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Campaign notes for the "Greater Hope" RPG Campaign

Status Report:

Status Report

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This page contains the information relating to a Star Wars RPG using the FFG rules which ran from the summer of 2017 until August 16th, 2021. (I started taking really good notes eventually). This campaign largely came to an early conclusion and met its demise as most of the players succumbed to economic hardships which prevented them from continuing their participation. (So sad).

But to your benefit, with this game having come to an end, I can now publish all of my information without needing to worry about revealing spoilers to the players!

During this campaign I had three types of documents that I was tracking and you can see the list of these.

  1. I started each mission with a Mission Briefing so check out that list there.
  2. As the GM I also started keeping Mission Logs and posted them so that I could reference them later and so that the players could see what had happened in the past.
  3. Lastly (but firstly)? I prepared GM Notes with the information that I thought that I would need in order to run a gaming session.

So those are the lists of the types of notes that I prepared for this campaign.

Below you will find a matrix with links showing the relationship of all of these documents.

Finally once you drill into the specific Briefings/Logs/GM Notes, you'll find that they link to the adjacent related documents.

Mission Briefings
Mission Logs
GM Notes