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GM Notes for Mission 12 - GM Notes for: Mission 12 - Redundant Dividend

ABY 1. IG-87 attempts to capture Mechis and convert it's robotics facilities to churn out combat droids so that IG-87 & his “liberated” droids can conquer humanity!

IG-87 has just captured the base and is beginning to crank out B1-A Heavy Battle Droids. There is also a factory putting together B2 Super Battle Droids and they are coming on line as well.

There are facilities that are being laid out for the production of larger droid units & tanks, but they are still a couple of months away from completion.

IG-87 has secured and liberated three Proxy Droids, and in the long term, they are intended to act as spies. Currently, they are acting like the local staff members and trying to encourage people to come back later. Customers who get too nosy, get killed.

The PC's 20 astromechs are complete, but were shut down, until they can be “liberated” later. They are in the delivery storage warehouse, but are otherwise ready for pickup, along with another 62 R3 Astromechs awaiting delivery to other clients (some of whom have been killed already).

Mechis used to have 20 permanent staff members who operated the facilities on the planet, and most of the factories were completely automated. Half the staff were skilled and equipped to conduct repairs when needed, but mostly they supervised repair droids and ensured that work was being completed. The other half of the staff were there for R&D and customer interaction.

Editor's note: The following list is the names of the humans who used to live on Mechis. All were killed by the time the team arrived. The last item on the list were the Protocol droids assigned to each of the staff. The C3 series droids were still operating and present in the personal homes of each of the staff member. The team did not investigate these locations.

Human Male Names

  • Ronirv Woodwill Director's Secretary. :: C3-01 “Owen”
  • Artkale Kinglamb – Sales Director :: C3-09 “Nona”
  • Kaimelv Dowdglad – Engineer :: C3-03 “ZilTree”
  • Izairic Theove – Engineer :: C3-06 “Sistoh”
  • Rodntris Chaask – Engineer :: C3-B8 “Bait”
  • Alfmax Rowmeli – Security Director :: C3-2D “Tudi”
  • Emewayl Buckwhe – Engineer :: C3-2F “Foxy”
  • Caeloswa Boweharl – Engineer :: C3-2M “Yum”
  • Fradev Shorpral – Chief Financial Officer :: C3-10 “Wanoh”
  • Seruly Bagwrye – Engineer :: C3-B4 “Sooner”

Human Female Names

  • Director Amasele Ligin (F) :: C3-2G “Gee-Gee”
  • Heavcour Chatrev(F) – Engineer :: C3-02 “Otto”
  • Yveayan Hallpoo – Human Resources Supervisor :: C3-04 “Oaf”
  • Letyazm Stancla :: C3-2H “Duach”
  • Ruthivy Tomlvize – Engineer :: C3-05 “Five”
  • Peytire Snohyl :: C3-2C “Toosee”
  • Ashlelsa Beebart – Engineer :: C3-2B “Toobee”
  • Camkeel Blakew – Bookkeeper :: C3-11 “Won-Won”
  • Autabr Pinlas – Engineer :: C3-B7 “Beast”
  • Genaliz Grisbus – Receptionist :: C3-2K “Took”

C3-B9 is the protocol droid that coordinates customer service.

Mechis is a world that has been converted totally for the mechanized production of droids. It is an ecological disaster, but with the exception of food production (for the Human staff), Mechis Automated Facilities produces robots without any imports.

Upon arrival the crew will be greeted by a Protocol Droid.


* The Customer Service / Reception (CSR) building is adjacent to the landing field. The landing field is able to receive 12 sil 4 ships. (or 6 sil 5 ships).

C3-B9 is housed at the CSR building and greets customers, and coordinates meetings or delivery of product to customers.

There are offices in the CSR and a basic oversight interface for the facilities on the planet. Since this is still the “face” of the planet, this building is operating with C3-B9 delaying “customers” until they can be dealt with.

* Product Improvement & Testing (PIT) is the work space for half of the Engineers as they develop and test new technology. Though this building has a lot of open space, it contains high precision machining tool, foundries, and assembly tables. This building has been abandoned and is not being used.

* Delivery & Reception Warehousing (DRW). The DRW is where product is stored while awaiting pick up by a client. Immediate deliverable goods are still stowed away in the DRW awaiting re-purposing. Since Mechis had no combat related droids, these finished droids are just waiting activation.

* Central Control Center (C3). This is the building that contains the computers and central control facilities needed to control the whole world. Originally, this building was built for 35 people to monitor & oversee the production facilities on the world. With upgrades and automation, this building now only has four active consoles, including the Directors Terminal.

This is where IG-87 and his core group are staying and coordinating their building and acquisition operations.

* Mechis Residential Geodesic Dome (Home) contains a garden environment. There are currently 20 Single Family Homes, which are quite palatial by most standards. Especially since they each home exactly 1 person. These homes are relatively new.

The droids devoted to Home are still maintaining the facilities, according to their programming. Since their charges have been killed, they do a lot of cleaning.

The Dome used to house as many as 350 people in the past, but most of the former buildings were dismantled & removed. Just behind the 20 current houses off of the vegetable garden, the droids are disposing of the bodies of their sophont victims.

Combat Stats:

B1-A Heavy Battle Droids

Still the basic combat droid used by the separatists, they have similar stats but upgraded Armor & automation integration.

Brawn: 2 Agility: 3 Intellect: 1 Cunning: 1 Willpower: 1 Presence: 1

Soak: 6 Hits/Stun: 12 Defense (Ranged) 2 Defense (Melee) 0.

Ranged (Hvy): YGG cdd

Perception: YG cd

E-5 Integrated Battle Rifle (Blaster Carbine).
Dmg: 8 Crit: 3 Range: Med Stun.

B2-B Super Heavy Battle Droids

Another upgraded Battle Droid. IG-87 has up armored this unit and modernized the electronics & combat integration capabilities. '87 is trying to hold these units for battle against “real opponents” and will only deploy these units if the PC's seem like they'll jeopardize the operation.

Brawn: 3 Agility: 4 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 1 Presence: 1

Soak: 10 Hits/Stun: 24 Defense (Ranged) 2 Defense (Melee) 0.

Ranged (Hvy): YYGG ccdd

Perception: YG cd

E-6 ArmD Rifle System (Blaster Carbine).
Dmg: 8 Crit: 3 Range: Med (Stun), Accurate (1), Autofire)

Single Fire Devestator Microrocket (Fired from left Arm)
Dmg: 15 Crit: 2 Range: Long ; Blast 10, Breach 1, Cumbersome 4 (3 when installed on B2-B), Limited Ammo 1.

Proxy Droids.

'87 has procured 3 Proxy Droids and they are intended to be used as infiltration units (primarily) but each retains at least 1 “Jedi” combat training profile.

Anikan – The menacing, yellow eyed crazy on the verge of Sith territory Anikan. Warrior Aggressor

Soak 5 Wound Threashold = 25 Strain = 19

Brawn: 5 Agility: 3 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 3 Willpower:2 Presence: 4

Lightsaber: YYYGG cccdd :: Red Byss Kyber Crystal.
Damage 8; Crit 2; Breach 2; Vicious 2; Sunder.

Fearsome 4: May force engaged adversary to face a fear check (VS 4 purple).

Parry: 3. Reduce melee attack by 6.

Reflect 2 & Improved Reflect. Reduce ranged dmg by 4. Dispair or 3 threat, one attacker is hit w/ same damage.

Saber Throw: Attack with Light Saber at Med (or less) range.

Adversary: 3.

Ahsoka – She is programmed as a Shien Expert.

Soak 5 Wound Threashold=25 :: 57 Hits= 19

Brawn: 2 Agility: 4 Intellect: 2 Cunning 4: Willpower: 2 Presence: 3

Lightsaber: YGGG cddd :: Lorrdian Gemstone base Saber
Damage 7; Crit 2; Breach 1; Defensive 1; Sunder; (Upgrades: Defensive (x1); Deflection (x2).

Athletics: YG. cd

Coordination: YYGG. ccdd

Stealth: YYYG. cccd

Side Step 2: Upgrade all Ranged attacks inbound by 2.

Defensive Stance: 2 (Maneuver: Upgrade difficulty of all attacks by 2).

Parry: 4. Reduce melee attack by 6.

Reflect 3 & Improved Reflect. Reduce ranged dmg by 5. Dispair or 3 threat, one attacker is hit w/ same damage.

Saber Throw: Attack with Light Saber at Med (or less) range.

Adversary: 2.

Obi-Wan – Is programmed as a Soresu Defender.

Brawn: 3 Agility: 3 Intellect: 4 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 4 Presence: 4

Lightsaber: YYGG ccdd :: Ilum Crystal base Saber
Damage 6; Crit 2; Breach 1; Sunder; (Upgrades: Vicious (x2); Damage+1 (x4); Decrease Crit (x1).

Defensive Stance: 3 (Maneuver: Upgrade difficulty of all attacks by 3).

Parry: 4. Reduce melee attack by 6.

Reflect 3 & Improved Reflect. Reduce ranged dmg by 5. Dispair or 3 threat, one attacker is hit w/ same damage.

Adversary: 3.

The MagnaGuards were expensive droids purpose built to defend clients against the Jedi.

IG-87 is a Uplifted MagnaGuard.

Brawn: 5 Agility: 5 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 1 Presence: 1

Soak: 6 Hits/Stun=35 Defense: 4

Brawl YYGGG ccddd

Melee YYYGG cccdd

Ranged (light) YGGGG cdddd

Ranged (heavy) YGGGG cdddd

MagnaGuard Staff
Damage (+3) 8; Crit 2; Defensive +2; Cumbersome 4; Stun; Disorient;

Adversary 3

Defensive Stance 3 (vs inbound melee attacks).

Standard MagnaGuard(s).

Brawn: 4 Agility: 4 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 1 Presence: 1

Soak: 6 Hits/Stun=35 Defense: 3

Brawl YYGG ccdd

Melee YYYG cccd

Ranged (light) YGGG cddd

Ranged (light) YGGG cddd

Ranged (heavy) YGGG cddd

MagnaGuard Staff
Damage (+3) 7; Crit 2; Defensive +2; Cumbersome 4; Stun; Disorient;

Adversary 2

Body Guard 3 (Maneuver: Upgrade attacks vs engaged frienly (being body guarded).

Defensive Stance 2 (Maneuver: Upgrade Melee attacks against defender).

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