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Mission log 18 - Expert Skill

GM’s Note: After having ghosted the group of a couple of months, the player running Sliver reappears and expresses a desire to resume participating with the group. But since Sliver is “dead” I have to come up with some way to re-introduce the character . . .

Before the crew can return home, Colonel Nichos Tainer informs the team that the Empire has secured a “special” prisoner and his holding them on the nearby planet of Felucia (R06). Of interest, the ISD Devastator has been dispatched to pick up this “special” rebel agent.

And anyone of interest to the crew of the special attentions of the Devastator is of particular interest to the Rebel Alliance.

The team are strongly warned to abandon everything if the Devastator catches up with them and to absolutely NOT engage in combat with Obsidian Squadron!

With that time crunch in mind, DC-01 makes haste in the Stellar Wind and heads out to Felucia.

While Felucia is uninhabited, the crew meet up with another ship in orbit and make a rendezvous. The other ship is crewed by hunters who are preparing to set down on the planet side and have been hired to capture one of the indigenous Rancors, who are quite abundant on the surface of the world. The other crew lets the team know that Rancors are highly prized by various Hutts, and if the crew is interested, they can make some good money.

The other ship is not aware of any Imperial facilities on the surface and scoff at the notion of anyone living permanently on Felucia.

The Stellar Wind loiters for a bit and scans the surface. Slider (Josus Laorl) has an Imperial Peace Keeping Certificate (IPKC) and tries to radio the Imperial base with his credentials and informs them that his crew is delivering some prisoners.

Intrigued, the Imperial Base responds to Slider and confirms his credentials.

They indicate that they aren’t expecting any new prisoners, but they’re willing to take them off of Slider’s hands.

And that’s when Wraps and Boomer figure out that they are Slider’s prisoners!

Slider reassures the two that he has no intentions of betrayal and the team just needs an “in” to get the team on the Imperial facility.

He sets the two up with binders that won’t actually clasp, so the two will be able to drop the binders, at will.

Reassured, Duster plots a course to land the Stellar Wind at the now revealed landing platform on Felucia.

The secret Imperial facility seems to be nothing more than a landing pad set in a jungle, and elevated quite high above the surface.

Once Slider disembarks from the Stellar Wind, with his charges, it becomes obvious that there are a couple of Rancor down below the platform.

A squad of Stormtroopers, meet the trio and present transfer orders to Slider (so that he can collect on his bounty later). These troopers greet the trio with weapons raised and aimed at the group. These guys are specially trained for “special” prisoners and aren’t taking any chances!

Up on the platform, the Troopers swap binders, and return the Bounty Hunter’s binder’s to him. “Don’t want you to lose these.”

Wrasp and Boomer are not amused as they are bound with the Imperial binders. However they are still outside of the secured base, so they relent.

An elevator ride later, the group find themselves deep underground in a series of passage ways.

Now that they’re inside, Wrasp and Boomer make their move and try to subdue their captors!

Fortunately they have Slider to help with their “escape”, but Slider had to forfeit his sidearms!

The Troopers move quickly to subdue Slider and Wrasp, but Boomer has trained in unarmed combat, and in spite of still wearing her binders, she is able to turn the tables on the troopers.

A running fight erupts and the base security team responds to the (now) armed intrusion.

The team make their way to the prison cells, and liberate the sole prisoner; Silver.

Wrasp and Silver recognize each other and Wrasp is relieved that he knows who this prisoner is.

The four then fight their way off the base and escape in the Stellar Wind.