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GM Notes for Mission 02 - GM Notes for: Mission 02 - Attractive Chemical

Editor's Note: This was originally separated into three different documents due to length.

GM Information.

Sluis Van (M19) – The Empire doesn't have a presence here yet and the world has extensive shipbuilding facilities. They also have an impressive defensive fleet. The Alliance would love to license the production of major components. Depending on how the DC01 does on other missions, they may be asked to explore contacts. I'm thinking that they'll deliver a portion of the gold that they received from Graceful Battery to an Alliance negotiator.

The chief industry of Sluis Van are their orbital shipyards and the military ships that they produce for system defense, which they sell to their neighboring governments.

Wrinkle 1:

The Roon Contingent: Twi'keks from Roon have arrived on a Wayfarer Class Med transport just ahead of DC01. Their container ship is/was filled with 120 Female Twi'lek slaves.

Perception checks will reveal that most of these girls are new to the collar (& possibly that the Wayfarer container is NOT suitable transportation for 120 individuals)!

This Roon contingent is from the new Governor's office and the girls are payment for the purchase & delivery of 3 Cloakshaped fighters (To Roon). Ajonmido is the new Governor.

Two of the slaves will make a break/sneak to the crew and request aid. (!)
Cop'ruchi is a talkative lithe green Twi'lek. She was going to university and is quite intelligent. She is angry because she was worth a lot to her family and should have earned a sizable “Dot'asion” (endowment/dowry).
Aliz'fama is a physically calloused orange Twi'lek with big jaw & big teeth. She was taken from the family farm and is actually a good combatant (YYG) with Ranged(light) (YYY) with Ranged (Hvy) & (YG) for Brawn. She doesn't speak common and only speaks Twi'leki.

Ranged(light) ccd Ranged(heavy) ccc Brawl cd

Meeting with local Rebel Agent. Kolken Mofaal is the head of the Alliance delegation and they operate under the front of Core Consolidated Consultants (CCC) CCC operations are coded under the code name “Rich Shrub.”

Ninfeli Gravsumn (Human F) is the receptionist. She is the hub of operations. Update: She is now deceased.

Dionree “Ree-Ree” Gilharr (Human M) is one of Mofaal's field agents. He has been mugged recently and is hospitalized. He was attacked under Imperial orders to 'neutralize' him and keep him out of the field temporarily.

Iriz Kruyels (Rodian M) is another of Mofaal's field agents.

Kierjudi Maspurt (Human F) is actually an importer/exporter hired as a legitimate part of CCC cover operations. She comes and goes as she pleases and doesn't spend more than three hours in the office. She is however knowledgeable, effective & well paid. Kierjudy's efforts permitt CCC to clear a profit. Kierjudi is a local and though she has some suspicions about her employer's actual purpose she doesn't really know anything.

Kolken Mofaal has set up the PC's to board at the “Four Quadrants” in downtown Vanyak. (Six 'room's adjoining (3 sets of adjoining rooms, no stays. One set of rooms is the luxury corner suite w/ additional meeting room).

Wrinkle 2: The Imperial intervention.

Once the local Imperial spy network connects the PC's with the CCC, they will move in to steal the cargo so as to disrupt the rebel's plan to purchase components.

Why not have an Imperial team attack the PC's and try to steal the gold? The Imperials have spies on the planet trying to determine rebel activity and the rebels are running similar operations.

Counter Intelligence operations by the Rebels. (Side quest).

Mofaal has a mole in his operations. Mofaal is aware that the Imperials are catching wind of too many of his actions and he may ask the PC's for help with Counter Intelligence. This will involve monitoring the staff and looking for suspicious activity.

BUT Mofaal will ask the PC's to help meet with Sales Director Wyadash Brenwile with Sluis Van Manufacturing.

Dionree Gilharr had just secured an appointment with the Sales Director (in one day). The PC's are asked to meet with the director and open negotiations for 80 Z-95's. (This is a red herring operation perpetrated by Mofaal to keep the Imperials busy scrambling resources towards this pseudo operation while Mofaal sets up the actual deal).

Mikham Velree is the Sales Director.

Coincidentally the Roon delegation is scheduled to meet right before the Gilharr's appointment.

Things aren't going well. Their payment is two units “short.”

  1. Don'vediw (aka Don) is in charge of this operation.
  2. Iucaj'citif (aka City) is in charge of “security.”
  3. Croh'maniw (aka Crow) is the administrator.

Counter Intel Addendum DC01

PC Mission Brief []

Kolken Mofaal's current operatives are:

Ninfeli Gravsumn, Brunette Human Female (the Receptionist). Originally hailing from Alderaan, Ninfeli came in to help Kolken set up his mission. She has been with the Rebellion for six years and though she is not combat trained, she has a keen mind and learned tradecraft from the Rebel Alliance security division. She volunteered for this assignment.

Dionree “Ree-Ree” Gilharr, Non-Descript Human Male. This is the agent who was hospitalized recently after being mugged, but not robbed. Dionree is a local and was brought on three years ago. His intel and work seems solid and he's been instrumental in setting up his network in the city of Vanyak.

Iriz Kruyels, Rodian Male. Originally from Rodia, he is another rebel agent assigned to this mission. Iriz was recently assigned to CCC after less than stellar performance on his previous assignment. He has yet to produce anything meaningful.

Kierjudi Maspurt (Red haired Human F). Kierjudi is a local from Van Sluis. She was hired after she approached Mofaal about doing consultancy work for CCC. Kierjudi was hired two years ago and it appears that she is unaware of the other operations. She is financially successful enough that CCC now operates independent of the Rebel Alliance (financially).


Aliz'fama Language Quick Reference

Endowment – Dottir.

Please help me! – Aidez-moi, s'il vous plaît!

My name is Ajiz'fama – Je m'appelle Ajiz'fama.

I want to go on your ship! Quickly! – Je veux aller sur ton bateau! Rapidement!

Please give me some clothes! S'il vous plaît donnez-moi des vêtements.

I need clothes! – J'ai besoin de vêtements.

Do you have any food for me? – Avez-vous de la nourriture pour moi?

I am from a farm village far from the capital, – Je viens d'un village de ferme loin de la capitale.

Thank you – Je vous remercie.