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Game Master notes for Star Wars RPG

Game Master notes for Star Wars RPG

One of the fundemental questions each Game Master (GM) wrestles with is "How much preparation do I need to do before the game starts?"

For myself, I was guided by the Dwight D Eisenhower quote:

In preparing for battle I have found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.

As a GM trying to lay out a "plan" for your players is a bad idea. The Players running the player characters are unique thinking individuals who won't always react predictably. The subtle difference in "planning" is that as a GM (or Field Commander) is that you're familiarizing yourself with what assets are available and what are their capabilities.

In trying to address this question, this portion of the site will demonstrate how much (or little) preparation that I took in preparing for each mission that the Player Characters faced.

Each of the GM Notes files is a web transcription of the documents that I prepared for each session. The game rules that I used were a modified version of the FFG Star Wars Rules: Edge of the Empire (EotE), Age of Rebellion (AoR), and Force and Destiny (F&D).

While I was running this game I was hesitant to include actual NPC stats, some of which were procured from copywritten materials. However, since Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has abandoned these publications, I have decided to include the stats that I used in actual game play. Just bear in mind that I've modified many of the generic NPC's so you should never never NEVER use this site as an official reference.

And with that introduction here's the list of GM Notes and their corresponding links.

Mission 01 Graceful Battery Rendezvous mission to Sullust to pick up Rebel Alliance recruits identified by a local agent. Team wasn't provided adequate information needed to contact the agent.

Mission 02 Attractive Chemical Cargo Delivery mission for the team to deliver a cargo of gold and to help wrap up the purchase of several Y-Wings from the relatively independent shipyards located in the Sluis Van system. Local Rebel Agents just needed the gold to secure the purchase. Easy mission. Right?

Mission 03 Dangerous Share Brokerage mission. Team was sent to a nearby agricultural world with a strong industry for emergency rations (E-Rats) to secure and purchase a bulk order of E-Rats for the Alliance. The catch? The team was only provided half the purchase price for the lot required.

Mission 04 Asleep Motion Assassination Mission. That team of Imperial Spies that messed with the operations on Mission Two? Local rebel supervisor has requested that our intrepid team return and eliminate those Imperials with "extreme prejudice." (No survivors). (None). May the Force be with you . . .

Mission 05 Valid Uncertainty Team was sent "on loan" to Wroona a major Imperial Navy outfitting world to meet with local Rebel Agent Zhwas Brie for "further instructions."

Mission 06 Reduced Trait Infiltration Mission to the super secret super secure Rothana research facility. The Empire is up to something and the Alliance has an opportunity to learn of a research project that his just now coming to fruition.

Mission 07 Uncoded Mission Delivery mission. Yoda (yes THAT Yoda) has the team load up a cargo and deliver them to an unknown swampy planet. Team spends a week setting up a couple of buildings and supply depots. Yoda also spends time training the team.

Mission 08 Uncoded Aliz'Fama has a personal request that takes the team to her homeworld of Roon. However a civil war breaks out and the team is sucked into the conflict. Plus the team gets to meet Aliz' father "Papa'Fama" a "simple humble farmer."

Mission 09 Integral Sea Hijack Mission. Team sent to Malastar to hijack one of the Empire's Action IV bulk freighters.

Mission 10 Uncoded Personal time for the team. A couple of the team members decide to go hunting for Kyber crystals so that they can build and start using light sabers! Yoda approves. (Yes THAT Yoda).

Mission 11 Loose Creation Procurement Mission. Team given stacks of cash and given three options to purchase some very large shield components for a new secret Rebel base code named "Echo Station." The catch is that these components are rare and the Empire doesn't want the Alliance to get their hands on these types of shields.

Mission 12 Redundant Dividend Procurement Mission. Team sent to Mechis with a paid for purchase order and a confirmation receipt that a batch of Astromech droids are ready for pick up. All the team has to do is arrive with an empty cargo ship and load up the Droids. That's it.

Mission 13 Protective Questionnaire Recruit Extraction Mission. Local agent on Kinyen has ten potential recruits but is worried that one of them might be an Imperial plant. Team was sent to evaluate the recruits and using their special skills to root out the Imperial spy.

Mission 14 Restrictive Provider Procurement Mission. Team returns to Queyta to pick up a shipment of E-Rations.

Mission 15 Specified Thigh Intel Gathering Mission. Team sent to Bothawui to procure unique intel that accidentally drops the team into the Battle of Thyferra.

Mission 16 Futile Explanation Search and Recovery Mission. The Rebel Fleet disappears! Echo base looses contact with the Fleet shortly after the battle of Mon Cal and the team is sent to re-establish contact with the fleet.

Mission 17 Sensational Collapse Procurement Mission. The Rebel Fleet is in desperate need of Hyper Fuel and can't move out of the region without the fuel. Worse, the Empire has shut down all local sources of hyper fuel. Team is asked to procure fuel by any means necessary and they opt to steal an Action IV from the Bonadan system in the middle of the Corporate Sector Authority.

Mission 18 Expert Skill Rescue Mission. Rebel agent "Silver" is being held in a penal facility on Felucia and the team is sent in to rescue her before she is transferred off world.

Mission 19 Uncoded Player side quest. Silver, now reunited with the team, has the crew stop by Hutt space to clear up an old debt.

Mission 20 Expert Sergeant Rescue Operaion. A downed X-Wing pilot radios from Tatooine requesting rescue. Team is sent to extract the pilot and to recover the experimental Astromech droid.

Mission 21 Bureaucratic Alliance Procurement Mission. Team heads once more to Queyta to pick up E-rats.

Mission 22 Unwilling Greeting Recon Mission. Intel procured from Bothawui suggests that the Empire has a major construction project in the works. Team is sent to investigate.

Mission 23 Uncoded Transportation Mission. Yoda packs his bags and has the team deliver him to a remote swampy planet. They set up the shelters and supplies for long time use as Yoda bids them farewell. Yoda is there to prepare for a "New Hope" . . . whatever that means.

Mission 24 Depending Basin Raid and Rescue Mission. Team authorized to destroy Imperial construction facilities at Nkllon system and to rescue Wookiee prisoners.

Mission 25 Uncoded Side Quest. Team heads out to procure desired Kyber crystals needed to fashion and arm entire team with Lightsabers. They visit Tatooine, Dathomir, and finally Dantooine.

Mission 26 Imperial Filter Rescue Mission. Team sent to rescue Rebel operatives located on Sluis Van.

Mission 27 Voluntary Wage High Risk Recruit Extraction Mission! Team sent to work prison on Mimban to rescue/extract prisoners who wish to join the Rebel Alliance. "Get Muddy!"

Mission 28 Rival Disturbance Rescue Mission. Turned Imperial officer, Major Skyali Pargam who aided team in discovering Nkllon facility arrested. Intel reports that Pargam is being held by ISB on Hosnian Prime. Not to be overly dramatic, but "It's a TRAP!!.

Mission 29 Glorious Honey Infiltration and Demolition Mission. Team sent to Kashyyyk to destroy the orbiting Imperial Star Destroyer assigned to picket the system.

Mission 30 Manufacturing Agriculture Procurement and Extraction Mission. Team returnes to Fedalle to procure and extract some new high tech engines.

Mission 31 Equal Advantage Rescue Mission. Team dispatched to rescue two unmasked Rebel agents operating on Corellia.

Mission 32 Tropical Whale Piracy Mission. Team sent to Kinyen to hijack an Action IV transport, as a part of a much larger operation code named "Chosen Gravel."

Mission 33 Lucky Content Recon in Force Mission. After suceeding with Tropical Whale, team heads to Mechis to investigate mysterious Droid army.

Mission 34 Vibrolance Sidequest regarding Josus' (aka: "Slider") family. Josus has learned that his father has died recently and an unsavory Uncle has swooped in to inherit the family holdings and businesses.

Mission 35 Gradual Table Extraction Mission. Team dispatched to extract a high profile Rebel Agent located on Courscant! They return with a defecting Imperial pilot.

Mission 36 Fascinating Acquisition Rescue Mission. A rebel team currently on Woostri is preparing to sabotage several Imperial construction facilities, but the sabotage operation has been uncovered by the Empire! Team sent to help abort mission and rescue that team!

Mission 37 Dependent Illness Josus returns home to confront his inlaws on his homeworld of Bothawui.

Mission 38 Typical Myth The "exciting" conclusion as the team aids Josus in his quest for Revenge and Justice! But mostly Revenge!