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Mission Briefing 29 - Glorious Honey

Revenge at Kashyyyk!

The Rebellion needs a win. And fast!

Since the loss of the main rebel base at Echo Station (Hoth) the Rebellion has been reeling and support for the fledgling alliance is flagging among weak supporters within the Galaxy.

To shore up support, SOG has been tasked with conducting a series of raids in order to dramatically inflict damage to the Empire. The Fleet is also preparing to conduct a series of strike and fade missions as well against exposed targets.

In part, with the Empire's recent success at Hoth, the Imperial Fleet has initiated a series of re-deployments in order to hastily assemble task forces designated to hunt down rebel forces. This has left a number of systems underdefended.

DC-01 is being tasked with destroying the Imperial Star Destroyer Stirge located at Kashyyyk (P09)

To do this, DC-01 will be issued a nuclear device (25EC in size) concealed in a shipping container.

DC-01 is advised to seek out Pos Amix on Exodeen (N12) in order to secure the necessary security credentials and the next cargo shipment for the Stirge. Once cargo is secured, be sure to include the nuclear device with the rest of the shipment. Boomer should be able to program an acceptable time delay in order to have the divice explode after the cargo is delivered to the Stirge, but with sufficient time for the DC-01 crew to not be affected by the blast.

Once the mission is completed, DC-01 should return soonest to Defiant Core and prepare for the next mission or target.

On the surface of Kashyyyk there are three known rebel agents. None of the local agents will know about Glorious Honey as their participation is not expected.

Starl :: (aka: Star-El) Krrivoosh :: (aka: Krivy) Irveerrr :: (aka: River)

End Mission Briefing