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Mission Briefing 02 - Attractive Chemical

Mission Briefing:

The Nova Chaser has been loaded with half a ton of gold (50 quantity of 20 Lbs Ingots, packaged in containers of industrial tools for a total of 50 packages). EC quantity is 100 based on bulk & weight. Individually each box weighs 5 EC (carried).

The Mission of DC01 is to Protect and Deliver this shipment to rebel agent Kolken Mofaal (Picture included with the brief) who is the head of the Alliance Delegation on Sluis Van (M19). Kolken Mofaal runs his operations out of the front organization Core Consolidated Consultants (CCC).

CCC offices are located on the surface of Sluis Van in the capital Vanyak.

When entering the system the Nova Chaser is to request clearance to Vanyak starport and their cargo is a shipment of industrial tools.

Sluis Van is an independent well established world which has developed an industry producing military starship and fighter. The Sluis Van production occurs in their extensive orbital production facilities. Sluis Van is a largely autonomous world and imports luxury products, end products, and raw building materials in lot quantities.

The Sluis Van Navy (SVN) is extensive and almost on par with most modern navies, and this allows them (for now) to remain independent of the Empire. (It's believed that conquering Sluis Van would be too costly for the Empire). However, the Empire does have a diplomatic presence on the world and they are keenly interested in tracking the purchases of war material made on Sluis Van (especially if it's used against the Empire).

Sluis Van isnt able to produce anything as effective as Tie Fighters and X-Wings (and the Star Viper) but they have licenses to produce just about anything else currently available. They are also able to produce warships up to Frigate Size.

Their clientele are (chiefly) planetary governments seeking to defend themselves.

Base Travel from Rendezvous with *Deveronian Promise to Sluis Van(M19) is 76 hours. Base Travel From Sluis Van(M19) to Innton(M18) is 6 hours.

There are two other SOG teams operating on Sluis Van under the codenames: Corporate Grant & Rich Shrub.

Exit Strategy: After delivery of the 'shipment' DC01 is ordered to return to Defiant Core.