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Star Wars RPG EotI Cyberpunk TBD

Mission log 20 - Expert Sergeant

GM’s Note: After infrequent absences the player running the character “Silver” ghosted the group altogether. So you won’t be hearing about or seeing any comments about that character going forward.

After returning from their side trip, Rachel Starrunner gives the crew a couple of days for down time for Rest and Recuperation.

Rachel doesn’t have any pressing missions for Defiant Core Specials Operations Group 01 (DC-SOG 01) so the team has a couple of days of down time. Yoda spends that time trying to train up and hone the crew’s Force powers.

After a couple of days of recovery, Rachel Assembles the small team and informs them of a rescue mission that needs to be undertaken on Tatooine.

Fortunately DC-01 has the closest and fastest ship in the sector and Wrasp’s team is assigned the rescue operation.

Wrasp, Boomer, Slider, and Duster pack their gear and take off in the Stellar Wind.


The crew secure a berth at the Mos Eisley star port, where Celeste (Duster) keeps and eye on the Stellar Wind while the other three head out to locate the downed X-Wing pilot & the missing Droid.

After discussing options, the trio decide to head out and have a quick conversation with local mob boss Jabba the Hutt.

While Jabba is intrigued at the prospect of there being a lost X-Wing somewhere out in the desert wastes, his reclamation crews haven’t located that ship yet. But, now notified, Jabba seems eager to send his crews out to help locate this valuable wreck (with it’s advanced technology).

Having tipped their hand, the team withdraws from Jabba’s palace and seek out other venues to locate the downed craft and it’s crew (mechanical and biological).

Back to Mos Eisley, the three split off and start searching separately.

Boomer, gets distracted and starts sifting through garbage dumps and starts asking around for anyone who’s recently salvaged an R- 9 droid.

She is directed to a group of Jawa’s who have claimed to have possession of one of these state of the art astromechs, but it’s such an implausible claim, and the Jawas are demanding way more money than would be reasonable, that no one is taking the Jawa’s seriously.

Boomer comms Wrasp and Slider with the news, and the trio race out to catch up with the Jawas.

Indeed, the Jawas do have a functional R-9 astromech. When introduced to the droid, it is able to confirm it’s identity and it’s association with the missing X-Wing!

Wrasp is able to negotiate a purchase of the missing astromech.

But more importantly, Boomer discovers that these Jawas have a collection of operational pit droids and she eagerly secures the purchase of six of the droids! Now Boomer has a collection of repair droids for her to play with in taking care of the Stellar Wind!

It’s getting late, and the group decide to head back to Mos Eisley.

Boomer sets to the task of updating the ownership protocols for the Pit Droids so that they can be useful in repairing the Stellar Wind.

The next morning Wrasp asks Boomer how her progress with the R9 is going.

Boomer: “The R9?

Wrasp recommends that Boomer ask the R9 about the missing X-Wing and the downed pilot.

With little effort, the R9 provides the location of the downed fighter. And it reports that both crew were initially captured by Tusken Raiders. Shortly after that, the droid was sold by the Tuskens to the Jawas.

Wrasp hands the coordinates to the downed fighter to Duster and she takes the Stellar Wind to the projected coordinates and discovers the X-Wing.

It’s a lovely X-Wing and seems to be in working order.

But this crew only has one pilot, Duster. So they can’t fly both the Stellar Wind and the X-Wing back to Innton.

The recommendation is to break down the X-Wing into component parts and to ship the X-Wing back to Innton as cargo aboard the Stellar Wind. Duster begins the work on that with her droid “Goldie”, while the other three follow the tracks to see if they can locate the missing pilot.

After some successful tracking skill rolls, the crew find the Tusken Raiders who kidnapped the pilot and approach the Sand People camp to open negotiations.

The Tusken’s don’t trust these strange outsiders, and in using the force, the group determine that their Mon-Cal teammate isn’t in the camp!

When asked pointedly about the Mon Cal and what the Tusken’s did with the rebel, the Tuskens attack!

GM’s Note: The Tusken’s ate the Mon Cal and realize that these ‘friends’ of the Mon Cal will take exception to such behavior and initiate the inevitable combat.

While the three force users, aren’t taken completely by surprise and put up a great fight, it becomes pretty obvious to the trio that they are way outnumbered, and it will be just a matter of time before this band of Tuskens outmaneuver and kill them all!

The three decide on and initiate a fighting retreat.

The Tuskens aren’t eager to lose more of their clan mates and accept the offered cessation of combat, (hoping that the three don’t show up with more firepower).

Upon returning to the Stellar Wind, the crew come to the (correct) conclusion that their downed pilot didn’t survive his ordeal.

It takes another day for the whole crew to disassemble and load the X-Wing onto the Stellar Wind, but the team is able to extricate their downed craft before Jabba’s teams catch up.

With nothing else holding the group to Tatooine, the team returns to Innton.