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GM Notes for Mission 21 - GM Notes for: Mission 21 - Bureaucratic Alliance

Going price for E-rats from:

  • Vitalkaeess: $25,000 per EC. [175 EC =$4,375,000]
  • Q-Trition: $15,000 per EC. [175 EC =$2,625,000]
  • CAF: $25,000 per EC. [175 EC =$4,375,000]
  • Expected Price is $20,000 per EC. [175 EC=$3,500,000]

Vitalkaeess is a larger processed food manufacturer with Huntjer(m) operating as the head of sales for Vitalkaeess.

Huntjer Valaren has taken a leave of absence and is not able to meet with the PC's. Jakbla (human male) is trying to cover his accounts in the meantime, but doesn't understand the intricacies of the processed food product line. He's been able to keep the repeat orders going, but doesn't know how to secure a pick up order.

If he's property motivated he might be able to shake loose a small order, but for $25,000 per EC.

Q-Trition is a newer company and they are producing a lot of civilian end products and are beginning to enter the bulk rations market. They're getting better, but their quality is still suffering. Victani (f) has a batch of 120 EC ready to ship to the right buyer.

Victani(f) is a young woman who is new to the business and desperate to get this sale.

Chandler Associated Food. They are the third largest food processor in Chandler.

Ariitz Peastough(f) is back from vacation. The PC's haven't met with her yet.

CAF is humming along and the EMPIRE positively loves her product. She can carve out 50 EC of product immediately and put together another batch for pickup in 5 weeks. Too bad about the trouble at Vitalkaeess, right? Good for prices though.


Huntjer is the logical resource for the PC's but his son is hospitalized and preparing for rehabilitation after an experience with a bad batch of Booster Blue. Huntjer is on a leave of absence from work. He's pissed off that a bunch of Faleen have been poisoning the kids with bad drugs. He can definitely get the PC's the e-rats that they want for $20,000 EC each, but he want's the Faleen gang dealt with first.

Huntjer doesn't know how to get his hands on Booster Blue, but it's a product that's popular among the teamsters at the starport.

The teamsters are also having issues with bad batches of Booster Blue and it's causing a lot of the cargo handlers to call in sick. Or end a shift early due to vomiting and nausia. (Ironically Booster Blue was being used to enhance the stamina of the workers).

Careful questioning among the starport workers will point them to the sellers.

The Constables were looking into this issue, but after two detectives wound up dead, they've eased off on their investigations.


Black Sun Operatives

There are three Faleen operatives supervising the final takeover of product distribution on Queyta. They are operating out of Thief River Falls in a palatial highrise overlooking the falls.

They have sent one Faleen to Chandler and Willstown to supervise the teams running product in those locations.

Talsys Reeves – Taxi Driver. Hired for two days for $250.00 and no questions asked.

Drekk Barkeep of Zingers Bark.

Mikekei Niparn. Booster Blue seller in Chandler.

Tools R 4 U.
Queyla. Receptionist at the “tool store.” Random taxi encounter.
Gregr. – Manager of Tools R 4 U.

Black Sun Operations


Sishi Drinneer – Falleen (Female) who is supervising operations in Chandler. She and her immediate crew were killed by the PC's about 5 days before Huntjer could deliver 100 EC of E-Rats at a price of $15,000 each. Yurc Badaq Male Weequay bodyguard of Drinner.

Xees Fal (pn: Sheez Val) is the Black Sun Falleen(M) supervising all of the operations for Queyta out of Thief River Falls. He is going to be PISSED to learn that Sishi is dead. Oh yeah. He totally is.

Zahe Lagot (pn: Sigh Lagoe) is the Black Sun Falleen(M) in charge of Willstown operations.

Dwaytyr Kelstea (now deceased) is a local entrepreneur who decided to corner the drug trade on Queyta (starting in Chandler) in opposition to Black Sun. Kelstea had some initial success and hired the unwitting PC's to help him disrupt the Black Sun operatives.