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Mission Briefing 09 - Integral Sea

Mission Briefing

DC01 is tasked with traveling to Malastare (N16) to the capital Pixelito and to meet with an agent of the Dugs for Democracy (DFD) Reebes Ssundin.

Reebes has agreed to assist the team in the hijacking of a bulk fuel transport operated by Imperial contractor Kraylon Heavy Lift Solutions (KHLS).

DC01 should proceed to capture and acquire positive control of one of KHLS' vessels (while loaded) and to deliver the ship to the Rebellion (Innton). The capture of this ship should hamper Imperial operations while greatly assisting in the supply of the Rebellion.

If DC01 finds that capture of the ship is not possible, destruction of the ship would be an acceptable alternate objective.

Once completed with the mission, DC01 should return to Innton.