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GM Notes for Mission 28 - GM Notes for: Mission 28 - Rival Disturbance

Side Issues

Shikf Encounter Notes

Shikf (Mirialan M) old childhood associate from Mirial. He was a snob and hurtful to Fiaye at the Orbital Restaurant. Josus put a bounty onto Shikf and that will be 'cashed in' shortly. Shikf is the operations manager for Starlight Trades based on Mirialan.

Kokoca (Mirialan F) is married to Shikf and is disturbed by the arrest of Shikf in part because she is a battered wife. She wants to know who else Shikf has angered and will offer to hire Josus to investigate some leads. She'll offer $15,000 to 'show up' and another $15,000 to consider her offer. Lastly if Josus can uncover some dirt on Shikf she'll pay an additional $50,000 (as Kokoca can do very well financially during a divorce proceeding if she has proof of other physical abuse or infidelity).

Persons of Interest:

Wediya (Mirialan F): Shikf's secretary. Shikf is seeing Wediya on the side and has a close by apartment that he pays the rent on. Shikf maneuvered Wediya's finances into ruin as well as buying and calling her debt. Distraught, it wasn't hard for Shikf to 'sweep in' and 'rescue' Wediya and placing her in a position of dependence. Then he began to force himself into her life and groomed her into an extramarital affair. Wediya feels trapped and is resentful of Shikf.

CFO Zafeu (Mirialan M): Follow the credits! Not much to see here, but Zafeu has had to 'correct' some personal expenditures that Shikf tried to pay with corporate funds. But otherwise Starlight Trades is very profitable so these 'oversights' were minor. The expenses mainly involved paying for visits to Shikf's favorite restaurant (The Monument).

The Monument is a very expensive ($500 a plate) restaurant serving Mirialan cuisine. Yes the staff remembers Shikf! He entertains often (both for work and privately) and is a big spender ALWAYS ordering high cost wines with each meal. He's also handsy with the female wait staff (most unwelcome) and any time they complain he reacts by eliminating any tip and submitting formal complaints with 'management' after the fact. Shikf is (financially) one of The Monument's top clients . . .

Editor's Note: Shifk was introduced in this session as a foil for K'faiya. While Shifk made an appearance at the Hosnian Prime Orbital Restaurant. But not much else was used for this data block.

[end Shikf notes]

Vogmo Encounter Notes

Vogmo [Mirialan M] recognizes Pa Pooga from back when they both worked in the Senate. He has been watching Sern and she makes him uneasy. She has a 'darkness' hanging about her. Is Pooga aware of that? Vogmo is interested in catching up and seening what Pooga has been up to since the Senate was dissolved three years ago. – Vogmo transferred back to Mirialan and has been working as an envoy for Mirialan. Vogmo is currently enjoying a much earned vacation.

Main Mission Notes

Current Transponder Name used is the “Midnight Streak.”

The ISB was able to find Pargam fairly easily and know that the “Lucinda” was a key factor in the operation.

Since operation Depending Basin was a major disruption to the building program of the second Death Star, the Emperor has taken a special interest in discovering how the rebellion discovered and attacked the facility at Nkllon.

Pargam's arrest was inevitable, but the Emperor has permitted her location and situation to be leaked out in the hopes that the Rebellion would respond and try to rescue her. Also Zhwas Brei (the Gran Djaric sales agent) was arrested shortly thereafter. There is a third agent from Wroona who was also arrested: Manu Bokono (Human M). He is an intermediary between Brei and the Alliance. Manu Bokono's contact with the Alliance is a plumber located on Corellia and works the shipping yards. If rescued Bokono will plead with the PC's to send a 'bolt code' to his contact via the Imperial net. And if the PC's could rescue this agent too, that would be essential! Bokono's contact is Van Ondriss (Human Male) He is a freelanc Plumber and is kept VERY busy with his work . . . which allows him to move about freely.

VAN Ondriss' Rebel Alliance code name is Straight Hook. Bokono did not divulge Ondriss code name to the ISB but he did (recently) disclose Ondriss name! It's just a matter of time before the ISB picks Ondris up!

Parnam has a lot of information useful for the Alliance.
Brei and Bokono have intel useful for the Empire! (Both were also arrested shortly after Parnam was intered).

While all three are being held by the ISB, the Emperor has sent an experienced Inquisitor (Penumbra) to supervise the operation and to await a possible rescue by the rebels.

Inquisitor Penumbra is an Iktotchi male Sentinel force user. (See addendum). Penumbra is a patient inquisitor who works in the shadows, and is setting up a number of information cells to monitor people who are overly interested in his three prime prisoners. Penumbra also has the ability to erase himself from most people that he encounters so he truly moves through crowds mostly unnoticed.

He doesn't have access to any Stormtroopers but has been assigned a platoon (30) ISB Agents (Enforcers) who are normally “okay” at arresting suspects, but otherwise really aren't capable combatants. They do understand that they are on an “important” operation, but the wait is wearing. Most agents are also doing other work so on “short” notice 12 can show up. With adequate notice all 30 can be mustered for an arrest.

Locations where Penumbra has active cells: Both major starports, the ISB HQ offices, the prison admin offices. Popular spacer cantina in the merch starport, logistics office supplying the prison.

The Prison (“Redoubt of Doubt” [Detention Facility 4958]).

Key Prisoners (for the Team)

1 Major Skyali Pargam (Human F)
2 Zhwas Brei (the Gran Djaric sales agent)
3 Manu Bokono (Human M)

Other Prisoners (There are ten Rebel prisoners listed in blue w/ asterisks*).

4 Morne Dallirae
7 Wandith Glom *
12 Woll Collagess *
13 Thuldenn Nerlo
18 Jeh Surm *
19 Hinenneh Rargollin
28 Hom Staam *
29 Fam Zhugles
30 Gar Jan
34 Famon Stod *
35 Denir Mugnuks


OpFor stats

ISB Enforcer

ST/WT: 8 Soak: 1 (Not armored).

Brawl: ccd
Range Lt: ccd

Blaster Pistol: Dmg: 6, Crit 3, Range Medium, Stun Setting (ussually used).

E-11 Blaster Carbines: Dmg 9, Crit, 3, Range Medium, Stun Setting (ussually used).

Section C :: Extraction Notes

Sit Rep:

There is a prison break at Detention Facility 4958!

When the surface staff tried to arrest Unsien Mos, he resisted to the point of gunning down two guards and stealing a shuttle. The facility contacted their overflight patrol (four TIE ln's) who vectored in to intercept Mos shuttle.

As an added precaution, Penumbra contacted the fleet and requested that they prohibit any vessel from leaving the system. (But the space controllers didn't get specifics on who or why).

This has caused a panicked reaction in orbit as the fleet tries to detain anyone trying to leave but the merchants (many on a deadline) are objecting! Still, ships continue to jump into the system with new cargo to unload. If ships can't unbearth dirtside, that will cause some real parking issues in a day or so . . .

At the prison; Mos set his shuttle on a collision course with the prison admin building and successfully collided with the building. He re-entered the facility and helped free Boomer, Duster, & Devo. Hammer was taken elsewhere into the admin sections and is now suspected to be a mole! (True, but what an outrageous accusation)!

Boomer lead the rebel prisoners, who took control of the facility, stunning the other guards and occupants who didn't surrender.

Wrasp left his berth shortly after the lockdown was ordered and has taken his ship into low orbit, enroute to the prison. (His actions have 'largely' gone undetected, but he's not the only captain who violated orders and took off without clearance).

As far as the fleet knows (now) the detention facility has gone 'dark' and is non responsive, BUT they're busy dealing with the traffic jam in high orbit and on the departure lanes. There was a brief distress sent out so the situation will need to be 'investigated.'

Break Out did contact the Midnight Streak and let them know that the mission had gone south.

Begin Session Status (From Orbit to ground level at the prison).

ISD's Firehawk & Vengence are on station in High Orbit.

Firehawk is closer to the prison and is the home base for Gamma Flight (Who has interdiction duties over the prison. But no one would be stupid enough to fly out here so it's usually a boring gig. Until today!

Firehawk is assembling a company of Storm Troopers to “check out” the situation. They'll be sent down with an escort of 12 Tie's (4 squads) to assist the two light squads now present and to escort a Shuttle with the 20 Troopers.

[end page]

Hosnian Orbital Prime Restaurant

NPC's ARR Notes for the GM

Celeste (Duster). Got to hang out with the human section (mostly with Rogjar) catching up on the Imperial rumors and scuttlebut. The Imps are just getting the news and details about the battle of Hoth but are officially being reminded that this war isn't over yet! Building programs and prosecution of the rebels is expected to continue for quite some time.

Rogjar (Hammer). Mostly hung out with Celeste but got a chance to break away and talk shop with an ISB agent, notifying them to keep an eye out on the “Midnight Streak” but he doesn't know what the operation is that they're here for so not a lot of actionable data. He wants to coordinate with the local ISB office but doesn't know how to pull that off (and got no help).

Cop'ruchi:: She had a quiet night and several people, once they found out that she was a well rated sensor/comms operator offered her work. Perhaps a raise would be in order?

Aliz'fama:: She got drunk and didn't learn anything useful. It was fun though.

Sern. Hung out with other Mirialan, 'working the room'. She wasn't well received by the other Mirialan due to her lack of facial tatoos.

Kyredevo (Devo) hung out with Celeste and Rogjar for a bit but couldn't stand all of the pro Empire hype. Returns to find Pa Pooga.

End of Mission 28 GM Notes