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Mission Briefing 03 - Dangerous Share


There has been a breakdown in the local delivery of food stuffs and Alliance personnel will be in dire need of food supplies if DC01 does not deliver!

DC01 will be given $100,000 in order to procure 10,000 meals (100 EC worth of food).

They will need to travel to, procure the food, & return within 5 days.

Queyta (M19) is a local independent food exporting world and is home to three emergency/military rations producers. All are located in the city of Chandler and they are Chandler Associated Foods, Q-Trition, & Vitalkaeess.

(Vitalkaeess has sufficient market share that the PC's do recognize the name of this company and are familiar with the product).

Base travel time between Innton & Queyta is 12 hours.

DC01 is expected to travel immediately to Queyta and secure the needed emergency rations and return to Defiant Core within 5 days. Preferably the Alliance would like DC01 to help establish a positive arrangement that can lead to future business.

Alliance command will be sending transport to pick up the procured supplies for transit to the secret destination and that transport is expected to arrive in 3 days.

Queyta is an independent world with no known Imperial Presence. There are no Alliance personnel operating on Queyta at this time.

End Briefing.