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GM Notes for Mission 04 - GM Notes for: Mission 04 - Asleep Motion

Kolken Mofaal was particularly impressed with DC01's results and the intel cache that they delivered on unearthing his mole has hit pay dirt. Mofaal has put together an operation profile and requested the aid of DC01. SOG has approved the operation.


The death of the lead ISB agent and several of his on site crew has thrown the Imperial operations on Sluis Van into turmoil and confusion. Mofaal has learned that ISB is sending a new replacement from Coruscant to take over and reorganize the Sluis Van mission but Mofaal thinks a deeper blow can be struck if the Alliance moves quickly (Before the new ISB chief arrives).

Mofaal has requested that DC01 act as a strike team to eliminate the rest of the Imperials on Sluis Van and to collect their intel all while providing CCC with plausible deniability.

Mission List

1) DC01 is to take the Nova Chaser to Queyta (M19) and pick up a load of 120 EC of yellow corn (grain) [Purchase price $6,000] Base Travel to Queyta from Innton is 12 hours.

2) Fly the cargo to Sluis Van (M19). Base Travel to Sluis Van from Queyta is 5 hours.

3) Request Clearance to Vanyak for General Delivery of the Grain.

4) DC01 will then contact Kierjudy Maspurt with CCC who will handle receipt and payment of the cargo. [DC01 will receive $12,000].

5) Under direction of Mofaal, DC01 will make an early evening strike on the now known ISB HQ. They will eliminate all personnel in the building and extract as many computers & datapads as possible. The computer intel will need to be delivered (discretely) to Kolken Mofaal.

5a) If the intel warrants it, follow on “clean up” operations may be warranted.

6) DC01 will also receive a components shipment from Mofaals contacts; 130 EC as a continuation of operation Attractive Chemical.

7) DC01 will return the Attractive Chemical cargo to Innton (M18). Base Travel From Sluis Van(M19) to Innton(M18) is 6 hours.

end file

Commander Eitzen Kruget is the inbound ISB chief who has not arrived yet.

Mia Powyer. – Last bedroom on the right before the trooper barracks.

Editors Note. See any combat stats? No? Me neither. Most of the opposition forces were little more than "pop up" targets. Even the security guys weren't intended to be more than a nuisance. However, they were armed with standard blaster pistols so not entirely without teeth. Since this mission centered on the Player Characters raiding an Imperial Security Bureau base of opperations, there was a combat map that I prepared for this mission.