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GM Notes for Mission 11 - GM Notes for: Mission 11 - Loose Creation

Sequence of Events.

DC01 took the Stellar Wind to Tatooinee to try to find some leads for the needed Shield Arc Regulator. Additionally they decided to see if they could pick up a Kyber crystal for Tank (who was thoroughly convinced by his force vision, that he needed one).

They met up with a Tusken raider and his human translator/slave. The Tusken led the group into an ambush, but the team fought their way and defeated most of the tribe, to make their escape.

The group picked up two kyber Krayt Dragon crystals from Jabba the Hutt for $25,000 each, via a Rodian bounty hunter.

DC01 met up with an Ugnaught who referred them to a cousin of his on Bespin named Parido Dree, who works as a refinery repair technician.

Jumped by Pirates: A crew has taken an interest in the Razza and their shipment of Castell(M09) Wine. The pirates know that the PC's have a lot of cash to thrown around to procure jewelry are interested cash and in getting their hands on some of the shipment and as long as the crew doesn't resist, they'll release the the Razza & crew after they secure 30 EC of the wine & a convincing quantity of credits.

They are Hutt agents and are loosely affiliated with Jabba (but they aren't working directly for Jabba).

Persons of Interest

Commander Colljosh Wisson is the Base Commander for Defiant Core on Innton and the base needs to install a deflector shield assembly. They have most of the components that they need, but the are missing a key and highly controlled component.

Parido Dree Ugnaught Ace Mechanic who works on the refineries. Referred by Krix a ship crew that the team ran into on Tatooine.


Bespin (K18):

Bespin is run by Lando Calrissian, who is trying to run a low profile tibanna gas mining & processing operation. He also inherited the shadow port which he runs with alacrity. However, he want's to run a VERY low profile to keep the Empire appeased.

If the PC's do anything “suspicious” Eshiva Starlighter (with the winged guard) may be assigned to investigate the group. Also, with Silver's former reputation, Lando may just invite her up for a chat. There is now a bounty on her head for her capture and or information regarding her whereabouts.

Parido Dree Ugnaught Ace Mechanic who works on the refineries. Referred by Krix (who was met on Tatooinee).

Sorgi Quppu is an agent of Datal the Hutt. She isn't supposed to be here officially because this is Jabba's turf. However, Letto the Hutt has designs on taking over the shadow trade at Bespin and undermining Jabba. Datal is a subordinate of Letto's

Lando is the actual source of the Shield Arc Regulator that the team needs, however Lando is more interested in a trade in kind. He's willing to sell the team the needed Regulator for just $55,000. However, he wants the PC's to procure a batch of 120 EC's of Bacta from Thypherra. Lando can provide a requisition request (since Bacta is a controlled substance) and 120 EC's of Bacta has a wholesale price of $360,000 . . . (Retail value is $480,000).

Also, one of his more reliable crews is overdue and Lando has a shipment of 80 EC in Tibanna CF pallets due to arrive to Duro (M11). It's a rush job and Lando is willing to pay $2,500 for a cargo charter. Its mostly on the way to and from Thyferra.

Generic Ugnaught (male) names.
  • Tun Snagra
  • Surl Nongi
  • Del Snill
  • Gurn Dig
  • Theerirl Snik
  • Turutt Nok
Terminus (K20):

Terminus is a cosmopolitan system and is a leading nexus between the Empire & Wild Space.

Bulk KDY equipment will not be available, but asking about them might attract the attention of embedded ISB agents.

Kyber crystals may be available for trade, though.

Tatooine (R16):

Run by Jabba the Hutt this backwater desert world is a hive of scum and . . . Mos Eisly is the main port.

Vibro Knife is a bounty hunter cantina.

Socorro (Q17):

Vakayya is the “capital” of this world.

Socorro is a volcanic desert world circling a Red giant. Temperatures average 110 degrees at the Poles so most species require protection from the extreme heat.

Cities and settlements are situated around water mines (usually close to volcanoes or other natural fissures to the magma layer).

Socorro & Vakayya imports food, & metals and their principal “export” are ship upgrades that are usually illegal elsewhere.

Nearly every criminal syndicate has a presence on this world but the harsh conditions make it difficult for one faction to achieve dominance, due to the fact that so many settlements are scattered across the world.

Socorro is a major hub for spice smuggling and smugglers of any stripe use the world as a way station for repairs and resupply.

Prices are typically double on Socorro, but they pay good prices for imports.

Drexel II (Q18):

This is a Black Sun operation run by Geemli Lotruc a female Faleen. She may not be accessible to the PC's but Drexel II is an open operation and the PC's may be able to procure what they need . . . if it's available and if the price is right.

Nar Shaddaa (S12):

Triloc is still grateful for the PC's help with the stones, but can get them the part they need for $200,000. There may be other rival Hutt's who can help . . .