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Mission Briefing 11 - Loose Creation

The building progress at Defiant Core is progressing quite nicely, but the base needs to get a deflector shield installed before the base can become operational.

Commander Colljosh Wisson is asking the team to procure a KDY Shield Arc Regulator Model TRZ-087 M(ilitary).

The Empire procures these for $23,500. However, the black market is asking between $100,000 - $150,000.

DC01 will be issued $125,000 and will be asked to secure a TRZ-087 M.

The Rebellion has a couple of options, but no concrete leads: Due to the sensitive nature of this mission and DC01's unique abilities, it is believed that DC01 could navigate the shadow markets.

Procurement Options:

3.25 Parsecs away is a smaller Shadow Market on Bespin (K18). The Rebel agents have had some success procuring non-sensitive equipment from Bespin through open channels, but don't have any reliable sources for military grade equipment.

3.5 Parsecs away is the sketchy Shadowport of Terminus (K20), further out of the Rim.

Tatooine (R16) & Socorro (Q17) are 5-6 parsecs away.

5 Parsecs to galactic east is the Shadowport of Drexel II (Q18). It is well known that this port is controlled and operated by the Black Sun.

Nar Shaddaa (S12) and the contacts that the team has with Triloc the Hutt, may be an option? 10.5 Parsecs.