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GM Notes for Mission 18 - GM Notes for: Mission 18 - Expert Skill

(By HC1 travel Felucia is 35 hours away). . .

Nevkael was directed to take a team to Felucia (R06)) and to hold Silver until the Devestator can show up and pick up Nevkael and Silver.

Under the tutelage of the Devestator's commander, the two will be transported to Byss (??), where Silver (Darth Rote Augen?) is intended to be turned (or destroyed).

Both are recovering from their wounds from their duel on Saleucama and Nevkael will be playing 'host' to Nix.

The Incursion has been directed to join the main fleet now hunting down the rebel fleet around Mon Cal. There are no fleet or hyper capable ships on Felucia right now, but Nix is a prisoner.

Lord Vader however is preoccupied hunting down one Luke Skywalker (known to be with the Rebel Fleet) and has delayed his mission to pick up Silver. However, once it is discovered that the fleet has departed . . .

The Imperial Base on Felucia used to be a pretty important facility but was abandoned. Most of the facility is still in disuse as its only being temporarily used to imprison Nix.

There are a handful of service crew, but most of the team are Stormtroopers & Supervising Officers.

Red Herring: There is a civilian ship in system the Kril Springer is a Wayfarer Class ship. Their cargo container has been converted to a life support cage for Rancors. (10 Crew: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Engineer, Cargo Master, + 6 “crew”).

  • Rix Luursid (Female Weequay) is the Captain of the crew. She handles the logistics of the operation and has contacts with several Hutt clients.
  • Hunur Juna (Male Bith) Pilot. A friendly easy going pilot. Quite unflappable (a good quality in a pilot flying high risk runs).
  • Vac Frind (Male Weequay) Co-pilot. He's overly inquisitive and gregarious.
  • Yokdarg Kholdak (Male Weequay) “Rancor hunter extrodinaire!” Technically the cargo master. He's been hunting Rancors with Rix for several years and he's getting good. He's a happy go lucky guy and enjoys his work. He also cooks up any game that they come across.
  • Rirk “Wreck” Klotis (Male Gamorean) Engineer.
  • Herlifh Jung (Male Gamorean). He's pure muscle and one of Wreck's cousins.
  • Pibb Pal “Bait” (Male Toydarian). He's a bitter guy and walks on a peg leg (the unlucky victim of a close call with a Rancor). He resents his nickname, but he tends to bungle about and draws unwanted attention to himself.
  • Na Chilesk (Female Deveronian). She's new to the crew and tough as nails. She came highly recommended as a good shot.

They are back from a “failed” day on the planet. They did bag a Horned Kuchgore (Bovine) so they're eating well tonight but they accidentally killed their intended Rancor. They're resting up before they return to the surface and attempt another capture.


Inquisitor Nevkael (Human Female)

She is a tortured small woman who is a very low ranking inquisitor and is rightfully terrified of failure. Nevkael tends to shift from bitter to angry to desperate at random.

FR: 2

Soak: 2 Wounds: 16 Strain: 14 Def: 1/1

Brawn: 2 Agility: 2 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 3 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2

Adversary Rank 2. Dodge 4.

Force Powers:

Bind: Requires FR2.
Enhance: May increase results of Athletic Checks with Force Roll.
Heal/Harm: May spend Force Results to Heal 1 Wound (per White) or inflict 1 Wound (per Black).
Influence: May be used to guide and shape thoughts.
Move: May move Sil 0 Objects up to short range. (Cost is 1).

Standard Sith Lightsabre
Damage 7, Crit 2, Breach 1, Vicious 2.

She is currently assigned to the Vindicator class destroyer Incursion.

Deadly Felucian Fauna<.h3>

Rancor [Nemesis]

Brawn 6, Agility 2, Int 1, Cunning 3, Willpower 3, Presence 1

Soak: 8 Wounds: 40 Strain: 15, Defense: 0/0

Skills: Brawl: 2, YYGGGG ddcccc
Cool: 0, G c
Perception: 2, YYG ddc
Survival: 3, YYY ddd
Vigilance: 2, YYG ddc

Claw Attack: Brawl; Damage 9; Crit 3, Range: Short; Knockdown, Sunder.