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Mission log 23 - Uncoded

Mission 23 Log

Wrasp is eager for action after locating the Wedge construction facility located at the Nkllon system and Pa Pooga informs Rachel that he wants to lead a strike team to destroy the Wedge. There is only one Vindicator Star Destroyer in system, guarding the facility and if they strike quickly, the Alliance should be able to strike quite a blow to the Empire’s new massive construction program.

Rachel lets Wrasp know that those kinds of missions usually are conducted exclusively by the Fleet under the direction of Fleet Command. However she is happy to forward Wrasp’s recommendations and requests along to Fleet Command.

Meanwhile, Yoda is assembling a small team for a trip.

Master Yoda has had the Flair Rider prepared for flight and will be needing the help of his students to finish his preparations for a “New Hope.”

When asked where the team will be going, Yoda’s reply is “not far” and “Celeste knows where to go.” Otherwise, Yoda doesn’t disclose their destination.

The Flair Rider only has life support for eight people and it will be full for this flight. The people attending this flight are:

  • Yoda
  • Pa Pooga (Wrasp)
  • Fiaye K’faiya (Boomer)
  • Josus Laoral (Slider)
  • Unsien Mos (Break Out)
  • Marhan Gadhann (Stitches)
  • Sern
  • Celeste Devereux (Duster)

Break Out is disappointed to learn that he won’t be allowed into the cockpit during this trip, in spite of the fact that he is the best pilot on the team! He and the others are locked out of the cockpit while Celeste and Yoda make the flight from Innton to the jump to hyperspace.

But Yoda is correct. The trip takes less than a day before they hop out of hyperspace and Celeste and Yoda work on the descent.

Once down, Yoda calls everyone to come outside and the group find themselves in a murky humid swampy swamp.

Yoda: “Yes! Come, come! Work to be done. Not much time!

Yoda leads the group to a small Yoda sized hardened mud hut that has plastiseals covering the windows and doors. The hut looks like it was installed a while ago, and covered up to keep the local flora and fauna from making their way to the interior. However the exterior was exposed to the elements so the hut looks aged.

The job looks simple enough. Remove the seals and empty Yoda’s personal effects from the Flair Rider into the hut.

The work isn’t hard but it takes a couple of days to get Yoda settled into his new home.

During the evenings, Yoda tries to instill some final training for his latest batch of students.

When pressed on how the team will be able to gain further training from Yoda, the Jedi Master replies that they won’t ever see Yoda again. They have his holocron for future reference, but they are now on their own! The team will receive no further training from Yoda.

Break Out points out that Celeste surely knows the coordinates so that they can return and Celeste affirms that a return trip is theoretically possible.

Then Yoda waves his hand and proclaims that Celeste will never return here.

And she agrees.

Yoda wishes the team well and they depart the planet and return to Innton.

Yoda: "May the Force be with you!"