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GM Notes for Mission 17 - GM Notes for: Mission 17 - Sensational Collapse

CSA World (CXy)

Initial Interdictions.

CX7 World is a snowy world and the CSA facility is under a blizzard when the PC's arrive. This was a sufficiently forecast event and the local managers grounded the security fleet.

CX7 is a rocky world with about 30% water oceans but the average surface temperature (at the equator) hovers between freezing and even colder. Normally a world this cold would have rare weather, but with extensive volcanic activity in the oceans, sufficient water vapor enters the atmosphere above the oceans. Summer months are particularly energy intense and the increased energy causes longer and more severe blizzards.

Ships located at CX7 facility (groundside)

The patrol ships are:

Singing Kestrel a Jumpmaster 5000, with callsign X-Ray 1

3 M3 Syck Fighters (Callsigns X-Ray 2, 3, & 4 respectively)

The cargo ships awaiting departure are: (Note the cargo ships have been stripped of weaponry).

the Millennium Panther a YT-1300.

the Millennium Mirial Skulker another YT-1300.

the Rock Crusher a YT-2400.

CSA systems for CX7.

The setup is a pretty standard arrangement for a CSA mining colony. There are nav beacons, communications, and weather satellites set up in upper orbit. With a bit of deductive reasoning and a successful sensors (computers) skill check, the PC's will be able to determine that the facility is currently under a heavy winter storm.

There are no ships in orbit as they are weathering the storm below in the surface based facility.

CX7 has no manned orbital facilities.

The Facility – Mining Operations.

Again a fairly standard strip mining operation for the CSA.

Extractors: Little more than scoops, bulldozers, & dumptrucks. The CSA went dirt cheap and none of these vehicles are equiped with contragrav. This also discourages the indents from trying to flee the facility as they are denied access to advanced transportation technology.

The CSA is utilizing strip mining in a pretty straight forward process. They are moving in a straight line and cutting about a 100 mile wide swath to extract anything useful and are leaving piles of detritus in their wake.

Extractors are staged out of the lower levels of the Logistics facility.

Refinery: the CSA has a sole refinery facility that receives soil from the extractors and refines it. This is a very extensive, large facility that the extractor trucks bring their loads to. They in turn head to the refuse section to get a load and then deposit detritus in the already mined plains.

Water is in fairly ready supply and the refinery uses a lot of energy & water. The Refinery has three large pipes that run out to three adjacent ice covered lakes. The refinery also has the power production plant, which is a series of four fusion plants.

Logistics: is the section of the facility that stages vehicles and shuttles for the Refinery. There are some attached marshalling yards/warehouses, but these are staging areas adjacent to the four starport berths. Ussually there are two starships at the facility. One is loading up (about a 12 hour process), while a second ship is “staged” for loading (ussually done one to two days later).

Administration: is a slightly separate facility in close proximity to the refinery. The two are connected via a tube rail system (two train tubes that run a continuous circle circuit. The trains are sufficiently simple and are operated by droids. However the droids are sequestered to keep the 'indents' from stealing or messing with the droids. The train is the primary means of transportation between the refinery and the admin suites.

Housing is one of the primary functions of the Admin facility but most of the workers are indents, slaves, or prisoners. Ironically these “low tier” workers aren't separated or locked up. On the base housing level the “low tiers” have access to an ample cafeteria facilities, some basic recreation facilities and are assigned an individual sleep tube. Security is evident, but most major infractions result being 'reassigned' to Mytus V.

Tier One employees are set aside for full contract employees; including shift managers, high skill technicians (including pilots), and on site security. They have access to the low tier (and train access) but getting to the Mid Tier requires dual access via an access card with an unique six – eight digit passcode. Tier One's eat on the lower tier facilities with the low tiers, however they have two story townhouse style living facilities.

Tier Three (What happened to Tier two?) are the upper eschelon of high management and off site visiting security “consultants.” Access to Tier Three is similar to access to Tier Two. The facilities on Tier Three are almost luxurious with private cooks in the dining facility. There is a lot of open spaces at Tier Three and “room to grow.” Housing is luxurious. Tier Three also houses the control centers.

How CX7 deals with storms.

The refinery is not designed to stop so grand disruptions (like the storm) are hazardous. At best, the refinery can be slowed down, but an actual stoppage is quite costly and having product solidify mid system can cause costly repairs and time consuming stoppages.

So when blizzards are detected the refinery slows down operations about 20 hours before the storm effects are expected. The extractors continue on schedule and the intake material is staged and added through the storm. It's not perfect but it keeps things going.

However, a lot of the lowest tier indents are still sent out and are stranded in their extractors. Logistics will be sending flights out after the weather clears to rescue extractor operators.

And with the open air loading terminals being buried in snow, it's going to take time to clear the latest snowfall AND load up a ship for the next shipment.

Opposition Forces

Corporate Sector -- Coax Heist

Kihraxz Fighter

Sil: 3 Spd: 4 Handling: 0 Def: 1/0 Armor: 2 HT: 10 SS: 6
Mfg: TransGalMeg, Inc.
Hyperdrive: CL3
Navcomputer: Yes
Sensor: Close
Ships Compliment: One Pilot
Enc: 7
Consumables: One Day
Cost/Rarity: $65,000/6
Customization HP: 5
Weapons: 3
<> Light Ion Cannons (Twin mounted in Turret) (Fire: Fwd) Dmg 5; Crit 4; Range: Close; Ion, Link 1
<> Laser Cannon, Light (Fire: Fwd) Dmg 5; Crit 3; Range: Close.

M3 “Syck”

Sil:3 Spd: 5 Handling: +2 Def: 1/0 Armor: 2 HT: 6 SS: 8
Mfg: Mando Motors
Hyperdrive: CL2
Navcomputer: Yes
Sensor: Short
Ships Compliment: One Pilot
Enc: 4
Consumables: 2 Days
Cost/Rarity: $55,000/4
Customization Points: 2
Weapons: 1 (?)
<> Light Ion Cannons (Twin mounted in Turret) (Fire: Fwd) Dmg 5; Crit 4; Range: Close; Ion.

BTL-A4/S3 “Y-Wing” Attack Starfighter

Sil: 3 Spd: 4 Handling Def: 1/1 Armor: 3 HT: 12 SS: 10
Mfg: Koensayr Mfg
Hyperdrive: 1
Navcomputer: None- Astromech socket
Sensor: Close
Ships Compliment: 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner
Enc: 10
Passenger: 0
Consumables: One week.
Price: 80,000
Custom HP: 1
<> Light Ion Cannons (Twin mounted in Turret) (Fire: All :: A4 Variant Fwd only) Dmg 5; Crit 4; Range: Close; Ion, Link 1
<> Med Laser Cannons (Fire Fwd) Dmg 6; Crit 3; Range: Close; Link 1
<> Proton Torpedoes (Fire Fwd) Dmg 8; Crit 2; Range: Short; Blast 6; Breach 6; Guided 2; Limited Ammo 8; Linked 1, Slow-Firing 1.


CSA Enforcer (Standard) (Rival Human)

Hired from the Core for two 2 year contract terms, most are Human and many are Academy dropouts sympathetic to the Empire.

They are generally sent in when someone gets out of control.

Soak: 3 Wounds 12 Strain 12 Defense: 1/1

Brawn: 2 Agility: 2 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2

Melee: YG
Range (lt): YG d
Range (Hvy): YG d
Cool: YG d
Perception: YG d
Streetwise: YG d
Vigilance: GG dd

Blaster Pistol “CSA Pacification Pistol.”
Dmg: 6 Crit: 3 Range: Medium Stun Dmg Only. Disorient 5 (rounds)

Stun Truncheon “Electro Rod”
Dmg: 4 Crit: 5 Range: Engaged Disorient 2 (rounds) & Additional Stun (4 dmg).

Tiss'Sharl Enforcer (Rival)

Hired from Tiss'Sharl, these naturally predatory reptile like sophonts have little regard for their prey. They understand the “rules” and will ussually use their 'pacifyers' for most issues, but they really look forward to a real hunt. Though not permitted, the Tiss'Sharl all carry their Combat knives. The Tiss'Sharl enforcers wear their own custom armor (and is not compatible with other sophonts).

Soak: 4 Wounds: 15 Strain: 11 Defense: 2/2

Brawn: 4 Agility: 3 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 1 Presence: 2

Brawl: YYGG dd
Melee: YGGG ddd
Range (Lt): YYG d
Range (Hvy): YGG dd
Cool: YY cd
Streetwise: YG d
Survival (Tracking): YYG d
Vigilance: GG dd

Blaster Pistol “CSA Pacification Pistol.”
Dmg: 6 Crit: 3 Range: Medium Stun Dmg Only. Disorient 5 (rounds)

Stun Truncheon “Electro Rod”
Dmg: 6 Crit: 5 Range: Engaged Disorient 2 (rounds) & Additional Stun (4 dmg).

Combat Vibro Knife “Tiss'Sharl 'Kiss'”
Dmg: 5 Crit: 2 Range: Engaged Pierce 2 Vicious 2 (w/ serrated edge).

Mandelorian Soldier of Fortune. (Nemesis)

The CSA hires a handful of Mandelorian Soldiers to handle “special” situations. Nominally when the Mando's arrive, the situation rights itself out on reputation alone. But they aren't here just for 'looks.'

They don't use CSA weaponry. By the time the Mando's are called, stunning the subject is no longer on the table.

Soak: 6 (Cortosis) Wounds: 18 Strain: 16 Defense: 2/2

Brawn: 4 Agility: 4 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 3 Willpower: 4 Presence: 4

Brawl: YYGG dd
Melee: YYGG dd
Range (Lt): YYGG dd
Range (Hvy): YYYG d
Cool: YYGG dd
Perception: YYG d
Pilot (Planet): YYYG d
Pilot (Space): YYGG dd
Streetwise: GGG ddd
Survival (Tracking): YYG d
Vigilance: YYGG dd

Jet Pack.

Heavy Blaster Pistol with BAM (max) YYGG dd
Dmg: 9 Crit: 3 Range: Medium Stun Setting, Pierce 2.

Lt Repeating Blaster w/ Augmentation Spin Barrel YYYGB db
Dmg: 13 Crit: 3 Range: Long Accurate 1, Auto-Fire, Cumbersome 4, Pierce 2

Bola/Net YYGG dd
Dmg: 2 Crit: – Range: Short Ensnare 3, Knockdown, Limited Ammo 1.

Micro Missile Launcher (2) (Stun Rockets)
Dmg: 8 Crit: – Range: Short Disorient 3, Blast Stun Dmg: 12, Persistent Blast (Gaseous) 5 Turns. (Limited Ammo. 1 each).