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GM Notes for Mission 10 - GM Notes for: Mission 10 - Uncoded: Side Quest. Dagobagh Set Up.

Jedi Training

Yoda needs help setting up for a training opportunity on Dagobah and he will enlist the help of DC-01 to help him locate and build a home.

The keynote of this session will the introduction of the Dark Side Vergence (“The Cave”).

About two kilometers from the hut that Yoda will have set up is a cave which also leads to a dark side vergence and as a part of their training, Yoda will send the PC's to “explore” the cave.

Each of the PC's will be separated and face a dark vision or temptation.

Choten Vershyny's Vision:

Choten's father, Hakken, will confront Choten to belittle his son's association with the other members of DC-01.

Hakken will impugn the other members as intellectually inferior and weak, holding back Choten.

Hakken will finish by inviting Choten to exit the cave and to cut down his companions so that the son can return to Arkadia to join Hakken where they can take control of Arkadia and help shape their homeworld to be the crowning jewel in the Empire!

Tan Kurok's Vision:

Tank's father, Roka K'urok, will show up as a yellow eyed Sith, weilding a red lightsaber. He will chide Tank for not embracing the force and for associating with his weaker teammates.

Roka will encourage Tank to embrace his training as a hunter and to join in the ultimate hunt . . . for Jedi!

If Tank refuses Roka will attack with his lightsaber.

Kukekari's Vision:

Combat with Darth Vader. Vader will make fun of and impugn Gizmo's goals and efforts to “beat Vader.” Vader will employ his light saber & force powers to overpower Gizmo.

Vader will also make it apparent that Gizmo will never hope to overpower any of the Sith lords without a lightsaber.

Nix' Vision:

Nix will follow the tortured cries of a woman being tormented only to come to face with the Togruta Female Fiora, who is being branded with Black Sun tattoos by her tormentors.

Fiora will accuse Nix of abandoning her and allowing Fiora to be enslaved. She will plead with Nix to save her!

Drik's Vision:

Drik's parents were killed by the Empire & his mentor “Gambit” was captured and imprisoned by the Empire . . .

Drik will find Gambit chained to a wall. Gambit will plead for rescue and inform Drik that he is being held at the Imperial Prison on Anoat (K18). He'll beg for Drik to abandon his friends on Dagobah and to come and find him on Anoat. Gambit will tell Drik that he may be killed by the Lurkers any day now.

Editor's Note: The player running Drix ghosted this session so no quest for him!