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Mission log 02 - Attractive Chemical

After docking up with the Deveronian Promise, the crew of the Nova Chaser help their Sulustian passengers transfer to the much larger CR90 Corvette.

Puln Urias gold presents a minor issue as it's going to take considerable time to transfer it from the smaller ship to the Deveronian Promise.

Cpt Nichos Tainer (The SOG Commander) deigns to visit with the Defiant Core team to wrestle with this issue.

Previous to mission 1, on this site, the Defiant Core team “allowed” Tainer to be held as a Hutt hostage while they accepted a sensitive retrieval job from said Hutt. Tainer hasn't forgiven the members of this team for that breach of rank protocol.

While Tainer is still upset at Apex, Gizmo, Tank, and Duster he has mission that needs completed and with the gold on board, Defiant Core Team One is well placed to pull it off. Half of the gold is left aboard the Nova Chaser for the next mission.

Tainer redirects the team to take this cargo to Sluis Van (M19) and deliver it to a rebel team operating there.

This should be a very easy mission for DC-01 and there's no way they could screw up this *simple* deliver mission.

Unchastised, the team help unload the crates of tools/gold as requested and receive the information that they'll need to meet up with Kolken Mofaal with Core Consolidated Consultants CCC (the front for the Rebels on Sluis Van).

With her fully upgraded hyper-drive, Gizmo & Duster calculate that they can get to Sluis Van in under twelve hours from their rendezvous point with the Deveronian Promise.

Sluis Van

The system is an oddity.

Sluis Van has a pretty robust naval presence, but they're mostly smaller ships with lots of fighter craft in evidence. And while the fighters are on display to an impressive quantity they are mostly older ships. It's also pretty obvious that while the Sluis Van navy is not one to be trifled with, a single Imperial Star Destroyer with its 72 TIE Fighters could wrap up the whole system on it's own.

But the key business and industry are the orbital shipyards.

A quick conversation with system control allows the Nova Chaser a berth at the Vanyak star port.

Vanyak's star port. is a rather impressive and fairly busy port for Sluis Van's capitol city. The crew also gets a great view of the Khedive's palace and the very built up towers that support the industrial concerns. Overall, the crew find Sluis Van to be a rather tidy city with an efficiently run port.

Upon landing and paying the berthing fees, Apex, Gizmo, and Tank prepare to secure a taxi for the trip to the CCC CCC offices.

However, the trio notice that the ship next to theirs is unloading a load of Twi'lek slaves! Scores of them!

Their Twi'lek 'masters' aren't treating their charges well, but the Twi'lek slavers are very well armed.

However, two of the slave girls are able to separate themselves from the big group and attempt to hide under the docking ramp of the Nova Chaser.

The trio take pity on the pair of scantily clad Twi'leks and create a sufficient distraction from their oppressors and secret them aboard the Nova Chaser.

Once aboard, the crew discover that the two Twi'leks don't speak basic! One has broken command of the Basic lingua franca, but the other slave is completely unable to communicate outside of her native Twi'lek tongue!

Worse, the team has a meeting to set up and they don't want to look too suspicious to the Twi'lek slavers! As some of the guards noticed the crew disembark from the Nova Chaser.

Celeste is asked to see to the needs of the two women and Duster is a bit overwhelmed. Just what is she supposed to do? She's a pilot and a mechanic! Not a social worker! Worse, Celeste doesn't speak Twi'lek!

Apex shrugs and the three men depart, leaving Celeste alone with the two Twi'lek slave girls.

The three secure a rental speeder and head out to make contact with Kolken Mofaal

One taxi ride later!

During the drive, the three aliens (Apex the Arkanian, Gizmo the Dug, and Tank the Whiphid) realize that Sluis Van is a predominately human colony and while most of the locals don't give the three a second glance, the three definitely stand out a bit.

The trio drive out to Core Consolidated Consultants CCC which is housed in a smaller store front in a commercial district.

They are greeted by an enthusiastic and friendly human female receptionist. Since she is clearly unfamiliar with these new strangers, she asks detailed questions about their identity and interest in conducting business with CCC. When Apex indicates that they've just arrived on world and would like to meet with Kolken Mofaal (so no they don't have an appointment, the receptionist takes this in stride and without too much delay, the three are introduced to Mofaal (an older human male).

Once in Mofaal's office, Apex introduces himself as a rebel agent. The trio have been given some code phrases which allows Mofaal to recognize them as legitimate agents of the Rebellion, but Mofaal wasn't informed of their visit. Mofaal's operation doesn't have direct contact with the Alliance. Mofaal's communications with the Rebellion is via a series of cut-outs.

Mofaal also informs the team that he has a problem. There is an Imperial contingent on Sluis Van and may be aware of some of Mofaal's local operations.

Recently, one of Mofaal's agents, Donree Gilharr (aka: “Ree Ree”), was suspiciously mugged and is now hospitalized. Mofaal strongly suspects that he has a mole operating in his office!

If it wouldn't be too much trouble, Kolken Mofaal would appreciate it if the team could unmask and neutralize the mole!

The terrifying thing for Mofaal is that his direct team isn't all that big.

There's Iriz Kruyels, a Rodian agent, who contacted Mofaal after Ree Ree was hospitalized and has sequestered himself to avoid a similar fate.

And the other employee at CCC is Kierjudi Maspurt, who is a local and hasn't been read in on the Rebel Alliance! She's actually a very competent Importer/Exporter who is actually making CCC profitable!

But for DC-01's primary mission, Mofaal has been expecting someone to show up to secure the down payment for a purchase deal that Mofaal has been arranging with Sluis Van Industries (the company that runs the orbital construction yards and who's primary commodities are warships).

Mofaal provides the team with the purchase order information so that they can deliver the payment under Mofaal's directions.

However, with his team being compromised, Mofaal suggests that DC-01 not rely on his staff to coordinate the payment with Sluis Van Industries. However, if they do need help. Mofaal suggests working with Kierjudi as she's the least likely to be compromised. In theory, she doesn't know that CCC is a rebel front.

Mofaal also informs the trio that he can put the team up in one of the finer hotel establishments located in downtown Vanyak,

The team decline the offer and plan to stay aboard the Nova Chaser and will coordinate their operation from their ship.

Now armed with a purchase order, the trio head out to the headquarters for Sluis Van industries, which has a most impressive tower that dominates Vanyak's downtown.

The trio don't need to wait all that long after the hand the purchase order to the receptionist and announce that they've arrived to remit a payment on that purchase order.

Isn't it odd how quickly corporations roll out the red carpet when you show up with a ship full of money?

The three do wait a bit as their Receivables Representative was meeting with a group of Twi'leks. There was an issue with the payment arrangements for the Twi'lek's contingent as they have arrived “short” on their payment! The Twi'lek in charge promises to come up with the balance as soon as possible.

With that concluded, the Receivables Representative graciously invites the three Rebels into his meeting room.

Sluis Van Industries is more than happy to receive the 50 EC of gold, but Apex reminds the Rep that Mofaal should be contacted regarding any other account issues and his crew was only contracted with the delivery of the payment.

The Rep points out that their payment is under Free Onboard Shipper, which means that the gold will need to be delivered to Sluis Van Industries at the expense of the deliverer. The team is given a location to deliver the gold and the meeting is concluded.

Needing transportation services, the team does reach out to Kierjudi to make the needed arrangements.

Kierjudi is a vivacious and energetic blond human woman who is highly adept at setting up and providing the needed clearances for the delivery. In the end, she shows up with a transportation crew who load up the gold and then they disappear with the cargo.

Mofaal later confirms the delivery of the gold and he's well pleased with teams efforts to deliver that payment without a hitch.

In an effort check out the mole in Mofaal's office, the team plans to break an enter the Imperial Embassy to see if there are any records on that subject.

In preparation, Celeste reports that the Star port security teams stopped by looking for the missing Twi'leks, but Celeste was able to keep the security officers from searching the Nova Chaser. Celeste also stepped away from the ship and procured clothes for the two girls, who are very happy to have non-slave attire. But the two Twi'lek women have promised to stay aboard the Nova Chaser until they can be safely taken off world. The two realize that wandering about Vanyak will likely cause them to be quickly apprehended by their former captors.

That evening, the trio make their way to the relatively small offices for the Imperial Envoys and are able to bypass all of the security measures without alerting the Imperial Guards. Meanwhile Celeste has the Nova Chaser warmed up and ready to bolt in case things go awry.

The three active agents are able to slice the computer's and make a copy of most of the local Imperial data, but DC-01 doesn't have time to sift through all of the information.

However, the next morning, the team hand delivers the data cylinders to Mofaal who is ecstatic with the intel coup! Within moments, Mofaal is able to identify who the mole is. While the DC-01 team is willing to help plug the patch, Mofaal declines. He has agents and resources familiar with wet work and that mole will shortly be put down.

Further, Mofaal recommends that DC-01 depart as quickly as possible so as to avoid arousing suspicion.

With the mission completed, the team depart.

Once safely away, the team sits down with the two Twi'lek women and let them know what the situation is, informing the two young women that this ship is operated by the Rebel Alliance! And the two Twi'lek women are invited to join the rebellion.

Cop'Ruchi, is eager to join the Rebellion. She explains that she was attending University on Roon and she believes that she has technical skills that would be useful to the Rebel Alliance.

Aliz'Fama however, expresses reservations. She is but a simple farm girl with no practical skills. However, since the two were kidnapped by the Governor of Roon, she is not eager to go back home! She asks if there are any agricultural interests on the world that they are returning to and asks if she will be free to seek employment at their destination.

Apex and his team see no problems with that request.

There isn't much time on the return trip to Innton as the distance between Sluis Van and the rebel base is only a couple of hours in the swift Nova Chaser.