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Star Wars RPG Cyberpunk TBD

Mission Briefing 01 - Graceful Battery

PC's are introduced to Nath Searrail (Bothan [m]) operative who is visiting. (Nath arrived in his U-Wing Chjovek 027).

Nath has received a dispatch from an agent and recruiter on Bothan named Wonn Kongurss (Unk Gender by Nath). Wonn is reporting that there are four recruits in a safe house, ready for pick up.

The two have never met and besides the dead drop, Nath's only way to contact Wonn directly is Dr Dalent Yiggath who works at Medical Department D-19 in the city of Keloresh (a main commercial star port).

DC01's mission is to make contact with Wonn, and extract the four recruits. Next, Transport the recruits to the Deveronian Promise (N16) at an barely charted M9VI (Code named 'Excitement 37') between Kira & Pax (Same sector N16) in 7 – 10 days. If they miss the 10 day window, they will be considered overdue and the Deveronian Promise will depart.

Base Travel Time between Defiant Core on Innton(M18) and Sullust(M17) is 12 hours. Base Travel Time between Sullust(M17) & the Rendezvous coordinates (N16) is 29 hours.

After meeting up with the Deveronian Promise, return to Defiant Core.