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GM Notes for Mission 20 - GM Notes for: Mission 20 - Expert Sergeant

After landing Likk was captured by Tusken Raiders and is being prepared for dinner.

The R9 was considered worthless by the Tuskens, but some wandering Jawas picked it up and they're tinkering with the malfunctioning droid to see if they can get it to work again.

And the Jawas sold the location for the X-Wing to Jabba, who has salvaged the fighter.

Raison Darklighter is the POC for this mission.

Whatever follows is not relevant for Expert Sergeant (but may become a subsequent mission).

Alternate Mission Plan

The Virgillian Free Alignment is trying to overthrow their Imperial aligned and sympathetic aristocracy.

Mission Briefing

Members of the Virgillian Free Alignment (VFA) have reached out to Alliance Recruitment and they are seeking to establish contact with the Rebellion.

Contacts have established a contact protocol for Alliance representatives to meet up with VFA.

Need to meet up contact: one Herch Kimley, after hours in the warehouse district bar called the “Unbaked.”

Let Herch know that “His cousin on Corellia received his gift.”

End Briefing

Herch Kimley is actually part of the internal security for Virgillia and they have set up a sting in order to acquire credibility with the ISB. Virgillia's leadership is also trying to make a name for themselves and introduce their shipyards in order to provide frigate level ships to the Navy. The thought is that if they can turn in a rebel recruiter over to the ISB, they'll be able to.