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Mission Briefing 27 - Voluntary Wage

SOG has assigned DC-01 to conduct a new recruit pick up mission.

This mission is organized into two phases with phase one being extraction and phase two being delivery.

Phase 1

An Alliance recruiter has secured a number of miners as new recruits from the MIMS (Mimban Imperial Mining Station) Battery Two Seven (27).

Recommend that the team heads to Exodeen (N12) to pick up supplies and equipment needed on Mimban. Secure a shipment for Battery Two Seven. Past operations have determined that Imperial transportation agent named Pos Amix is open to bribes.

At Mimban MIMS B-27 locate our agent (Human M) Assizen Voor operating with code name : 'Alert Airline.' He will be able to facilitate and onboard the new recruits.

If possible, pre-screen recruits to ensure that no moles or ISB plants are picked up with the legitimate recruits!

Due to the high risk nature of operating behind enemy lines on a recruitment mission, SOG recommends that DC-01 operate incognito.

The 224th Imperial Armored Division (“Mud Jumpers”) has had a storied and distinguished history for their actions on Mimban and have been garrisoned on Mimban to provide ongoing security.

Phase II

Once the recruits are secured deliver them to Mon Gazza (Q16). You should be able to contact the Rebel Basic Trainers (RBT) via the Fleet Guard Channels. The RBT tend to change locations often so a couple of orbital passes may be needed to locate the RBT's. (Note to avoid contact with any indigineous persons or scavengers).

While delivering the recruits take the opportunity to pick up graduates for transport and assignment.

Note that two graduates are being assigned to the Starbound Wayfinder.

End Mission Briefing