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GM Notes for Mission 26 - GM Notes for: Mission 26 - Imperial Filter

Extract Mission from Sluis Van. (Sounds more exciting).


Once the Starbound Wayfinder establishes comms with Defiant Core, Ghost will contact Wrasp and let him know that Rachel is requesting his presence in the briefing room (with select staff) for an immediate mission brief. Rachel is also ordering the ground crew to prepare the 'Finder for emergency turnover and preparation for lift off soonest.

The 'Finder's crew should also prepare for a rapid redeployment . . .

However ATC is requesting that the pilots employ the standard serpentine avoidence approach.

End pre-briefing.

Rich Shrub is comprised of:

Kolken Mofaal (Human Male): Station Chief.

Dionree “Ree-Ree” Gilharr (Human Male): Agent. (He was previously hospitalized).

Iriz Kruyels (Rodian Male):

Kierjudi Maspurt (Human Female): She is an inporter/exporter and NOT a Rebel Agent. She has been funding the operation and making a tidy profit (for the rebellion). Blond, attractive, driven, intelligent. She has extracted with the rest of the team.

There is a new receptionist but she opted to NOT bug out with the rest of the team. Irni Rathmi (Human F) is a dark haired triangle faced woman married to Kellem Rathmi (Dark Hazel Hair with cleft wide chin). They have three young children (Cho [M] 2 yoa, Sigrin [F] 4 yoa, Grith [M] 5 yoa).

The Situation

IG-87 has sent his Proxy Droid “Obi Wan” with a contingent of Vulture Fighters and B1-A's Battle Droids to sieze control of the Sluis Van's orbital construction facilities so that the group could steal some capital ships. They are currently trying to finish out two Neb B frigates and prepare them for departure.

But the team has already extracted three (3) Maurauder class Assault Corvettes and they have been sent to Mechis to help transport attack teams from that production world back to Sluis Van. IG-87 is awaiting word before he transports his command to Sluis Van and or the old abandoned production factories on Geonosis (R16). They are reeling from a minor setback as they just recently fought off and destroyed (or captured [?]) an ISD attack from the Empire.

The current team arrived on an old stock GR-75 filled with 40 Vulture Droids & 60 Battle Droids. Their attack was delivered successfully with surprise but during the battle casualties were taken and the force is down to 32 Vulture Droids. There are 12 Battle Droids remaining on the station as ~30 of the Battle Droids were used to crew the Marauders back to Mechis.

Update! There is only 1 operational Vulture Droid working at it will arrive to the battle in 7 turns. There are two other semi operational Vulture Droids (one of which was launched as a message droid for when IG-87 returns in force). The last disabled Vulture Droid is being armed as a suicide droid in case the PC's approach the docking bay leading to the Neb B. Obi-Wan has 4 B1A Droids with him as a welcoming community, while the remaining 8 B1A's are preparing the Neb B for immediate and emergency departure.

They are using the Vulture Droids to maintain control of upper orbit and will try to warn off intruders, but those not complying are attacked by a swarm of the remaining Vulture Droids.

The Vulture Droids have attacked the ground based starports in an attempt to cripple the ground based facilities. They haven't attacked anything else warning the ground based population against attempting reprisals. Obi Wan's forces currently enjoy Space Superiority.

Obi Wan is protected by an additional 2 Magnadroids bodyguards.

OpFOR Combat Stats for Personnel.

B1-A Heavy Battle Droids

Still the basic combat droid used by the separatists, they have similar stats but upgraded Armor & automation integration.

Brawn: 2 Agility: 3 Intellect: 1 Cunning: 1 Willpower: 1 Presence: 1

Soak: 6 Hits/Stun: 12 Defense (Ranged) 2 Defense (Melee) 0.

Ranged (Hvy): YGG (cdd)
Perception: YG (cd)

E-5 Integrated Battle Rifle (Blaster Carbine). Dmg: 8 Crit: 3 Range: Med Stun.
There is a mechanical problem and they explode on a y causing dddd shrapnel damage.

Obi-Wan – Is programmed as a Soresu Defender.

Brawn: 3 Agility: 3 Intellect: 4 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 4 Presence: 4

Lightsaber: YYGG (ccdd) :: Ilum Crystal base Saber
Damage 6; Crit 2; Breach 1; Sunder; (Upgrades: Vicious (x2); Damage+1 (x4); Decrease Crit (x1).

Defensive Stance: 3 (Maneuver: Upgrade difficulty of all attacks by 3).
Parry: 4. Reduce melee attack by 6.
Reflect 3 & Improved Reflect. Reduce ranged dmg by 5. Dispair or 3 threat, one attacker is hit w/ same damage.
Adversary: 3.

Standard MagnaGuard(s). The MagnaGuards were expensive droids purpose built to defend clients against the Jedi.

Brawn: 4 Agility: 4 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 1 Presence: 1

Soak: 6 Hits/Stun=35 Defense: 3

Brawl YYGG (ccdd)
Melee YYYG (cccd) Ranged (light) YGGG (cddd) Ranged (heavy) YGGG (cddd)

MagnaGuard Staff
Damage (+3) 7; Crit 2; Defensive +2; Cumbersome 4; Stun; Disorient;

<>E-5 Integrated Battle Rifle (Blaster Carbine). Dmg: 8 Crit: 3 Range: Med Stun.
There is a mechanical problem and they explode on a y causing dddd shrapnel damage.

<>Adversary 2
Body Guard 3 (Maneuver: Upgrade attacks vs engaged frienly (being body guarded).
Defensive Stance 2 (Maneuver: Upgrade Melee attacks against defender).

Vulture Droid fighters/Walkers. (Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mark I )

Sil: 2 Speed: 4 handling: +1 Def: 0/0 (No Shields) Armor: 1 Hull: 8 SS: 8

Hyperdrive: None NavComp: N/A
Sensor Range: Close
Ship's Compliment: None. Operated by a slaved droid brain.
Enc: 0
Consumables: 2 Days.
4 Qty Light Blaster Cannons (Dmg 4, Crit 4, Link3, a added to attacks).
2 Qty “Energy Torpedos” (Dmg 6, Crit 3, Link 1).
-- OR
6 Qty Light Blaster Cannons (Dmg 4, Crit 4, Link 5, aa added to attacks).
2 Concussion Missile Launchers (Dmg 6, Crit 3, Blast 4, Breach 4, Guided 3, Slow Firing 1, Shrapnel 10 (Personal Dmg). Limited 6 Missiles [3 each launcher]).

Either Varient may fire only two Blaster Cannons while in Walker Mode (and these are the blasters mounted in the hull). (Link 1)!

Targetting personnel is going to be (cdd ddd)

end file