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GM Notes for Mission 22 - GM Notes for: Mission 22 - Unwilling Greeting


Celeste and Aliz are going to depart Bothawui and head to Defiant Core to pick up additional crew for the Lucinda. With the foresight of Yoda, most of the crew will already be assembled and ready to depart when Celeste arrives. BUT she'll need to pick most of them up from Echo Base. Jayvan Avisbrig (Human M) will accompany Celeste and he will ferry the Stellar Wind back to Defiant Core once the crew is safely transferred over to the Lucinda.

Celeste and the new crew members will be meeting the Lucinda on Iseno (N13) Lucinda ETA to Iseno (N13) is 8 Days & 12 hours. Rachel (Starrunner). . .

Meanwhile . . .

Wrasp and the Lucinda will fly from Bothawui (R14) to Nexus Ortai (Q14) (ETA 1 day [24 hours]) to investigate Soshu's rumor of an Imperial Fleet assembling at that location. Josus' mentor will be providing a cargo appropriate for Nexus Ortai (Q14) so that the Lucinda can arrive with minimal suspicion.

They will indeed find elements of that fleet on station already and undergoing attack drills, mainly with Tie Bombers. There will also be a squadron (12) of the new TIE Interceptors, working on combat maneouvers and formation flying.

The next phase will be to rendezvous with the Stellar Wind on Iseno (N13) . . . (Travel Time from Nexus Ortai (Q14) to Iseno (N13) is 8 days in the Lucinda.

After the redezvous with the Stellar Wind and Lucinda, the Stellar Wind will return to Defiant Core while the Lucinda is scheduled to move forward to Yag'Dhul (L14)?

Josus' bothan sponsor has discovered that the Empire has hired a Given research team to create and transport super frame girders for a massive spherical structure . . . Rumors have it that they're building 'something' at one of the lagrange points in Yag'Dhul's orbital plane. DC-01 is asked to secure a shipment to Yag'Dhul and deliver the goods so that they can investigate this building project.

Lucinda Travel Itinerary:

Depart Bothawui (R14) and Arrive Nexus Ortai (Q14) :: Travel Time 1.5 days (36 hrs).
[Time on station]=

Depart Nexus Ortain (Q14) and Arrive Iseno (N13) :: Travel Time 8 days (194 hrs).
[Time on station]=

Stellar Wind will arrive on Iseno 10 days (240 hrs) after departing from Bothawui.

Depart Iseno (N13) and Arrive Wroona (L15) :: 6 days (144 hrs).

Depart Wroona (L15) and Arrive Yag'Dhul (L14) :: ~0.5 days (10 hrs).

Depart Yag'Dhul (L14) and Arrive Vandelhelm (M15) :: 2 days (48 hrs).

Depart Vandelhelm (M15 and Arrive Nkllon (Secret Ort Cloud Manufacturing) (L16) :: 2.2 days (53 hrs).

Phase 1 - Bothawui

As the crew of the Lucinda prepare to depart they are offered a cargo of Luxury Food Products (for $5,000) that will act as a legitimate cover for their visit at Nexus Ortai. They need to coordinate delivery of the food with Gig Dohama (Bothan M) who runs the local branch of the Dohama Import/Export Consortium. Dohama can also act as a conduit for Imperial Intel to pass back to Bothawui.

Phase 2 -Nexus Ortai

If the Lucinda can hang out for 2 days, Dohama can secure a transportation contract for a dozen or so Recruits for Iseno as well as a charter cargo of machine parts for $12,000 (for 1,200 EC of cargo) due upon delivery. Charter price for passengers is $1,200 per PAX.

The Empire is indeed mobilizing a strike force at Nexus Ortai, under the auspices of a “Training Exercise.” While the local government is uneasy with this presence there isn't anything that they can do about it.

On the plus side, the Imperial Naval ratings and soldiers are being granted shore leave so they are spending money on the local economy. The restaurants and shops are bustling with activity.

The Imperial Task Force is indeed training. They have target containers and streams of TIE Bombers are making attack runs, using dud training torpedoes. Between the 3 Primary ISD's they have 36 TIE Bombers, 12 TIE In's, & 162 TIE Ln's.

The Task Force “Shocked Trust” is comprised of: Imperial Star Destroyers (ISD), Victory Star Destroyers (VSD).
  • ISD Defiant – VAdm Torak Greer (Human M) & Cpt Seela Noveni (Human F).
  • ISD Terminus
  • ISD Derge
  • VSD Resolute
  • VSD Malady
Support Transports are:
  • Endive VII an Action IV
  • Cholen Driver a Gozanti
  • Sho-Ken XII a Wayfarer Med.
  • Short Haul a Wayfarer Med.
  • Zokayrah a Wayfarer Med.

The Interdictor Aggregator will arrive in a day or so escorted by the ISD Destiny. Destiny houses 48 TIE- Interceptors and 12 Alpha Fighters. (The Alpha wings take a lot more room than the traditional TIE platforms, but are popular with Umbra Squadron).

The sole mission of the Destiny is to protect the Interdictor.

Phase 3 - Iseno (N13)

– Kuctost Krahoem Bothan (M). Bothan Agent who works as a local agent for Dohama Imports/Exports.

This is a way point for the Lucinda and the Stellar Wind to rendezvous. The planet was picked at random. :D

However this is an Imperial industrial world with the core mission of ground assault training. This is the training grounds for the Imperial Army. They also have a branch for Imperial Storm Trooper training. The second most abundant industry is the production of military ground vehicles and arms.

Celeste will arrive with orders from Rachel Starrunner. The PC's can secure assistance to get the needed credentials for the next phase of the mission from their rebel contact on Wroona.

Phase 4 - Wroona (L15)

A three eyed Gran named Zhwaz Brei, needs to be contacted at the local Djaric Distribution of Wroona who can help the team acquire the needed credentials to pick up a shipment for Yag'Dhul. He will refer the team to Major Skyali Pargam an Imperial Logistician (and Rebel Double agent).

As a 'side' quest, the former owner: Jayocta Biggil (Now dead), of the Lucky Leku is still working at the starport as a load lift operator and is asking around for his ship, a YT-2000. He will recognized Celeste and 'detain' her for questioning. (Rescue op)? [Coolan Truka a former Guild Master facilitated the theft of the Lucky Leku for DC-01 so that they could pull off “Reduced Trait” (mission 006)]. Jayocta also recognizes Silver.

As things heat up.

Major Skyali Pargam will need to refer to Colonel Garth Drillhammer (ISB) because the Lucinda is on the ISB watchlist. Pargam will learn and pass on to the players that they have an ISB agent onboard their ship. Drillhammer won't disclose any details, but the ISB is on a fishing expedition, and are waiting for their onboard agent to pick up some juicy details. (Pargam suspects the Bothan as the Empire has been spending a TON of credits on Bothawui to acquire intel about the Alliance).

PLUS! Major Pargam will let the PC's know that the Empire is getting ready to sent a fleet into Mechis to deal with the “Rebel Issue” there. Pargam will encourage the PC's to notify their superiors that the Empire will be taking care of the Rebels on Mechis shortly.

As for Yad'Dhul, Pargam can prepare a letter of introduction for Director Zelnik who is supervising the “Givin Project.” Pargam doesn't know ANYTHING specific about the Givin Project but rumors suggest that Empire is working on an improved armor plating in Yag'Dhul.

Phase 5 - Yag'Dhul (L14)

The Yag Dhul team initially was developing techniques and processes but they've moved the operations. Contracted transporters are sent to Vandelhelm for raw materials and then they are shipped to Nkllon where the struts are manufactured in the Ort Belts. Some material is locally procured from the planet Nkllon.

Team will need to report to Captain Kavor Needa (Cousin of Lorth Needa, thank you) who is supervising the logistics for this project. Inquiries regarding Director Zelnik will get the party pointed at Captain Needa. Needa will evetually send the team to Vandelhelm (and can provide a cargo of needed Imperial parts and supplies 1,000 EC for $200,000).

Yag'Dhul is a primary port and if the PC's want to they can easily bring in a lot of cargo for Vandelhelm as Adventure. (Food, consumer products, clothes, etc).

Gigagantic Mega Engineering Corporation. Boomer sliced their computer systems and learned that GMEC designed the manufacturing process for the mysterious support struts with Director Zelnik as the client. (GMEC publicly claimed that they would not disclose client proprietary information).

ZDX Design Team. Givin Engineering group that manufactures starbases. The PC's have learned that ZDX does not have anything to do with the Death Star project.

In Game Notes:
(Retcon: Aliz was not asked to do following)
Aliz'Fama was asked by the Captain to load up the Lucinda with cargo (no specific destination) and has procured Food, Clothes, Lubricant, Replacement Drive Components, Cabling Conduit . . .

Crew also discovered that they have hidden smuggling compartments! (100 EC worth of smuggling). They are empty right now.

The Crew has a letter of introduction from Major Skyali Pargam to Director Zelnik providing bona fides for the PC's. (This is a next logical course of action for the PC's).

Soshu the Hutt will send a hypernode message to Captain Pa Pooga with an invitation to meet her agent on Yag'Dhul. Soshu wants the PC's to procure assault vehicles for her. She will pay double for them what the Crew is able to pay for the combat vehicles.

Phase 6 - Vandelhelm (M15)

No Director Zelnik isn't here either.

Lt Ela Der (F) will be happy for the delivery of cargo and is desperate to ship materials to the Nkllon facility. This is where the PC's are loaded up with ingots. Plus Lt Der is desperate to ship some passengers to Nkllon and will fill “every berth” that the PC's have. The Empire actually needs to ship in Wookiee slaves to the surface of Nkllon along with two “handlers.” The Wookies will actually be shipped in cages stored in the cargo hold. (It'll be sad and pathetic).

The two handlers for the Wookies are trained to deal with raging Wookies and have done extensive strength training and melee combat training.

Sgt Rodnvic Chapdimm

Br: 3 Ag: 3 Int: 3 Cun: 2 Wil: 2 Pr: 3

E-13b Rng Hvy: YYYBB cccbb Dmg: 9 Crit: 3 Rng: Med/Long. W/ Pistol Grip 1 Difficulty vs engaged. & Biotrigger. Accurate 2.
Stun Stick (Truncheon) Melee: YYG ccd Dmg: +5 Rng: Eng, Crit 5, Disorient 2, Stun (Optional).
Vibroknife: Melee: YYG ccd Dmg: +4, Rng: Eng, Crit 2, Pierce 2, Vicious 1.

Adversary 2.

Special Hvy Wookie Handler Armor. Def Rng: 1 Def Melee: 2. Armor 3 vs Rng. Armor 4 vs Melee.

Capdimm is a smooth easygoing handsome (Blond Blue eyes) guy with a quick smile and a quick wit. And he's equally vicious when called upon.

Cpl Tremel Kervick

Br: 3 Ag: 3 Int: 2 Cun: 2 Wil: 2 Pr: 2

E-13b Rng Hvy: YYGBB ccdbb Dmg: 9 Crit: 3 Rng: Med/Long. W/ Pistol Grip 1 Difficulty vs engaged. & Biotrigger. Accurate 2.
Stun Stick (Truncheon) Melee: YYG Dmg: +5 Rng: Eng, Crit 5, Disorient 2, Stun (Optional).
Vibroknife: Melee: YYG Dmg: +4, Rng: Eng, Crit 2, Pierce 2, Vicious 1.

Adversary 1, Bodyguard.

Special Hvy Wookie Handler Armor. Def Rng: 1 Def Melee: 2. Armor 3 vs Rng. Armor 4 vs Melee.

Perpick is a Freckled Red head with painfully pale skin. He's quiet and purposeful in his motions.

Wookie Names:

x Male
  • Vreck
  • Zhawav
  • Rreshurk
  • Shastuaa
  • Wrengairrfhikk
  • Rrobouacceee
  • Wrirwwatcest
  • Oushiyazniwrihn
x Female
  • Ghrarcir
  • Wraarcaagnh
  • Rrayrash
  • Dhrunglas (Blond).
  • Reghribbyogn
  • Khoolneukkos
  • Pepriabaa
  • Nacelrollayy
  • Rhikubbighaarl

:: Current Status: Both Troopers are captured and incapacitated. Pa Pooga & Aliz have them bindered on deck 3 next to the Wookie Cages.

Unsien is uninjured and free to declair actions. Marhan is also available (Both move next).

Josus & Fiaye are being treated for wounds & Goldie is next to Fiaye. Sern is adjacent to this group and has suffered minor but treatable injuries as well.

The trio have departed the area and are in Engineering awaiting instructions.

Celeste and Hunter are in the captain's quarters conducting battle damage repairs.

Ghost is in the bridge monitoring everything on the monitors.

Phase 7 - Nkllon (L16)

Director Zelnik (Human Male) IS here and is on board the Givin manufacturing structure in the Ort belt.

Side note: There are Action IV's travelling to Nkllon from Kinyen with holds full of hyper fuel. It takes a full load to ship a single girder from Nkllon to Endor. One has just arrived and it's waiting for a girder to be put together. This ship is named the Determined Dewback.

The girders (once constructed) have basic drive and control systems attached and ONE specific crew tranports the girder to it's final destination.

ISD Lacerator is the in sytem ship providing Security.

The Crawler is the on planet facility that travels perpetually westward as it's cargo trucks gather ore to be smelted in its refineries.

Jeeters Kimbly (Human M) – Guest Rooms cook. A bit overweight and scruffy black receeding hair. He's pushing early 40's and wears a professional chef's getup. He cooks two meals, breakfast (omlets) and dinner (Bathan steaks usually). The Guest rooms are also call the “Luxury Suites.”

Nova Zinn (Human F) – Logistics Supervisor for the Crawler. 30 something winter. Short and stocky. She owns a Twi'lek male slave (Purple skin) who stays busy named Rullafaw.

Il'Trapcoos “Trap” Oldban – Flight Director. 18 YOA hyper thin kid with Red Hair.

Personnel Director – Ijeki Lindra.

Project Director – Jace Zil. Supervises everything on The Crawler.

Delta Maint Team Dyllan Fobrek.