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Mission Briefing 28 - Rival Disturbance

The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) has recently arrested Major Skyali Pargam on Wroona for her collaboration with the Rebel Alliance, specifically for her instramental assistance with Operation Unwilling Greeting (M022) and the follow up with Operation Depending Basis (M024).

Alliance Intelligence has discovered that Pargam is being held by the ISB on Hosnian Prime at their infamous “Redoubt of Doubt” (Detention Facility 4958).

She does not have a transfer order pending!

DC01 has been asked by SOG to evaluate her imprisonment and, if possible to extract Pargam soonest!

On Hosnian Prime (M12): Imperial Agent Lt2 Katama Andbea (Human F) has been known to be open to bribery and is known to aid smugglers (for a cut) and may be a resource located in the Trade Port city of Keosaki. Be advised that Andbea is a driven and ambitious Imperial Agent!

On Wroona (L15): Zhwas Brei is a primary agent and may have some insight into Pargam's recent arrest.