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Mission Briefing 24 - Depending Basin OpOrd


SOG Team DC-01 has uncovered an ultra high priority Imperial target and operation Depending Basin is authorized to assemble and attack Imperial Assets located in the Nkllon (L16) System.

Enemy & Terrain

System has only one orbital planet located 1.2 million miles from the primary, but the primary emits hard radiation and solar ejecta out to the 1.5 million mile primary exclusion zone.

Much of the rest of the system's mass comprises of Ort objects, Meteors, and random Asteroids, all outside normal expected orbital planes and orbits.

Enemy is know to be operating a single Vindicator Class Star Destroyer the Lacerator. Vindicators are known to be able to field 24 TIE class fighters. The Lacerator is known to be using a newer style of TIE fighter which may perform better than the Standard TIE ln fighters commonly encountered. Imperial Navy is operating a shield or umbrella starship named the Guardian. (Capture of the Guardian is essential for a successful rescue of the Wookies from Nkllon). The Empire has a construction facility named “The Wedge” which is the primary target for destruction for Depending Basin. ON the surface of Nkllon is a refinery facility called “The Crawler” manned by KDY personnel. There are additional cargo starships in the system of unknown disposition which are currently supporting Nkllon mining operations. These ships may be considered tertiary targets of opportunity.

Friendly Forces including Supplies, Equipment, & Special Tasks

Alliance Assets are Diving Shrike (CR-90 Carrier), Lucinda (CROC Gozanti), Stellar Wind (VCX-100), Strike Element “Talon” with 4 X-Wings, Strike Element “Bronze” (Detachment) with 4 Y-Wings, Marine Strike Team “Deadly Vipers” comprised of 25 commandos.

The Lucinda has been outfitted with special one time use launch cradles for the 4 Y-Wings. These cradles will need to be discarded after launch and before the Y-Wings return to the Lucinda for exfiltration from the system.


The Primary mission for Depending Basin is to damage/destroy Imperial assets located in the Nkllon System (L16). Security Target is the ISD Lacerator, Primary Target is “The Wedge.” Secondary mission is to rescue 30 – 40 Wookiee slaves from the Nkllon ground refinery station “The Crawler.” Tertiary targets to be determined and disposition at the discretion of the Task Force Commander.


Team will assemble at Waypoint “Chadrik Noom,” a red Dwarf located 5 hours from Nkllon (L16) on or about ABY 2 + 5 days. (In about 2 weeks).

The Lucinda and the Stellar Wind will depart Defiant Core together and rendezvous with the Diving Shrike which is being dispatched from the Alliance Fleet directly.

Once assembled the team will coordinate their operations under the direction of the Task Force Commander. At the direction of the Task Force Commander Mission Execution (ME) time will be determined. This Operation is broken into 3 phases.

Phase I ME +0 Hrs: Lucinda departs Chadrik Noom to approach Nkllon Wedge facility. ME 0.25 Hrs: Remaining Task force Departs Chadrik Noom to follow Lucinda. ME 5.0 Hrs: Lucinda expected arrival. Lucinda will attempt to approach the Lacerator under subterfuge to get Bronze Team into torpedo range. Lucinda will launch Y-Wings to attack Lacerator while providing support for the attack element. ME +15 minutes: Expected Arrival of remaining Task Force. Diving Shrike will launch Talon Team and provide attack support on Lacerator if needed. ME 6.0 Hrs: Reload Operations scheduled to reload Y-Wings on the Diving Shrike for rearming with Proton Torpedoes for an attack on the Wedge. Attack on the Wedge facility will occur as soon as possible after the destruction of the Lacerator.
ME 8.0 Hrs: (or sooner). Once the Lacerator and Wedge are destroyed the Task Force will move immediately to Phase II.

Phase II On or about ME day 3 or 4. Task force will move to locate and capture the Guardian wherever it is found. Bronze Team's Y-Wings can use their Ion Cannons to disable the Guardian. Otherwise capture of the shield ship is assumed to be done under the direction of DC-01 with the Vipers assisting. Task force ships will be available for Area Security and capture of the Guardian. Note that the Guardian is NOT hyper capable.

ME day 4; Note that it is assumed that Imperial Forces at Vandelhelm(M15) will be notified of the attack on Nkllon and begin a response.

Phase III On or about ME Day 4 or 5 after the capture of the Guardian. The Diving Shrike will remain in upper rendezvous orbit while the Guardian, Lucinda, & Stellar Wind drop down the well to Nkllon under the protection of the Guardian.
3ME +1 Day (Aproximately Day 5 or 6). Assault elements will board and take control of the Crawler, loading Wookies for rescue. Disposition of KDY personnel is left to the discretion of the Task Force Commander, but Alliance Command recommends the destruction of the Crawler and subsequent to the return of the Assault Element, destruction of the Guardian is also advised.

Exit Strategy. Surviving Elements of Depending Basin are ordered to rendezvous at Echo Base.

ME day 8; Imperial Response force is expected to arrive. All Depending Basin Task Force elements should be gone from the Nkllon system!

Service Support

Task Force “Depending Basin” will be operating autonomously with no support available.

Command and Communication

  • Task Force Commander for Depending Basin is SOG DC-01 Commander Pa Pooga (aka: Wrasp).
  • Diving Shrike is under current Command of Captain Azhra Tesit.
  • Fighter Operations for Depending Basin is Commander Ked Dandellut operating from Diving Shrike CIC.
  • Zigglan Nroos (Talon 1) is Team Leader for Talon Team (X-Wings) based out of Diving Shrike Commanded by Ked Dandellut.
  • Colty Lowcory (Bronze 3) is the Team Leader for Bronze Team (Y-Wings) based out of the Lucinda and supervised by Ked Dandellut.
  • SOG DC-02 is commanded by Chand Arley (Fish Fry) and operating out of the Stellar Wind.
  • Strike Team Deadly Vipers (25 Commandos) is commanded by Jescar Sesta. They will be transported to the Nkllon system on the Diving Shrike.