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GM Notes for Mission 15 - GM Notes for: Mission 15 - Specified Thigh

Bothawui. Consulate Goesh Drii Kodesil Clan Need to pay $20,000.

Narc Linan - “Window Washer” on Bothawui

Coruscant: Sorah Green lives in Sector 14 and is coded as (Spare Attempt). Secretary to an Imperial Minister. Is a better contact to get to Bestine.

DC-01 will take the Flair Rider for this mission and will be pursuing Bothan lead.

Bestine Infiltration

Bestine IV is a water world with mountain tops creating Island chains on this fairly tropical world. It has become an industrial world and the Empire has begun producing Tie Fighters in batch lots.

Director Draelius has been assigned to take the remnants of the Tie Interceptor project and put it into general production. He's about 8 months away from completing the requisite modifications and changes needed to begin general production of this state-of-the-art fighter. His predecessor was “dismissed” (killed) by the Emperor for his previous failure. Additionally the Emperor has assigned another team to begin general production of the Interceptors and Draelius is racing to make sure his team gets online first.

Draelius has subordinated Director Sogahim, the current world Director, in charge of the current Tie Fighter production program.

The Empire is importing all of their trusted labor, with the promise of well paid jobs and luxury housing and that is working out quite nicely.

However, the locals have been displaced. They were originally promised relocation from their struggling resort/industrial world to worlds with better opportunities, but the Empire has reneged on their promises leaving a populace without homes & jobs.

Proposed Mission Chronology.

1) DC01 will head to Bothawui.

DC01 has been asked to meet with Consulate Goesh Drii Kodesil Clan and be prepared to pay $20,000.

Consulate Goesh Drii of Kodesil Clan knows:

  • Bestine IV is under Imperial interdiction and there seems to be trouble on the surface because the Imperial Navy has just ordered another battalion of soldiers to Bestine.
  • The Empire has recently started producing military shipping out of Bestine's factories. (Formerly large civilian starship production) and the civilians were promised generous relocation packages from the Empire, so there shouldn't be all that much trouble. But there's probably a handful of stubborn holdouts.

Bestine isn't really one of Drii's areas of expertise and he doesn't really know that much about the system.

Drii's expert on all things Bestine is located on Thyferra(L14) and while $20,000 certainly isn't sufficient for the Rebels to purchase assistance like this, his contact on the work is having issues securing more rare luxury items.

Keh Nuav'in(F) would appreciate it if DC01 were to deliver a cargo hold full of Saleucami Brandi to her. She may be able to help the PC's if they deliver the cargo intact . . . and past customs. Drii has a shipment of 100 EC of crates that Nuav'in needs delivered to Thyferra (the world where Bacta is produced).

She is known to frequent the “Dusty Bin” Cantina.

Thyferra is an Imperial controlled world and paramount in the production of Bacta. The Alliance needs Bacta and the Empire wants to retain total control. The Vratix have lost control of their world to the humans and the twin corporations Zaltin & Xucphra (now one corporation).

Thyferra is about to be come a battlefield between the Alliance and the Empire with Rogue Squadron & Moff Khol Seerdon's 3rd Sector Fleet, as the Alliance conducts a Bacta Raid on one of the Distribution plants.

The Alliance has a ground intel team in place on Thyferra operating under the code name: Differential Stand. Keh Nuav'in is aware of Differential Stand's operations.

Keh Nuav'in has a contact on Hosnian Prime who might be willing to sell the PC's the clearances that they need to get onto Bestine. The contact is a corrupt Imperial Agent named Katama Andbea (human f). Andbea is likely to help smugglers but would turn in any Rebel Agents that she suspects.

20180715 DTE Planning chronology & sequencing.


NOPE?? That night the group will be awakened by Vratix operatives who have an invitation for the PC's. They want the PC's to help kill all of the humans on Thyferra. ?? (Need to define).

The next day after the PC's deliver the cargo to Keh Nuav'in, she will invite the group to participate in a Bacta Raid. Keh has been hired by some mercenaries to provide intel & muscle for the raid. If the PC's help, they can acquire a cargo hold full of Bacta for themselves.

Additionally she will agree to give them contact information for access to Bestine. Does the crew have access to heavy personal weapons? The raid is scheduled to begin in 6 days. (Innton is 4 days +2 hours one way in the Flair Rider and Bespin isn't much closer).

The Mercenaries are part of Alliance SOG (AC013) operating under mission profile: Differential Stand. There are two Calamar & one Human and they've been tasked with preparing the ground assault operation on the Zaltin & Xucphra (ZXC or ZXC) staging warehouse 17. The warehouse is guarded by Imperial Army units, who recently took over security at the site due to the high strategic importance of Bacta.

AC013 is comprised of:
  • Lt Suck Ikboc (Mon Cal m)
  • Sgt Krusz Braiddargrixx (Mon Cal m)
  • Corp Hudsmar Visfur (Human m)

There are four perimeter guards posted at two entrances (2 each) with an additional 8 guards on site at all times (during their shift). Guard teams are rotated out every two hours, but the soldiers are armed only with standard blaster pistols. Most of these 8 soldiers have set up half of the break room and use that as a “office” or hangout.

AC013 has a communicator set up and will begin the raid once the get a signal from Rogue Squadron indicating that Rogue Squadron has begun their attack. After the attack draws off the Imperial Navy a GR-75 will land outside the front of the warehouse and a Rebel Assault team will finish the assault (if needed) and begin loading up the GR-75.

However, the Imperials at Warehouse 17 will call in reinforcements (if possible) and Imperial reinforcements will begin arriving in strength. Fortunately, there are no Stormtroopers on the planet and those on the orbiting Destroyers will be otherwise occupied.

During the escape, Keh Nuav'in will escape with the PC's because things are getting a bit too hot on Thyferra and its time for her to get home. She will get off at the next stop (wherever that is as long as she can charter a ship from there). Keh will provide the PC's with her contact on Hosnian Prime who might be willing to sell the PC's the clearances that they need to get onto Bestine. The contact is a corrupt Imperial Agent named Katama Andbea (human f). Andbea is likely to help smugglers but would turn in any Rebel Agents that she suspects.

Specified Thigh - Supplement A

Keh Nuav'in, the Bothan Contact from Thyferra, is willing to help the PC's (now). She is currently traveling with DC01 on the Flair Rider. Now that DC01 has “paid” for the information that they requested, Keh is willing to reciprocate.


Emilkaya Parlove Naboo Barones.

Count Jakojero Kleswi - Nix killed him via Force Power Harm.

Countess Disey Zhum.

Specified Thigh - Supplement B – Naboo sidequest

Emilkaya Parlove Naboo Barones. Hired the team to kill Kleswi, which Nix did accomplish.

Count Jakojero Kleswi - Nix killed him via Force Power Harm.

Countess Disey Zhum.??

Celeste and Tan and preparing to steal a truckload of costumes and clothes to fill up the Flair Rider from a fashion show going off in two days. (But this may not be necessary anymore since Nix pulled off her mission successfully).

Choten is going to want this lightsaber upgrade and there are two of them housed at Varykino, in the personal residences of the Naberrie family. The Naberrie family has them tucked away with some of Padme's personal effects, and they aren't familiar with the value of the lightsaber attachements, otherwise they would be with the Museum.

MOST of Padme's dresses, writings, accessories, furnishings, flatware, etc, now reside at the Queen Amidala Museum/Library/Memorial building, now a fixture of Tranquility Bay.

The Naboo & Gungan staff are eager to show off the former treasures of their beloved queen and are eager to share tidbits about her secret affair with an unknown mechanically inclined outer rim scoundrel. They aren't on display (usually) but the staff does have some of his effects in storage and have shown them off to authorized scholars in the past. (This a trap! One of the curators is an Inquisitress and one of the effects is a realistic replica of the aforementioned lightsaber attachment). Her job is literally, to see if any Jedi or force sensitives show up in search of any of Anikan's abandoned artifacts.

Staff at the Naboo Museum . . .

– Jec Mig (Gungan M) He's a squat green Gungan scholar and has made a name for himself on his scholarly works regarding the late Queen. His latest works “Amidala's Architects” has inspired something of a revival of the now dated decorative styles that were in vogue 30 years prior.

– Fa Fa Yumfers (Gungan F) is Jec's wife and she is a student of fashion. She is the prime curator for the Queen's clothes.

– Modiar Stagden (Human M) is the President of the Museum et al. He was a family friend of the Naberrie family who had fallen on hard times about 20 years ago and was given a staff position to help him get back on his feet. However, he proved himself a capable administrator and a devoted friend and eventually worked his way up to Preside the museum. However, Modiar is not interested in the history that he supervises. He just wants to make sure that the treasures are protected and that the paying public is well served. He is aware of Vivilaur's mission but is quite content to serve the Empire in their quests as well.

– Vivilaur Whiwyn (Human F) is a low ranking Inquisitress. As a young woman just into her Sith borne training she is not showing any of the early signs. She also has to put on a positive face to the public and that is keeping her Morality in the positive side of the force.

– Samlia Exelite (Human F) is the head of Security (and since she is the whole security detachment she heads herself). She has a prim Naboo security uniform and an effective enough blaster, but is really untrained in combat. She is under no illusions that She will be involved in any type of altercation. Samlia does put on a good show and knows how to politely let guests know to not touch anything.

Part 1) – Hosnian Prime

* Imperial Agent named Lieutenant Katama Andbea (human f). Andbea is likely to help smugglers but would turn in any Rebel Agents that she suspects. Lieutenant (2LT) Andbea works on logistic administration and is on the team responsible for Bestine, Foless, & Teyr. Andbea is opportunistic and largely uncaring toward others. She is keenly interested in achieving her next rank advancement (First Lieutenant (1LT) as well as aggrandizing her career & her personal accounts, goals which are shared by her superior Captain Sask Minsk(m). Andbea is a speciest (in line with Imperial dogma) and doesn't interact well with non-humans.

Part 2) – Bestine

Keh has asked the group to extract a family of 4 from Bestine.

Noamos Masish (husband) Former Director of Guest services Hocnatee Resort.

Sayshsab Masish (wife) She is the contact that Keh wants. She has a network of friends on the world.

Abigneah Masish daughter 14 yoa. Quiet angry and resentful.

Talocurt Masish son 8 yoa.