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Mission log 27 - Voluntary Wage

It's only been three days since DC-01 has returned from their previous mission “Imperial Filter”

Rachel Starrunner summons Wrasp and informs him that SOG Command has handed his team a mission. Is his team up for the job?

Everyone else seems okay but he may need to leave Stitches the medic behind. Stitches was badly injured and has spent all three days in a Bacta Tank!

That's excessive as most injured parties spend a max of 24 hours in the tank! Surely she should be back on her feet?

Wrasp will check.

After the briefing Wrasp decides that he'll fly the Starbound Wayfinder under the transponder name and flight codes for the Yellow Duck. He asks if the ground crew can have the ship painted yellow for this operation.

No problem.

The rest of the team are assembled and briefed on the mission and told to prepare for departure as soon as the Yellow Duck is repainted in it’s water solvent yellow scheme.

Break Out heads out to start the pre-flight checks, while Boomer supervises the re-paint and engine start up.

Wrasp wants Stitches for this mission and asks Celeste (Duster) to go retrieve Marhan (Stitches) from the med bay.

The doctors are satisfied that Marhan Gadhan is physically recovered from her injuries but hasn't emerged yet. They initiate the wake up stimulants for Stitches and she emerges.

Stitches POV

Stitches emerges from a Bacta tank and faces a group of doctors who start asking her basic questions, like her name, birth planet, mother and fathers names. Questions like that.

In a wash of terror she doesn't know any of the answers!

There is a blond Human woman wearing a tight top, tights with a loose jacket and a big pistol belt with a DC-17 Heavy Blaster pistol. (How does she know about the blaster but not her mother's name)?

The woman insists that they need Marhan (that has to be her name) and that she's dealt with Bacta Amnesia before. Marhan will be fine in a couple of days.

The doctors concur but insist that Marhan should take it easy for a couple of days until her memories return.

“Yeah, sure.” The Blond woman assures casually.

Marhan is offered a patients gown for modesty's sake and the Blond woman leads Marhan out of the med bay, but Marhan doesn't remember any of this place. She feels lost.

The blond woman introduces herself as Celeste and assures Marhan that Bacta Amnesia is pretty common for people who spend more than a day in the tank. Celeste has had to deal with this herself often enough and assures Marhan that her memories will return.

“How many times have you gone through Bacta Amnesia?” Marhan asks.

Celeste frowns and replies, “I forget, but don't worry. You'll be fine.”

This is definitely a military base of some sort and Celeste leads Marhan to a barracks section. Marhan has her own room and Celeste grabs a battle suit and insists that Marhan dress quickly. The crew is getting ready to ship out and they should be leaving as soon as the two return.

As the two ready, Celeste helps Marhan kit up. Marhan's ready locker has a medical kit and weapons. While the med kit seems natural all of the weapons frighten Marhan.

Celeste confirms that Marhan is the team medic. But in spite of Marhan's resistance, Celeste insists that Marhan arm herself with the weapons.

“Marhan, what's wrong with you? You're a Mando! Weapons are a part of your culture.”

“I'm suffering from Bacta Amnesia!”

“Bring the weapons,” Celeste insists, “You'll need them.”

“Are you sure?”


Celeste's room is close to Marhan's and she grabs a go bag before taking Marhan to the waiting ship.

The hanger bay is located underground. The walls and ceilings of the base are natural stone and above the ships is a natural opening that ships can pass through. There are a couple of freighters and smaller fighter craft in evidence in the hanger and Celeste leads Marhan to the largest cargo ship in the hanger.

It's a yellow freighter with work crews busy working around it and Marhan realizes that the paint is fresh.

Celeste leads Marhan into the massive and empty two level cargo bay and heads toward the back of the ship.

There is a room toward the front of the upper deck and its location seems odd. Like it was installed as an afterthought.

When asked, Celeste tells Marhan that's the med bay.

There is an engineering section to the aft and the two take a small lift up to the top deck.

They emerge into the top of the engineering stack. To the aft is the top half of a power plant

There is a Mirialan woman in the engineering bay at a control console. She's wearing a typical spacer jump suit and a weapon at her hip, kind of like Celeste. The Mirialan woman has black hair, but all Mirialans have black hair. How does she know that?

“Hey, Stitches,” she called out warmly. The Mirialan woman has a lot of patterned hexagon tattoos on her face plus a bunch of tiny vertical daggers that don't seem to follow a rhyme or reason.

“Hey?” Marhan has no idea who this woman is.

Celeste leads Marhan forward into a long hall with doors to the sides.

“Who was that back there?”

“That's Boomer. Fiaye K'faiya. Ships engineer.”

“And demo specialist?”

“You're remembering!”

“No. With a code name like 'Boomer' I just figured . . .”

“Makes sense.”

“Are these berthing spaces?”

Passenger berths, Celeste confirms.

How often does this ship take on passengers?


In front of that is the Galley. It's a big square room that runs from the port to starboard bulkheads.

There are two djarik tables fitted in among the other tables and off in a corner is a Bothan who asks, “Are you feeling up to this, Stitches?”

“Who are you?”

“What's wrong with our medic?!?”

Bacta Amnesia.

“Don't you think she should, you know, remember her medical skills for this mission?”

“Relax! She'll be fine!” Celeste insists. “C'mon Marhan. Ignore Josus. He's always gruff.”

In front of the Galley are more berths. Crew quarters. The spacing for the doors here is irregular with more berths to port than starboard.

Celeste leads Marhan to the last berth at the end of the hall to the left (port side). “This is us.”

It's a tiny space. Two lockers, and bunks set on the outside bulkhead. Celeste just drops her pack and has Marhan do the same.

“We can stow this later. I need to get to the bridge.”

The next bay forward is indeed a tiny bridge.

Immediately to the right a Kel'Dor turns as the two women enter.

“We're here,” Celeste announces, “We ready to go?”

A green Twi'lek woman sitting on the starboard side and immediately forward of the Kel'Dor answers, “We're clear to depart immediately!”

Celeste makes her way forward and settles into the right pilots seat. The left seat is occupied by a Duros who calls out over the comm system “Boomer, we're ready to take off. Could you button up the cargo bay?”

In answer massive servos kick in and the ship's hull shudders as the front ramp lifts and the front cam lowers down from in front of the bridge windows.

The Kel'Dor addresses Marhan, “Glad to see you back up and walking, Stitches.” The Kel'Dor's voice is scratchy and rough. Though the voice is unnatural, familial concern is evident in this strangers question. “Glad you could make it for this one.”


The Kel'Dor studied Marhan closely, “Are you feeling up to this?”

Celeste interjects before Marhan can think about an answer “She has Bacta Amnesia.”

Marhan shrugs.

“Oh my . . .”

Fortunately, the trip to Exodeen (N12) will take five days and Marhan's memories recover in the three days projected by Celeste.

However, Break Out has requested a side trip to Duro (M-11). The Pilot has recently learned that his personal ship has been impounded on Duros and is being repaired and refitted at the “Josald Kigel Aeroservice” Josald Kigel Aeroservice located on Duros. The ship is then to be transferred into service with the Corporate Sector Authority CSA.

Fortunately, Duro and Exodeen are less than a day's trip apart from each other so this side trip shouldn't negatively impact the primary extraction mission.

Duro System

Space traffic is very heavy. Duros is one of the busiest systems in the Galaxy and there are countless freighters. The Imperials have a very heavy presence with several Star Destroyers and scores of TIE Fighters swarming among the freighters helping to enforce tight traffic control.

But this is home for Unsien Mos (Break Out) and in spite of the Imperial presence he's comfortable with all of the traffic.

The team navigates and secures a berth on the surface of world in close proximity to Josald Kigel Aeroservice (JKA).

They scout out the warehouse/factory at JKA and determine that this is a very small operation that focus on after market repairs and upgrades on smaller (silhouette 4 and smaller vessels). While Break Out is unfamiliar with this company, a quick glance at their net posts indicate that they have a good reputation and they stay busy.

In slicing the JKA systems, DC-01 team learn that the Blinding Trailblazer is nearing completion and that the drive systems have been installed and are operational. So the team will be able to fly the HWK-1000 from the facility.

The team reconnoiters the JKA facility, that day, and it seems to be a normal factory with minimal security. It should be easy to break in and make off with the Blinding Trailblazer. They plan on returning that evening, when everyone should be home. There is a roof access on the top of the building that seems to have had minimal use and the team should be able to sneak in from the top of the building.

That evening, the team shows up to walk through a pretty routine entry and extraction. For this team, this should be a pretty easy break in and extraction.

On the way in, the team confirms that the JKA building is unoccupied with no security personnel on site. That should make everything easier.

There are some technical difficulties in accessing the factory from the top. The lock is easy enough to bypass, but the roof access door hasn't been used for sufficient time that the physical mechanisms have rusted shut.

It takes a couple of minutes to wrestle the door opened, but no one seems to take notice of the team on the roof, and they eventually make entry.

Once inside, the various team members set to opening up the bay doors and getting the Blinding Trailblazer prepared for flight.

However, the team set off a silent alarm and their preparations are interrupted by the arrival of four Mandelorians.

The Mandos confront the team and accuse the team of piracy.

A battle breaks out and the fight doesn't go well for either party.

The Mandos are well armed and their Mandelorian armor is very resilient.

However Wrasp's team put up a much tougher fight for the Mandos.

Eventually Stitches comes face to face with one of the Mando's and the two tussle, with Stitches effectively subduing the Mando.

Due to her dress and combat technique, the Mando asks (in their native language) if she's a 'sister.'

A truce to confer is hastily enacted once Stitches nationality is made known to the other Mandos.

Negotiations don't go well as DC-01 stays mum on their purpose for breaking in, and the Mando's follow suit.

The Mando's agree to leave so as to not harm a fellow Mando.

The rest of the extraction of the Blinding Trailblazer goes off without a hitch. Since they can't take the HWK-1000 (and impounded and stolen ship) along on their primary Mission, Celeste (Duster) is tasked with taking the ship to Mon Gazza (Q16) and to wait there until the rest of DC-01 arrives with the new recruits. Hunter (Duster's R3 Astromech) and Sern are assigned to accompany Celeste on the Blinding Trailblazer.

Both ships depart the Duro System without incident. Celeste is able to depart before the Blinding Trailblazer is reported 'missing.'


Wrasp heads out to the Imperial Logistics office and is quickly ushered to meet with Pox Amix.

Amix freaks out at seeing the Kel'Dor and insists that the two meet off site and suggests a local diner after work.

The two meet up later and Pos insists that he needs more time!

Wrasp ignores the protest and asks about getting the next shipment slated for MIMS 27 for his ship.

“You have a ship?”

Wrasp indicates that he does indeed, and needs a shipment to MIMS 27.

Pos relaxes a bit and gets the information requested. He'll have the cargo delivered the next day to the Yellow Duck.

GM's note: Wrasp is the victim of a mistaken identity. The player however missed all of the clues and avoided a side plot.


Mimban is only a quick two day trip from Exodeen.

A mining world for the Empire, the planet is controlled from the Venator-class ISD's Redemption and Extricator.

The Yellow Duck is expected by the Imperials and they are directed to land at the Mimban Imperial Mining Station Twenty Seven (MIMS-27).

With Celeste redirected away from the ship, Wrasp is taking the right seat so he and Break Out have a front seat on the approach.

Mimban's primary geographic feature is rain.

The MIMS-27 facility is surrounded by a permacrete circular fence with several guard towers in evidence. Though it's day and the winds are very low, the mining facility is well illuminated due to the heavy cloud cover. The guard towers are using search lights to peer into the lands surrounding the mining facility.

There is only one open landing pad inside the walls and it is sufficiently illuminated with operating nav beacons and markers that the Yellow Duck settles down easily on the permacrete pad.

Most of the crew head down to the cargo bay and open up the front of the ship so that the cargo can be unloaded.

Two women walk onto the ramp and enter the ship. One woman is unarmed and carries a data pad, while the other is an obvious soldier armed with a standard E-10 Imperial blaster rifle. While the woman with the data pad is wearing obvious wet weather gear, the trooper is not and her bulky clothes are waterlogged.

The trooper introduces herself as Sergeant Sazhu Buzan. She has very dark skin and red hair. Her eyes are green.

Buzan introduces Shrii Kishel and announces that Kishel is the MIMS logistician who will coordinate the offloading of the cargo as well as loading up the hyperberide.

Welcome to the 27!

Wrasp introduces himself as the Captain of the Yellow Duck and points out Aliz'fama, who is the load master.

Aliz and Shrii begin discussing the cargo manifest and put together an unloading schedule.

Sgt Buzan informs Wrasp that the ‘workers’ at the station are all prisoners and some of them may try to stow away. If the crew of the Yellow Duck find any strangers on board, they should call the Army and they’ll be happy to take care of any stow aways.

Wrasp asks Buzan if she knows Assizen Voor.

“Why? Are you sick?”

Wrasp is confused. “No he and I have a mutual acquaintance.”

“Well SHE is the station medic. If you need medical attention, 'A-size' should be able to help your crew.”

GM's Note: I intentionally messed up the briefing description for Voor on the mission briefing. The confusing nick-name was a bonus.

Wrasp recovers quickly enough and mentions that he had been diagnosed with Keldorian Valarian Flu and it would be a good idea for him to check in with the medic.

Buzan explains that the medic station is in the same building as Kishel's office, but if the Kel'Dor needs immediate medical aid that the Sergeant is willing to show him the way.

Wrasp politely declines.

Buzan also invites the crew to pick up chow at the Army “Di-Fac” The food is passable and they definitely don't want to wander into the slaves' Di-Fac. Buzan will send an escort for the Duck's crew so that they don't have to subsist on ship rats, while they're on planet.

Wrasp is asked if he needs anything and the Kel'Dor asks when they can expect a break in the rain.

Gleefully, Buzan announces that the “rain never stops!”

“Anything else, Captain?”

Sgt Buzan nods and having concluded her business, barks out “Get Muddy” before turning and departing the ship, while acting completely oblivious of the pouring rain.

The members of DC-01 realize that they're going to need to break out rain gear and, looking at the muddy footprints that Sgt Buzan left, Wrasp regrets sending Sern with Celeste (as Sern is a studious clean freak).

Wrasp asks the rest of his crew if anyone wants to accompany him on his visit to the Medic.

The Bothan, Josus has NO desire to try to fight getting the slick mud out of his fur and the rest of the crew also decline due to the rain.

Wrasp braves the elements and easily finds the MIMS-27 admin building. The medic is tucked off in a small corner of the small building and the medic has little extra space to work in.

However she acknowledges the rebel code name and Wrasp is able to get down to business.

Assizen Voor has identified seven of the prisoners/slaves who are willing to join the rebellion and they are patiently awaiting extraction. The trick for Wrasp will be figuring out how to get the prospective rebels onto his ship without attracting attention and then smuggling the slaves off planet before their disappearance is discovered.

Voor doesn't have any suggestions on how to pull off the extraction, but if Wrasp needs anything Assizen will see what she can do. But as she needs to stay on station. The less that Wrasp's team can use her, the better so as to avoid suspicion. Voor hands Wrasp a data chip that has the names and identities of the seven recruits.

The meeting is cut short as a soldier enters and calls for A-Size. There's been an accident and they need the medic.

Wrasp returns to the Yellow Duck as night falls. The crew settles in and have a quick discussion about how to proceed.

The next morning, Break Out (Unsien Mos) will head to the administration offices and meet up with the logistician, Shrii Kishel and “suggest” that the seven recruits be assigned to the work crew to help with the cargo operations. Aliz reports that Kishel wants to load up the Yellow Duck with a load of Hyperbarides (as is normal procedure for Mimban). Per Aliz, the unloading and loading process will take three days, under Kishel’s direction. Also the ‘workers’ on Mimban are less effective.

The next morning (Twosday).

Break Out wanders out into the rain and heads over to the admin building to meet up with Shrii Kishel, but the admin building is locked up. There is a note attached to the door that reads, “Comm A-size for emergency medical issues and maybe she will respond.”

In handwriting at the bottom of the note the words “No I wont!” are added.

Mos returns to the Yellow Duck and informs the crew that the base seems to be shut down for the day. Maybe there’s a local holiday?

Later, one of the NCO’s shows up and invites the crew for dinner. Pa Pooga has a special invitation to join Platoon Leader Lieutenant Kolte Druddoga for dinner.

The whole platoon is assembled in the army Dining Facility with a table set up for the officers. (The previous evening, Wrasp and Lt Druddoga dined in the officers mess).

But this evening is a day of remembrance and after the meal, the Lieutenant addresses the general platoon, reminding the troopers that three years ago on this date the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star. Druddoga, personally lost three relatives and uncle named Barret Druddoga, and two cousins, Jish Morran & Hailee Udall.

After his moving comments on his personal loss, the Lieutenant invites members of his platoon to share their stories of loss from three years ago.

It the Battle of Yavin day (of remembrance)!

The Rebels are disturbed by the proceedings and keep their heads down and don’t say a word.

Somberly, the troopers head out into the rainy evening at the conclusion of dinner.


It’s still raining.

The admin building is open for business today and things begin to progress nicely.

First Wrasp has a quick conversation with Lt Druddoga and they discuss work assignments for the loading and unloading of the Yellow Duck. Lt Druddoga is disinterested as his duties are more concerned with military operations, security, and ensuring the prisoners don’t escape. He refers Pooga to Ms Kishel. (Easy enough).

The officer then asked Pooga about the recent acquisition of his ship the Yellow Duck and makes some simple inquiries as to the Pooga’s financial well being. Business seems to be going very well for Pooga to be able to purchase a new ship.

Pa assures the Lieutenant that business is going well enough, but that his ship was purchased used.

Shrii Kishel shows up with a work crew and they begin the process of unloading the Yellow Duck of her cargo.

When asked about the prisoner work assignments, Kishel admits that she tends to rotate the crews about, but obviously if someone is on discipline, they don’t get assigned to work on loading crews.

At the end of the day, they use the force and suggest to Kishel that she assign the seven potential recruits to the next day’s work assignment.

The rest of the day is relatively uneventful.

However at dinner that evening a number of the soldiers approach the crew members and ask them about the ombre stripe on the top of the Yellow Duck.

The incognito rebels are confused by the question and the soldiers invite the crew of the ’Duck up to the watch towers for a good look. Boomer, Break Out, and Stitches both opt to see what has gotten the soldiers all exited and decide to accept the invitation. Slider, still not wanting to mess up his fur any more than necessary heads back to the ship with the rest of the crew.

Boomer, Break Out, and Stitches are taken to one of the perimeter security towers that can look down on anything in the base. The soldiers swing one of the observation binocs around and point it at the Yellow Duck and because the sun has fallen and it’s still raining, the soldiers point a search light at the ship. Once that tower does, and after a bit of radio chatter, the rest of the towers also turn on their search lights and in moments the Yellow Duck is very well illuminated.

Yes, the crew on the ship notice the illumination. It’s pretty hard to miss.

Wrasp calls Boomer on the communicator and ask her what’s up.

Since Boomer is standing next to a gaggle of grunts and doesn’t want to arouse any suspicion she says, “Nothing much. The whole base is just admiring how pretty the Yellow Duck looks.”

Through the Binocs, the crew in turn see what the soldiers are talking about. In the constant drizzle of rain, their water soluble yellow paint is beginning to wear off. Currently the top flat section has worn off revealing the black to blue ombre gradient that the Starbound Wayfinder normally displays.

And there are streaks beginning to show on the somewhat horizontal surfaces.

The player characters act surprised and nod in agreement at the ombre shade on the top.

After a bit, the trio return to the ship and report to the Captain that the paint is beginning to wear off . . .

Foursday Morning. Rain is steady now.

Shrii Kishel shows up with her work crew of 20, including the seven requested prisoner workers.

Wrasp has all of his crew stand to, weapons obvious and posts a “tight security” for the interior of the ship.

To keep Shrii in the dark, Break Out invites her to join him in the galley for a drink or two and breaks out a bottle of Wrasp’s finest liquor. Since Aliz has proven to be a capable supervisor, Shrii has no trouble taking a quick break. However, Boomer also notices the libation, and joins the two. The three commiserate over the bottle and proceed to get drunk.

Wrasp helps Aliz and quietly takes the seven requested indents aside and secures them in the guest quarters, quietly assuring each that he’s been sent by Voor. Wrasp is sufficiently discrete and secrets the seven onboard without alerting anyone else to their absence.

Once the ship is loaded up with its cargo, the remaining prisoners are shooed off the ship and an inebriated Shrii Kishel is assured (with help from the Force) that everything is in order and she can be on her way.

Ghost gets clearance for departure easily enough, and in spite of his impaired state, Break Out (with Wrasp’s assistance) is able to fly the Yellow Duck easily enough.

Boomer (has failed her stamina checks) and has completely passed out from her drinking.

But that’s okay, because if anything breaks onboard, Celeste is not on the ship either . . .

Having forgotten that he needs to take the seven recruits to Mon Gazza for delivery, Wrasp orders the Starbound Wayfinder (The yellow paint was barely holding on as it was and the astromech, “Goldie” wiped the rest of it off in transit. Plus the crew figured [correctly] that once the seven prisoners were classified as ‘missing,’ suspicion would fall on the Yellow Duck so that transponder code was likely to be burned. But back to the crew as they flee Mimban) to head to Echo Base located in the Hoth system.

Fortunately, neither of the Imperial Star Destroyers in orbit around Mimban attempt to detain the Yellowish Duck.

However, when the Starbound Wayfinder arrives at the Hoth system there are a couple of Imperial Star Destroyers in system!

And they vector TIE Fighter immediately to attack the ship and open fire on the Gozanti transport!

GM’s Note: Well shoot. Echo Base on Hoth has been discovered by the Empire and likely destroyed. Who could have seen that coming?

Even worse, where is Break Out’s ship the Blinding Trailblazer?!?

Where could Celeste have taken that ship to?

After escaping Hoth (untouched, thanks to the quick response time of Break Out) Wrasp orders a course to Roon. Maybe Celeste had opted to hole up with Papa’Fama.