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Mission Briefing 26 - Imperial Filter

Team 'Rich Shrub' sent out an extraction distress signal.

We have no details about the situation on Sluis Van (M19).

Due to the means sending the distress signal, the time delay means that if this message wasn't sent in error, this message was originally sent over two weeks ago.

Please proceed to Sluis Van to investigate the situation and contact the team and extract if needed.

You will be provided with the emergency extraction package (EEP) and Boomer should have no issues accessing the datapad.

The known operatives working within Rich Shrub are:

  • Kolken Mofaal (Human Male): Station Chief.
  • Dionree “Ree-Ree” Gilharr (Human Male): Agent.
  • Iriz Kruyels (Rodian Male): Agent.

End Briefing

Emergency Extraction Package (EEP):

There are a number of hunting lodges located east of Vanyak. The rebel team has secured a hunting lodge 237 miles East South East from the Vanyak starport along 127 degrees (actual).

The Rich Shrub EEP safehouse is a two story home with two smaller out buildings out back (large five bay detached garage & a storage building with one vehicle access door).

They have supplies to last 30 days for eight persons. This should be the first location to approach.

If this distress has been sent in error, seek out Kolken Mofaal at his offices at Core Consolidated Consultants (CCC). If this has been sent in error, it is advised that Mofaal develop a new Emergency Extraction Package.

End EPP.