Heavy Lifter Seven – GR-75 Med Transport (Can carry 145 Droids in ready deploy format).

60 Vulture Droids carried on Command One, Vengence One, Vengence Two, Vengence Three.
1,315 B1 Hvy Battle Droid Originally Delivered. (There are about 920 Droids left on the ground after casualties).

~20+ Vulture Droids (on the planet's surface).

Reinforcements over the past two months: +80 Vulture Droid fighters. +1,000 B1 Hvy Droids.

There are about 1,812 operable B1 Hvy Droids razing the first continent. They should be wrapping up soon and are preparing to assault the second continet.

Droid Army Damage Tracking Sheets

Command One – Nebulon B Escort Frigate :: Armor=6
Shields: Fwd 20 [ ] Aft 20 [ ] Port 20 [ ] Star 20 [ ]

HT (71):

Vengence One – Marauder Class Assault Corvette :: Armor=5
Shields: Fwd 20 [ ] Aft 20 [ ] Port 20 [ ] Star 20 [ ]

HT (65):

Vengence Two – Marauder Class Assault Corvette :: Armor=5
Shields: Fwd 20 [ ] Aft 20 [ ] Port 20 [ ] Star 20 [ ]

HT (65):

Vengence Three – Marauder Class Assault Corvette :: Armor=5
Shields: Fwd 20 [ ] Aft 20 [ ] Port 20 [ ] Star 20 [ ]

HT (65):

Heavy Lifter Five – GR-75 Med Transport :: Armor=3
Shields: (None)


Heavy Lifter Seven – GR-75 Med Transport :: Armor=3
Shields: Fwd 20 [ ] Aft 20 [ ] Port 20 [ ] Star 20 [ ]


Mission 029 Quetya Survey

Droid Army
Damage Tracking

Vulture Droids (60 Qty) :: Armor=1

01 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 02 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
03 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 04 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
05 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 06 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
07 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 08 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
09 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 10 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO

11 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 12 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
13 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 14 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
15 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 16 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
17 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 18 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
19 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 20 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO

21 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 22 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
23 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 24 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
25 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 26 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
27 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 28 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
29 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 30 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO

31 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 32 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
33 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 34 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
35 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 36 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
37 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 38 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
39 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 40 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO

41 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 42 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
43 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 44 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
45 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 46 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
47 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 48 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
49 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 50 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO

51 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 52 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
53 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 54 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
55 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 56 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
57 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 58 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO
59 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO 60 HT (8) = OOOO OOOO

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