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GM Notes for Mission 01 - GM Notes for: Mission 01 - Graceful Battery

Mission Info:

Source is Nath Searrail (Bothan (m) operative). Nath has a dead drop with Wonn Kongurss and the two have never actually met. Wonn is operating out of the commercial port city of Keloresh.

Nath picked up the report that Wonn has four recruits who are requesting extraction and integration to the rebellion.

The only known contact for Wonn Kongurss is a Dr Dalent Yiggath who works at Medical Department D-19 in the city of Keloresh (a main commercial star port).

Travel Distance: Sullust (M17) is one sector away from Innton (M18) and both are on the Rimma trade route. Base travel time is 12 hours one way.


Wonn Kongurss (female Sullustian) is an established rebel agent/recruiter and she has found four Sullustian recruits who want to join the rebellion. Wonn is an ambulance medic and her “emergency contact” is Dr Dalent Yiggath who works at Medical Department D-19. (Yiggath is a friend but he doesn't know anything about Wonn's rebellious activities. He may turn the group into the Empire).

  • ::Puln Urias – Older and wealthy. He has a two tons of gold that he wants to donate to the Rebellion. Smuggling the gold is going to be tricky, especially since his cousin Uidu Jocb has stolen half of it. Puln doesn't dare inform the authorities because Uidu will out him as a rebel. Puln does know that Uidu is meeting with a commodities broker in two days who will be converting the gold to Imperial credits . . . (I need a layout for Uidu's palatial estates & security arrangements).
  • ::Hild Schest – He's a fair pilot and eager to learn and eager to be useful. Outgoing and a bit reckless.
  • ::Takk Urba – Takk is a politician and fancies himself an orator. However he is staid and uninspiring.
  • ::Hagg Bdemb – Hagg is quiet and unassuming. He doesn't think he has much to offer but has two ranks in shooting (Light & Heavy YYG).

Cpt Collan Chawill is a Human male, ISB counter intelligence agent. He is nosy and suspicious by nature and makes it his business to keep tabs on all non-Sullustian's who visit the world, especially if they start interacting with the locals. He has several Human & Sullustian agents who quietly report to him, but traffic in Sullust is overwhelming his limited resources.

Uidu Jocb is the larcenous cousin of Puln Urias. He is making arrangements to sell his cousins 100 count 20 lbs ingots of gold to the Empire for the awesome deal of $15,000,000 credits. He is waiting for an Imperial Broker named Dr Geeus Venken (who will be arriving shortly from Corscant) to arrive and certify and authenticate the gold for the Empire.

Tellia Ventriss is employed by Uidu's household as a facilitator and liason for Uidu's non Sullustian business deals. She will be coordinating with the PC's and 'claims' to be quite familiar with Dr GeeusVenken. Once she can approach the PC's quietly, she'll offer to disclose to the PC's the location of the half of the gold that Uidu is storing (at his home) in exchange for two of the ingots.

Dr Geeus Venken is a human chemist who has been asked by Cpt Collan Chawill to certify the ingots of gold as real. He is enroute from Corscucant and will be arriving in 36 hours (from current timeline).

Side mission

Also Ji Kez needs some parts and supplies for the aging Z-95's. Could the group see if they could pick some up? He knows a guy Zic Keescirss, who works in SoroSuub's shops as a technician. Zic does a lot of on the spot repairs and has a reliable network of suppliers. Ji provides a residential address for Zic to the PC's. Itheme is Zic's wife & they have a daughter named 'Hulde' (who is going to find Choten intriguing).

GM's editorial note: I completely forgot to include this side quest!

Plot Points:

Seiss Kegnur (Sullustian Male) is the on duty customs inspector who meets up with the crew when they land and does his meet and greet. He'll collect $100 CR per dium for berthing fees or offer $500 per week. Seiss points the PC's toward consumables vendors, & as far as declarations and manifest checks, he points out that his Imperial minder has wandered off and he's willing to skip the whole process for just $50 . If the PC's pay the bribe, Seiss will point them toward Jiss Rujand.

Sleepy Nudge.

Vectress. This is the Offworlder entertainment establishment where Jiss was arrested.

Red Herring:

A Sullustian Female: (Jiss Rujand) alone and eagerly, is accosting foreign merchants trying to get information or a ride so that she can join the Rebellion. She is approaching likely people at the Gooden Yish Cantina which caters to off world ship crew. She is arrested at the Cantina, as the PC's enter the cantina. Collan Chawill is on site & in uniform for this arrest as he's been following Jiss for about a week. Jiss was arrested by 20 Stormtroopers as the PC's arrived.

Gee Joolonn is a window washer who will approach the PC's (Nix) when they return to the ship. She'll point out that the ship looks like it hasn't been cleaned and offer to wash the windows plus detox the surface to protect the ship from the effects of Sullust's corrosive atmosphere. Her price is $25, but she can be negotiated down by a knowledgeable technician. (Sullust's atmosphere isn't that caustic). Gee also knows that Seiss tends to hang out at the Blizz Took; It's a “Shroom pit” but still cleaner than most and caters to locals (since some of their fare will kill offworlders, whereas it's Sullustian clientele are just 'buzzed').

Extraction Plan:

The PC's are expected to report to the Deveronian Promise (N16) at an barely charted M9VI between Kira & Pax (Same sector N16) in 7 – 10 days. If they miss the 10 day window, they will be considered overdue and the Deveronian Promise will depart.

Base Travel Time between Sullust(M17) & the Rendezvous coordinates (N16) is 29 Hours.