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Mission Briefing 17 - Sensational Collapse

Colonel Nic'hos Tainer, the commander of the Rebel Alliance Special Operations Group, is 'pleased' to receive the survivors of the DC-01 team.

The good news is that there is a new member being assigned to the team, namely Fiaye K'faiya a Mirialan engineer with the code name of "Boomer" (and YES, she loves to blow things up with high explosives).

The Bad news is that the Alliance Fleet was caught flat footed and doesn't have the Coax required to escape the Imperial Fleet.

The Empire has figured out that the Rebel Fleet can't jump too far and has locked down the bulk sales of Coax.

Desperate for Hyper fuel, Tainer needs DC-01 to secure as much Coax as possible! And deliver it back before the Imperial Task force searching for the Rebel Fleet catches up.

Colonel Tainer can authorize funds if the team needs them to purchase that quantity of Coax, but Wrasp declines. He's decided that the team will procure the needed Coax through other means.