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GM Notes for Mission 03 - GM Notes for: Mission 03 - Dangerous Share

Local control will direct the crew to Chandler as the best opportunity to get rations quickly.

Alliance HQ has sent a coded communications and they are going to need DC01 to secure a ship full of food products. Queyta is an agricultural world close by and has a 'minimal' Imperial presence.

There are three major starports all with food products available:

* Thief River Falls – City which hosts the largest starport on Queyta

Thief River Falls used to be a smugglers colony and though it matured into a respectable farming community its initial location is nestled in a hilly area dominated by lakes and winding rivers. Thief River Falls is surrounded by mature orchards, producing a diverse and generous quantities of various fruits. Yes Thief River Falls is adjacent to a beautiful lake fed by a series of waterfalls, tumbling from foothills and mountains. Thief River Falls also houses several clean factories and industrial sections of town.

* Chandler – Another major starport city for this world.

This is the second major port after the area around Thief River Falls was established and Chandler & the surrounding cities and towns were built on an orderly grid system on this continent dominated by vast flat planes.

* Willstown – Third largest city with a major starport.<.h5>

Willstown is a major producer of energy (fuels) and also produces a fair amount of raw hard food products.
Willstown is the 'newest' starport city and while they have a growing agricultural infrastructure, they've also recently discovered large reservoirs of hydrocarbon fuels & heavy nuclear compounds, and have started branching out into energy production.

Queyta is a very open world and the PC's won't be approached by a customs official. Each star port has services which have a slightly premium costs, because the port costs are supported on taxes from these services. Still the costs (overall) are pretty competitive.

Most ports will have a young kid eager to get off Queyta and it's “boring” environment in search of adventure.

Ramzav Gullpoun (Human m). He is running the local, window cleaning operation. He charges $20 to clean a ships windows & ports and in exchange he'll try to pick up pointers on running or maintaining the ship. He wants to eventually learn enough so that he can sign on as crew.

Jasmela Heetbro (Human f). She is a pre-cadet interested in becoming a pilot. She is helpful, and willing to help the PC's find and access local resources. She's curious about future scholastic opportunities in becoming an Imperial pilot and what she needs to do to get ready for the academy.

*Davoadi Waswat (Human m). Davoadi is going stir crazy and just wants off world! He's open about wanting to sign on as a crew. (However, he has no ready skills).

When the PC's arrive, all of the finished food cargo, that is being shipped out in the next 2 weeks is already sold. There are five large ships in port and they're also waiting for delivery.


Vitalkaeess is a larger processed food manufacturer with Huntjer(m) operating as the head of sales for Vitalkaeess.

They are a mature company and and have a good reputation for delivering good quality food rations from massive bulk to small orders.

Huntjer is older, social, relaxed, and highly knowledgeable. And inquisitive. He asks lots of questions.

Huntjer has good quality product and can deliver 10,000 meals for $200,000. Product is in demand and a successful negotiations check could reduce the price by 5% per advantage or success.

The PC's obviously wont be able to afford the product and Huntjer will refer them to Victani with Q-Trition & Ariitz Peastough with Chandler.

(Huntjer has a friend in need and Huntjer will have the PC's followed. Huntjer will covertly invite the PC's to his home later that evening to meet with someone who might be able to help).


Q-Trition is a newer company and they are producing a lot of civilian end products and are beginning to enter the bulk rations market.

Victani(f) is a young, new to the business and desperate to get this sale. Once she has a good understanding of DC's team needs she offers the team free samples of a recent rations batch. The food is certified as 'safe' and has a C rating from the local regulatory board. The food tastes horrible but she can deliver 10,000 meals for the asked for price of $100,000.

Victani is direct and no nonsense.

Chandler Associated Food

Chandler Associated Food. They are the third largest food processor in Chandler.

Ariitz Peastough(f) is going on vacation! She's filled all of her orders for the next four months and She'll be back in three months. Can the PC's wait that long?


Editor's note: "Shinjen?" What's up with that? Is that an unfinished thought? Yep.

Huntjer's “friend.”

Dwaytyr Kelstea is sympathetic to the PC's cause but he'd like some help himself. Huntjer & Dwaytyr have their 'suspicions' about the PC's and hope that they are capable of helping “clean up the neighborhoods.”

If the PC's are willing to clear out a local den of Booster Blue dealers, Dwaytyr is willing to cover the difference in the costs.

Booster Blue Dealers are running out of a hobbie shop (Models & kids drones). Their inventory obviously moves VERY slowly and the kits are older that one would expect from a thriving hobby business.

Karrng Gaars, the Trandoshan shop keeper also isn't the most customer friendly individual to be minding the store either.

People asking for Booster Blue are permitted to the back.

Sees Lac (Faleen M) is a visiting member of the Black Sun and is checking on this small operation and trying to figure out the best way to expand operations on Queyta. He is guarded by two fellow Faleen guards Coshen Xaj & Susza Konreed. On close inspection, the Faleen have black sun emblems on their clothes (pins & patches).

The back of this shop is operated by Phuzoo Mirn (Bith M) and he is assisted by Plo Senk a (Weequay M).

All are armed with Blaster Pistols Dmg 6, Crit 3,

The two Faleen Guards are armed with Blaster Carbines Dmg 9, Crit 3.

Phuzoo is operating an wholesale operation and is selling lots of 100 for $750. (Street price for Blue is $10 - $15 per single dose. In some of the more remote areas they can command as much as $20 per dose).

Phuzoo has 27 packages (100 doses) that he's working on getting to the street. These are in a durable safe that Phuzoo uses to protect his wares.